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Cameo Fight Night 2, Maduinshorn, Fallen and Urban really hit the Spot!

Woo doggy do I have some art to lay on you people today! I have been all about Spot and Joey lately, sitting thinking up idea after idea for them. I have so many, I couldn't possibly commission them all! I have found Spot to be such a cool character. The boys is oozing with personality and potential. I just can't wait for his first comic to come out.
You have all seen Joey Vs. Spot by Fallenangel, well at the exact same time as that image was being done, I shot Maduinshorn a request for a continuation of the image. I really love his work. (No duh!) I just had to see how he would take on Spot, Cam, Joey and someone else as well...get ready for this, the image being dubbed his greatest work ever, his master pizza, by those in that have been fortunate enough to already see it, Class Boxing Orgy

That's gotta be illegal..but I hope it's not! XD

As always the boys are all so big, buff and so freaking hot! I love Cams facial expression as he takes that big black cock! Cam is spot on. Frig, he is so hot with his hair slicked back in the bow tie. His colours are perfect, just perfect. Imanno is not only , he has great pose too! I love him curiously looking over the ropes, grabbing them and casually enjoying his blow job. Take a look at what is going on behind his back! Cam is working more then his cock....Who is Imanno? Better pick up Felinoids 3!!!

Joey is fantastic! His arm raised in victory as he slams poor spots butt is just too cool. HA HA HA! Check out the wrinkles on the shaft as it is shoved in his love hole with force. Love his rippling muscles. Joey looks very masculine with that beard! Spot and Joey have great shine and shading. Spot is in the exact position I was hoping he could be right from the start. His expression, face body are perfect. He is so hot, with his eyes closed and his big penis flopping down spreading his balls like that. (Reminds me of the porn star Brad Patton.) Love his huge legs, they are beautiful. WOW man, get me some tissues... :P

Imanno is a very interesting character. As he developed he actually grew some facial hair and got a few more cuts. Unable to decided which was hotter, Maduinshorn gave me a version with and with out the goatee. Take a look!

The process was really smooth as it always with Maduinshorn. I don't think I have ever posted his wonderful sketches here, so I would love to share them today. As you can see his images come together perfectly right from the start.

The flat colours bring everything into perspective! XD

FallenAngels wicked image of Joey and Spot prompted me to ask him for a couple solo images of the two. He did Spot first. I was gonna be a jumping fetch image, but in the end we went for a sitting position. Have a look at this beef cake!

I like how big and broad his shoulders are compared to his cute little head! He is so innocent grabbing that male bone! XD Fallen gave him huge pectorals that are very fitting, he seems to be enjoying flexing them as his giant cock squirts it's load. Very hot, you might even notice his cute pink butt hole is showing as well...nice touch! I think that is the first time I ever saw Fallen draw one that way. XD (Blush.) I saw this porn where I guy flexes his arm against his cock till it came once...this reminds me of it a bit. XD I wish I could find that porns name.

Next check out FallenAgnels Joey, which is just too sweet for words. He gave him what I feel is his is one of his most handsome faces ever. Love the high forehead and his dreamy eyes.

Pound that bag stud!

I like the motion of the boxing. That is neat! The background with the window gives it a very secluded feel.^_^ He is safe to work out alone in the quiet basement. Fortunately for us he is not very disciplined and his mind has turned to thoughts of hot that HUGE cock and well done thick wrinkly foreskin. YUMMY! XD I think his tail actually adds a lot to this as well. It's very cute, flopped on the floor much like a dinos! XD

I love this so much, I thought I would share some of the creative process too!

Three awesome poses Fallen let me choose from. He is very nice that way, if it isn't working he just suggest something else right away. This is like a boy buffet!
I really love the jumping one as well. Should we do that some day?

Sketch before Joey went to colour. He was originally going to be flaccid, but somehow he wound up hard..I guess he is too in love with his own little self!

And now a surprise image indeed...Urbanmusiq has a couple commissions in the works for me. This boy and ghouls is just the start of some very HUGE things to come. A masterpiece of perfection, capturing the very essence of my puberty spent by the pool, I give you Spot on the Water!

This is so great, I have 80's music ringing in my head as I write this...let's hear it for the boy...Leon De Leon...XD Yes the second I looked at this I was lost in the shine and sparkle. The images pink and blue transported me back to my puberty, back when these Miami Vice colours were on everything I owned.. XD I was 12 years old again in my mind, running my skinny ass around the pool listening to 80's pop on my boom box spying on all my siblings friends in their tight little speedos... XD Hey, I was curious! Hee hee.
Spot is PERFECT. This might very well be Leons most warm and inviting image ever.
Even his cock is shining in the sun! What a wicked ass touch! Urbanmusiq has this thing for doing armpit hair so well and I often comment on it. I usually shave mine off, but I wouldn't if I could grow it like this! His fuzzy armpit hair is really nice.
Just check out his shy little um..puppy dog eyes and wonderful lips. If this was a poster you would have to stop your friends from kissing it! ^_^ His facial hair is amazing. To me Spot looks like a beautiful black man/dog cross and Urban was able to give him the most fitting head.
Love the foreskin and how you can make out the details of the head below the shaft. This is having a hard time fighting for my favorite part when I see those big detailed pink nipples. WOW! You just want to squeeze, bite and play with those! XD The shading and water effects are just to good to explain in words. You know, I hate to brag on my own blog, but I often think of an idea with an artist in mind, cause I can usually gauge how they will approach it. Just like with the boxing image for Maduinshorn, this image was made just for Urbanmusiq. I knew he would do this perfectly and he not only met my expectations but exceeded them ten fold.
I guess I really should post his sketch here too...well if someone requests it in the comments i will... XD


Guys if the world was a freer place I would hang each and everyone one of these on my wall in big gold frames.

If you think these are some of the greatest ever to hit this blog, well just wait till you see what's coming next! See you soon guys!

If you haven't seen his official art as yet, take a look at his official Wallpaper from Class Comics!

Class Comics - Home of the Erotic Gay Comic!

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  1. ohhhh lovely and nicely done version by Urbanmusiq as well :D - Fallen



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