Sunday, February 21, 2010

A week of wonders! Wonderful Gifts and Amazing commissons. Carlos takes even more shape thanks to Artistg and FallenAngel

Three Blog posts in 3 days..I am spoiling you guys! Actually many wonderful artist I have met have been really spoiling me big time this week. I got so many nice gift arts this week my jaw is permanently stuck open!
First off I want to share with everyone a commission that really should have made it in the post the other day. It's a wonderful image done by the very talent artist FRUITDROP from the Y!Gallery. Fruitdrop opened commissions last month and I wound up with the first slot. A delight to work with, Fruitdrop was very professional while doing this piece. This is one of Andrew Twos frist images. This is where I decided what cocks on him would be cut and uncut. Fruitdrop was very helpful choosing how it should go.

Take a look at the uncensored version never seen before:

My Reaction:

Wow Fruitdrop was amazing to work with! First off the process was not only smooth, but lighting fast too! I gotta really give you props for that. Andrew is a very new character and I have to say all those cocks could have been a nightmare to have to explain..but nope you got it totally right! Ha ha ha I just love how he has two cocks in each hand, trying to satisfy as much as he can. They all look so nice and suckable! LOL. Great job on all the foreskins and the circumcisions. The vines stroking and pumping his main cock making it grow and pulsate is so :drool:.....faints...... :heart::kiss: XD OMG I look at this and get way too turned on!
Andrews face is so freaking cute! He's just a little sex pot! Love the blush. I would if some plant as sucking my butt and kissing my penis licking off all the pre-cum...ok Fruitdrop...I can't finish this, I have to go lie down. :lol::heart::wink:

Thanks so much and I hope we can do more in the future! It was great!

Speaking of Andrew guys are gonna cum in your pants...take a look at this gorgeous masterpiece by the Talented Kagami06, his second commission for me looks like something from a Zelda game..(the one trapped in my mind anyway!)

Ok where do I start with this? Not on Y yet, this for now is a blog exclusive. First off the skin tone is just wonderful. The paint job is amazing. Going with the flower theme, Andrew now has all different coloured cock heads and they could not look more spectacular. Taking a whiff might get your nose pinched by the plants though! The cock heads are shining in the sun beams as they stretch in pure ecstasy. Andrew is so cute like a sexy elf with, his plants are enjoying the show, ignoring their duty to keep watch as Andrew loses himself in pleasure. And what fun he is having! I suggested a foreskin pull, but Kagami06 went further and stuck a finger in there to stretch and explore the inside... HOT! That main cock is a dream come true! Woo hoo! The background really sets the mood, it could stand as an image by itself. A warm friendly forest, free of fear. A little Prehistoric Paradise. ^_^

Thanks Kagami06 you RULE!


Speaking of Sexy Prehistoric Boys y'all gotta check this shit out, the great master of muscles, Baralusts newest commission for me, Chiida, like you have never seen 'em before. (Get your tissues ready.)

My reaction:

Very beautiful Chiida man. His face is GORGEOUS!!!! Love how you got his paint job on his face so perfect. Nice facial hair, it makes him even more studly. His body is so sexy. Big thick chests with nipples I would have to use my full hand to squeeze! HOT. Great body hair too. Very sexy. You did a great job on his plates. They are all vibrant, but not as much as the head with those flailing antennae! With sun hitting him, he looks a little shy at the fact that the wold can see his nude body. I love the idea of giving him a short (well by your standards! LOL) fat cock. It looks really hot and something Dimata would love to have plugging his bum! XD Thanks man you rock!!! You know God of War? You are are becoming the God of Hunk! XD LOL. Lots of Love bro! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Baralust is gonna take on some more characters of mine very soon! I love his traditional art. His pen Broke for his tablet, so if you guys can help him with some comms, please do!

Speaking of Prehistoric Muscles, check out this freebie from the great Kazario!

Kazario has done many great images of Bonk and Zonk. Hee hee... Apparently I was an influence with that. He was one of the first people I met on Y and is very friendly. Poor Zonk, he is getting a blast from the past up his butt! XD
Excellent work man, sexy and funny!

Joey is Jumping Out!

Ha ha! Check out my second Commission from the super cool Qwertyrulz, Joey and Danny Duke it out big time. This is pretty cool stuff. Very exaggerated and cartoony. Let's not forget that cannon of an uncut cock! Holy Crap that is HUGE! Danny better not lose this fight, or he will be having that hitting his stomach in no time! XD I really love the smoothness on display here, especially the way Danny is coming in with that hook. I was very surprised that Qwertyrulz did such a wild image! Thanks man!

Now speaking of Joey, it's been a crazy last few days because fan art of him has been flooding in!!!! 3 artists, K3rry and Urbanmusiq and Szadek sent me some sexy and even funny images of my new boy! Now I will be honest Szadeks was a request from me, but I gave him a few choices and he really liked him, so he did him out of all the others.

K3rry said he was very smitten with Joey and after reading how I failed artistically to provide him with a hat and knife, the talented young man decided to provide him with just that. (Among other things.)
I received this thoughtful gift on Friday:

K3rry really gave him a super chest and body. Check out those abdominal muscles. Holy crap is he built! You need 10 mins just to take in that chest! Not only that, check the details on that never ending foreskin. You know you just want to bury your face in that uncut masterpiece! Mmmm those big hanging balls are just to die for! Hee hee the ears are so adorable, big and floppy! AWE! Kisses to you K3rry you rock man. Your skills get more amazing with each image you do. Maybe one day I can convince someone to colour him in!

