Friday, March 5, 2010

Cyborg Cex

It's been a crazy week. I have to do a blog just for the commission I got this week, or they are never going to make it on to this site. I tried get a theme going, but it's not easy. First off though before I start, I want to announce that Ink-B, has official stopped producing art for the Y!Gallery. He has decided to focus more on his career away from the site. The decision was very sudden and is sad news for a lot of people. Rest assured I will do my best to post as much erotic art of his here that I can. I would like to start today by sharing his final image he made for Y!Gallery. He took it down last night as he said his farewell to that community. A beautiful image he cleverly called Zen Chocolate! Enjoy, Y!Gallery just lost another brilliant artist, but we have not! ^_^

Enter the Dragon sized dick! XD

Many weeks ago when I was first drawing Carlos and Andrew, I sent images of them to Maduinshorn and Lastmanouthere. Maduinshorn was near the end of the last commissions. His internet was down and in the couple days it took to fix it he sent me two amazing sketches of Andrew and Carlos. One of the first of Carlos to be honest and many people I commissioned him to got to see it, cause it was so perfect. I asked Maduinshorn if he wouldn't mind completing his awesome image for a commission and he agreed to my delight! Now for the first time I want to present to the public this image of Carlos, we toyed a lot with his colours here. He has a nice big Mega Buster style arm cannon drill and a very latino look to his face. Check him out!

Every time I looked at this I saw more and more details, from the gears in his boots, to the ring extending from his upper arm with the robotics exposed below it. I just love how the shirts shadows were used to exemplify his chest and abs. You just want to run your tongue all the way down to to the base of his cock! LOL. Seriously, from the mech to the muscles this boy is built. Maduinshorn had non-stop fun adding his own ideas to Carlos, the wires on his shoulders, the electronics on his neck, you can easily see why I was dying to have this completed. What do you guys think of his pimping purple and yellow theme? I think it's very sexy myself and a slight tip of the hat to the Mega Man series.

The other character he added to was Andrew Two, be ready cause Andrew is unlike the other images. He has a very anime look, with hair that is so creative and beautiful, it's nothing less then genius!

Maduinshorn was unsure if I would approve of these changes, but I really love a guy with long hair so I had no problems with the pony/pig tail look. It wasn't until he coloured the image that I realized just how extraordinary his plan was. The hair is not only is leaves, but they get darker the further way from the head they are. How pretty is that? :) I also really love his new eyebrows! Very cute!
Maduin followed my advice about giving him different cock head colours and I think this idea once again turned out so perfectly. I love how he draws foreskins and circumcision scars. The all look so juicy! The background reminds me of an old image from Kong Island. It's actually made me feel really warm inside when I saw it. Like something out of an old classic comic. That is one sweet canopy!

You guys should remember the Summoner created by Ink-B, well here is the very first pairing of the two of them thanks to Maduinshorn!

This explosion of sex was really perfect from the get go. With only a few minor adjustments. He gave the Summoner huge gorgeous eyebrows, a wicked smile and a cock that could stop time! Look at the curve on that massive cut monster! Who needs magic when you can wield that thing? The magic effect are too cool with swirls everywhere. Even his veins are glowing! That's attention to detail! There's lots and lots of details in this image, it's to me, his best work yet! Everything flows so smoothly. The viewer knows right away the relationship these two have. He certainly draws marshy forests well does he not? I think these weeping willows add a much appreciated closed in and hidden effect to the scene. In this very secluded setting Andrew is at his mercy!
Andrew is a beautiful brick house of muscles here. His cocks look fantastic, again, he has captured the flora them by placing them to look like growing plants I want to play with all five! ^_^
As Ink-B said to me, Andrew is getting watered big time!...will this have an effect on him? XD

Carlos also got some more love from Artistg, who completed another sketch of him. Carlos is so muscular and tight he shines. I really love how his circumcision scar got some extra detail around the rim, showing some thickness in the skin. That's the kind of detail that makes great erotic art.

I know I said if before, but Artistg has really made his mark on Carlos, he bestowed upon him the greatest set of muscles, thickest cock and sexiest face he could. This has resulted in one of his most popular images to date. Thanks man I proud that you helped make Carlos so well known and even prouder that you show him and me so much love. ^_^ You're the best!

As mentioned my old friend Lastmanouthere also took on Carlos very early on in his creation. I have the greatest amount of respect and trust for Lastman, cause I know he will always do his best. Well he not only did one image, but two of Carlos and both were so freaking hot and sexy I just had to see both completed. OMG it's embarrassing the effect these two had on me! LOL

Strike a Pose! Carlos turns sharply protecting his front from oncoming danger and looking to die for hot in the process! I have never seen lastmantouthere do a mech character before I was shocked to see how much he put into the drill arm and head piece. I love all the little lights on it, showing it's systems are all go and it might just have more functions then you can see here. The head piece has a really cool design, almost like a fan, with this he can take in long range sounds.
Carlos has a really sexy face here and such a cute nose! I think that's the first time I ever commented on a nose...XD But this one is so kissable! LOL. I think it must be the entire package that is making me blush. His cute focused eyes, sweet eyebrows and way he seems to be trying to suppress a huge smile. XD One thing about him that is so nice is how you can really tell Carlos is bald here, just by placing that bandanna a little higher on his head. Muy sexy!

