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Things are getting real...check out the art of Hoaigon and Jacy-J!

Hey guys! I got some wicked stuff as always! A new artist, one I wanted to commission a long time ago, Hoaigon, know for his big buff boys took on my biggest dudes. I knew he would do them major justice. Boy oh boy did he, just take a look at this life like image of Dimata and Garra:

Here Garra has undergone a bit of change, his dreads are extra thick and his fur has the appearance of winter coat. He actually has the appearance of a creature that has his winter wear built in! That is very convenient, not to mention sexy. Ha ha ha, it reminds me a little of Betty's Costume in the Fltinstones episode HERE'S SNOW IN YOUR EYES. He is so freaking sexy with his eyes covered by his hair, his moth slightly open, sorta he cums and takes curious pleasure in watching Dimata. Melts my ice...He is working Dimata hard below the base of his head with that big thick claw of his. Dimata is buckling under the pressure. Hoaigon took direction perfectly and produced the exact image I had in mind. He added tons of his own personal touches. The boys looks so tangible and real. It's beyond amazing. A total delight to work with, Hoaigon is well worth commissioning time and again. ^_^ I will have to swing more projects his way when I have some ideas worthy of his skills. :P Excuse me while I clean up.

Speaking of new artist, take a look at this hot playful image of Smilo under the spell of Tonias by the famous Daevakun. This was my first commission with Daevakun and I had a fun time explaining circumcisions to 'em. XD

I have a version of the boys uncut if anyone would like to see it let me know and I will post it. For now enjoy this sensual wonder that has become famous on Y.
I would defiantly recommend this friendly artist. I was happy to finally nab a slot. :)

My Reaction:

Hi! Thanks for doing Tonia and Smilo so nicely for me! They turned out very sexy! I really like your design of Tonia arms plates, hair and face. Smilos chest and body are really outstanding too. I like the curl in that pony tail. XD He's great. That tongue makes me smile. :heart:

They are in the midst of passion here! With that hip action and those facial expressions you know they are just dying to cum! Love the background too. Very nice nice sunset.
It's cool how Tonia is supporting Smilo with his tail! That boy is weak at the knees! This was a very fun first commission. :) Highly recommend you to everyone. :heart::happyhappy: Ha ha ha, but everyone already knows you are great! :wink::heart

From new, to told Friends, let's move to Demonas take on my Dire Wolf Dalach. This was done many months ago, but tonight I want to share a look behind his creation with you. See Dalach was indeed one of my first OC's in this Prehistoric collection of boys. He fell off the map a bit. Mostly because I could not draw him the way I wanted him too look. So in order to convey his image, I sent images of models with hair and the right body type to Demona so she could get an idea of what was trapped in my mind a bit better.

This model from Corbin Fisher with his long wild hair and thin body was one of the boys I sent to help in Dalachs development.

The other issue with Dalach was his colouring. Dire wolf images are almost always he had to have silver hair. Yet for his his skin colour I wanted something a little more like Calloway Cat, or Panthro from Thundercats. Here for the first time ever are some the variations Demona came up with.

In the end we went with silver hair, peach skin and freckles on his cheeks and shoulders. It gave him a more tender youthful appearance. The choice was a good one as the image has become one of the most popular in the Prehistoric Paradise club. A true Masterpiece of gay erotic art. His cock alone is one of my favorites of the past year. Demona should be very proud of him! :)

My Reaction:

He turned out very lovely didn't he? I have to say your penis's seem to get hotter and hotter for some reason.
Very sweet job on all the small details like his freckles and all the cool shading in his hair. His face is very kind and sexy. :kiss:
His lips are so full kissable! XD
You got his hair perfect too! I knew you could do it. :)

It's so cold here, below zero... a very fitting night to leave comment on an ice age wolf.:erm::heart::heart::happyhappy:

The question for me is what to do with him next. One of Lil' Deeps best Friends, Dalach is a loyal henchman who would love to capture similo for his own. He has a thing for Deer boys as well. I will have to explore that soon.

Speaking of Deep, I totally forgot to upload this to my blog when I showed off Demonas version of the Shark. Here is her adorable chibi Deep! AWE!!!!! I want to make him into a pillow and sleep on him. XD

Demona also took on Space Cadet from Class Comics and chibied him up nice. This turned out really cute. He looked a bit like Ms. Piggy at first, which I thought was really funny and cute. He cleaned up amazingly and has become a favorite image of the character with many fans.

Keeping in the Chibbi theme y'all gotta check out Artistsg's completed Mini Carlos! He is so adorable with his plasma shot ready to explode on his foes grill... XD

Thanks Artistg! I love the little bar code, I wonder if that is just for his company registration, or if it tells us how much a session with him is worth? Hey, he's gotta make some extra cash somehow! XD In all honesty that bar code is a very nice touch and gets me thinking more about what kind of being Carlos is. Dude you really inspire me!