This is the fan art done by Szadek, how cute is this???? He is ready to pounce on anyone and anything that looks at him cross eyed! XD The hair parted over one eye is just perfect. I love how he gave him some shag on his arms too. He has a great build for a Kangaroo man. Very lean and right in tune with my thoughts on his build! Szadek gave him not only the feet of a Kangaroo, but the legs of one as well, giving him a very springy body. His face with that rock hard jaw and those nice sideburns is very handsome. A wonderful image! Thank you so much man!

Here is the image done by the man that inspired Joey's existence to begin with! UrbanMusqis version is too funny!!!

Joey has been urbanized! Looks like Joey has something in his speedo pouch! Say hello to JR! XD Leon's build for Joey is exactly what I was going for when I sat and created him. His face is wonderfully handsome, a perfect mix of animal and human all around. This Joey is cut! XD Nice! I know a few people that are gonna love that. :P Gotta love that tight speedo wrapped around that perfect ass, his big arms and wonderful sexy legs ending in roo toes! I like his new hairdo too. Very fitting for a boxer. I especially love the cut of his hair along his neck. That is gonna be part of his design from now on!

Thanks guys, you really made my week special with these. It's nice to know my boys are in your thoughts. :)

Now let me share with you this latest commission from Fallen Angel before moving to a brand new artist...

Some shit head reported this and it got banned from Y due to Otrnotos penis being inhuman. Considering there are 4 other images with him already and it is explained that the red part of his penis is a circumcision scar I am pretty shocked. (Yeah sure with Y, ha ha ha not.)
I mean when I see Dizniz has a dragon with warts and Cruzis has a Tentacle creature with suction cups oozing slime all over it's cock, I wonder what this line is that he is crossing. There are many images of Piccolo with the armor found on his arms placed on his dick, and Buu with holes in his cock, I start to realize something is very wrong. No offense to those artists, or their cool creations. I actually think they are all great images that I love. Hurmph sort of behavior is sadly what the Y Gallery will always been known for, very unclear rules. And of course no specific reason given.

Anyway Fallen Gave Carlos a huge buster style Canon and we worked in something new...a new drill bit and Otnorot is inspecting that thing!

Anyway FallenAngel even gave a back story to this how Otnorots species is not versed in sexy toys and Carlos has taken him back to his ship to show him privately how they work! XD Guess this comic will have to appear here if we continue on with this. It's a great picture full of personality and fun. Awesome work man, I want a lot more of this. Love how you snuck in his other penis in the corner there! LOL cute! XD

OK now to close this blog with a very special set of images. I have been watching Artistg on Y for a long time. I think since he started. He is great young man who is pushing his art to new limits constantly. He has come so far in very little time. When I first thought of Carlos I thought of the character in his style. I took a chance and asked him if I could be his fist commission customer. This boy LOVES to draw. That is an understatement, cause I have so much art to share here it's really could fill a bunch of blog posts! Carlos by his hand is amazing...just take a look!

A true Latino Stud, ArtistG's Carlos has a sweet build, a rough and warn sexy face and a cock that is mouth watering! Check out the butt! More cushion for the pushing! The man knows how to add details to a cock and circumcision scar that are just perfect.
I asked him to try out a blue bandanna. What do you guys think? I think it's very Sauve.

A wicked cool variation with him having metallic parts to his cock. That will be some cold hard steel to play with! XD

Now to show just how much fun he was having, he provided me with a Mega Man Zero Style version of Carlos that I have posted up on my wall and at work. Words cannot describe how cute and perfect this is!

This boy NEEDS to start Chibi Commissions! This could be the cover of a Capcom game box!

What started as one image, became two, then three! I asked him to please complete them all and he agreed. Here is the second Rico Suave image of the Sex Cyborg...

Winking and holding on this his buster drill, Carlos has just been finished cumming and is looking to start round 2 with you! XD

When the final was complete, my inbox was once again filled with great images! Check out these bonuses! I have to highly recommend Artistg, he made me feel like a prince. He was always polite and and had many questions as he showed me the steps.

Chibbi Carlos flexes after a victory. I wonder what that cool orb on his gun is? HMMM! :)

Carlos strikes a dramatic pose, what adversary on an Alien world is he facing? Maybe is a group of Space hunks after his sweet butt! :) Wicked stuff ArtistG, this is really amazing. Just gorgeous bro.

Carlos standing smoking hot in the cool breeze of an Alien world. He is full of pride showing off his perfect body and thick beautiful cut cyber cock!
This is a pin up if ever there was one!

Hmmm now I am tempted to ask for these to be completed too! Ha ha ha!
ArtistG, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Someone who loves to draw like you do deserves the highest of praises. ^_^ Because of your work I came up with a brand new character, a mate for Carlos!


  1. Oh glad you like my take of Carlos :) - Fallen

  2. Hiya Dinosaurprince!

    You my friend are a virtual character factory! LOL! It's amazing how you create these wicked characters with all of these fantastic artists! I applaud you and your creations!!

    And I LOVE Joey! He's so sexy and adorable!

    And oh yes -- PINK nipples on Andrew Two-- definitely! They look more like little flower buds that way, and I think that suits him very nicely! :o)

    Thanks for all of these wonderful posts!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  3. Oh Fallen, I love your Carlos! It's a shame what happened on Y, but heck, nothing wrong with blog exclusives!!!!

    Thanks so much Patrick! I am so flattered!!(Blushes) Hee hee Yeah man, this factory certainly has the naughtiest workers ever! ^_^ HA!
    Nice simile regarding his nipples, you convinced me! Pink it is. :)



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