Instead of the drill he went straight for the dildo! HA HA HA! That victory pose might cause some alien guys to run over and bow down....
The cock is so thick here! Just look at the details on his balls on both versions. They have nice wrinkles and look big thick and heavy as they bust through those sexy jean shorts. Speaking of his clothes I think Lastman is on to something having the shirt taper off like that. It looks very open and inviting.
As a special request I got a version of the cock with the metal and the skin exposed. I wonder what version fans like more?
Thanks Lastman, I lost so bodily fluids reviewing these with you!

Now all this Carlos art got me thinking about a mate for him...I wondered about how he can fit in with my other characters. I placed him with Otnorot, but I wanted something made just for him. So going with the drill them I created a character I named Christer Echo..and from Lastmanouthere amazingly skilled hands I proudly present him for the first time ever!

A Towering hunk of a beast, Christor Echo has solid gold abs, beautiful crystal hair, ruby nipples, green sapphire eyes, orange smooth pearl like balls, a huge rough foreskin covering a cock head that hides a big surprise! His body and skin is mostly human, and he is soft to the touch. What do you guys think? I had never done a rockman before in my life. Thank goodness for all the artists I showed him to like Guytoonist23, who looked up rocks for me and all the others I got advice from. Maduinshorn drew him on site! LOL. I can't wait to share that with you guys. It's really hot too.
Lastmanouthere was a true angel, from the start he looked up rock formations, showed me various colours, added so very much to him, including that wicked shine on his crystals. He gave him rings, crystals on his elbows and came up with a way to join the balls to the body. It's always welcomed when artist leave their creative mark on my boys and so many had here already... :)
There is another few images coming but for now ya all can LOL at my two of my early doodles.
He was a lot of hard on one hand, picking colours and stuff, but he came into my mind right away at work.

Here is an image of Metro West that has not made it on this blog yet! Coloured by Caravaggia, the two talents combine once again with amazing results. This has become very popular over on YG and it's no doubt! These two have the skills and when combined it's like some Dragon Ball fusion thing! LOL.

Sirio and Caravaggia both teamed up this week on a few images. First one they did was Bionic Commando. Ha ha ha, yeah I have a thing for the new version. Dang he is sexy! I was worried about asking people to draw him due to that arm, but a lot of people really like the concept of him. Sirio did a great sketch, it's very dramatic added in some cute facial expressions! From there Caravaggia took it and gave it one of the most explosive background ever! Take a look at what these two masters came up with!

Boom Baby! Bet you just had a mushroom cloud rise up your pants right now didn't you? XD What a magnificent image! It's great when two artists come together with such kick ass results. I had to post this here first!

Sirio is offering $20 line art, or test colour images, so if you are interested please check out the links on this site.

Also all over the Commando was the second place contest winner Karulox. The man needs a Wii, so please commission him! LOL. Hey I gotta help a fellow Nintendo lover! Check out that snake he gave him! I think he has 2 bionic arms! XD

I so enjoy those dread locks! Very nice details on his boots and body. He can swing me away any day! I was surprised at not only how well this came out, but also how amazingly fast Karulox worked. I had this in my inbox in no time. Very recommendable to commission, check him out! Thanks man, I hope you get your Wii soon! (Get New Super Mario Bros!)

You guys all know I am a big fan of Sworn, well I got permission from Silvano to ask a few artists to try their hand at Calais and Slammer. Here is FallenAngels take on them. I couldn't wait to ask him to try to draw them. Another dying to, but not asked for commission that is finally seeing the light of day and getting a lot of attention. And why not? His Calais and Slammer are extremely sexy! Bushy haired, dark skinned and blushing, Calais is perfect for his anime style! And Slammer has been given height to his hairdo that is so cool!

My reaction:

You did a bang up job on two of my very favorite characters from Class comics. It was funny when a day later you were asking me if I had any changes and I was all like, oh no way, the sketch was so great!
I love your adorable Calais! Honestly I love the colours on this entire image. It's nice and bright and inviting. The hair you gave Slammer is really cool. He's let it grow long and thicker here. That's so awesome! XD Nice tan on calais. He looks great.
Both cocks are really well done too. Sworn is a story of forbidden love and this image captures it's spirit! :) Thanks man! I hope this will generate even more interest in this great book.

Let's end this one another great fan art! It's been a awhile since I had art from Zipopen to share on this site, so I was very excited to get this yesterday. I asked him to draw two of the worlds most beloved barbarians, Conan and He-man (ice version of course.) They are enjoying each others uncut dicks in a little frot action. Take a look at this mouth watering image of male masculinity!


As always Zipopen knows how to make men drool...Such wonderful colours, sweet muscles and great expressions! Conanas hair is is so feathery! Look how big his arm is! DANG! He is really pulling out his cock and balls to bring them closer to He-Mans. Nice thick foreskin too. I love how He-Man looks very much like he does in the cartoon, but has the Ziopen touch to him! His style is without peer. He knows how to combine cute features and great thick manly bodies. The costumes are right on, perfect and sexy, especially those loin cloths! Zipopen does chest so well. This one is gonna go down in history!

It' hard to to keep typing cause my cock is demanding attention as I look this over time and again! ^_^ srsly...get me some tissues, I am out of here! See ya!


  1. Oh boy, excuse my naughtiness but I just love the cock on this first pic ! *__* I have a thing for non-symmetric balls, it's incredibly realistic and sexy !

  2. Zen Chocolate is Beautiful! :) InkB is awesome! keep at it mate

    and yet again Matty, your blog is always such a great place to visit!M

  3. When I saw this pic I immediately thought about Carlos ! ^^

  4. Oh yeah that's a creature from a game Called Bioshock. Carlos inspiration was more from Mega Man, Crash Man, Mr. Driller and a host of Latino characters from movies and TV. :)



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