Now, speaking of Carlos, I know there is a couple people that have been salivating to see this...Jacy-J was actually one of the first people to take him on and here for the first time together is her censored and uncensored of her very life like, super sexy cyborg seducer Carlos!

Can we say Godly? Jacy's Carlos has just left the streets of NYC and heading to Space, his drill at the ready to help his search for treasure and love throughout the stars...

His face is dreamy, the eyes stunningly seductive. The costume is perfect, that steal belt and short jean shorts hide his real tools... XD Jacy's Carlos is a masterpiece. People have remarked how real he and his drill are and I have to agree. Jacy has surpassed her self once again.

So I am very happy to share with you know the uncensored images of him. See I have decided that Carlos cyber dick can do a few things a normal dick can't. One thing he can do is cover his circumcision scar with steel to provide harder, rougher, longer lasting session to his lover...the metal has a special quality to it that keeps his cock firm and prevents a fast orgasm.

As well here is the skin version. Jacy gave him a hot pink scar. That's one stick of gum I would love to chew on! XD

Thanks Jacy! Let's do more of him soon!
Speaking of Encores, I have never shared Jacy's wonderful Second Wonder Boy image on this blog! This time I had a very specific pose in mind for Jacy and she came through for me and then some. I wanted to combine elements of Adventure Island with Wonder Boy. To me Master Higgens and Tom Tom are really just the same character anyway. So I asked Jacy to pose him looking back holding up the Hudson hat with Tayna at his side, offering him some fruit. Tanya is influenced by her appearance in the new Wii game. This image takes me back to the summers of my teenage years. When I ran inside to get away from the heat and enjoy the sunny skies of Adventure Island on the TV instead! Can you feel the cool breezes and smell the sweet island flowers?

Jacy's Wonder Boy is for sure gonna come back for many more adventures!

Out of the Oceans of the mind of Astasia666 comes her version of Lil' Deep! He is hauntingly beautiful. Her images have a habit of transporting me back to years past digging up many long forgotten memories...

Here is a great new first, she put gills on Lil Deeps sides. :) I love his big owl eyes. He is a creature that is fearsome, yet full of fear himself. Who would not be in a dangerous world like this? He looks like he very surprised to be stumbled upon in such a productive and inviting pose! Oh my gosh how I love those little trees against that sunset/sun rise. Perfect for the prehistoric world, like they fell out of a story book.

Astasia666 Also took on Chiida. He is a perfect tribal warrior her, slender, sleek and a little wiry looking as well.

The skull on Chiidas staff, in fact the whole images reminds me of this book I used to read when I was a kid about mammals and cavemen. There were many great images of people around fires, with dogs and food. There was very distinct look to the characters, like they were on another layer above the background.

I love how the image is composed with a dark background, with Chiida being so lighted up, the fire reaching to the sky, like it's the only source of light in this primitive world. It emphasizes just how dark and foreboding the night was in ancient that spec of light light be the only source of comfort forever....the raging lighting is a nice touch. This image is a classic, if you can ever see the Dinosaur images in the June 1978 issue of National Geographic, you will see a triceratops with a similar effect, but not as closed in as this is. There is a cozy feel here, like being with Chiida despite his appearance is very safe and warm and could fall asleep beside him with no fear of harm. :) A slice of a little world on encased on Paper...

A little while ago Ink approached me about developing a character to be friends with his OC Athan. Well I did my darnedest to come up with an original Feliniod style cat man for him. Eventually Ink took some of my ideas and combined it with some of his own and created a wonderful new character called Sohis. Last night Crimsonblood asked me if I had anything that had not been developed by other artists. Well I showed him some scrapped characters and others I am trying to develop further. In the mix went some early images of Sohis I had drawn. Crimson liked him. I told him he should have Elf like ears like Athans race, since they are related somehow. Sohis became Lunis, the Moon Lynx. A warrior with two Rhino Daggers and the ability to wield powers from the moon itself. Here he is in flat colours for the first time. XD

Crimson did a bang up job on him. Giving him the perfect stripes, huge over exaggerated legs and toes that look perfect. He can jump to the moon with those! He looks almost like a tiger Satyr. His face is very naughty. Crimson worked hard with me showing me many different hair colours and separating his human and animal features perfectly. For his hair, I had a many odd styles. Crimson went with the original hair I had in mind, adding in his head band and other features as he picked and choosed what he liked from the few images I had. Thank goodness he added his own skills and talents to him, cause this boy needed a Bloody miracle to look this good. He left off his nerdy glasses.. XD Next time! :P Would you guys like to see my early sketches? Warning, they are scary! LOL.

Ink too him on as well. This was the start of his drawing Sohis, based on my sketch. He would them become more well built and sturdy in the second image. Wait till you see him on his blog. He is really sexy! Might be a bit, though cause he is still under development as I type this.

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