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One year of Art...A look back at the Fallen One!

I can't believe it has already been a year since I first met nookiedog and FallenAngel. So today I am gonna take this opportunity to share some of FallenAngels very first works he ever did for me as well as some newer images. I call FallenAgnel my rock cause he's the artist I have called on time and again to be a part of bringing to life so many of my ideas, characters and fantasies. If there is anything I wish, he can make it come true! He really has fun adding stuff in. Character designs, costumes, backgrounds he loves to draw so much. He long ago gained my trust and during the periods between commissions became a great friend as well. A couple years apart in age, we have so very much in common. He has given me so many wonderful images, taken on many of my characters and helped develop a cast for a mini comic with me.
With Great Pride I revisit with you and share with you bloggers my second commission ever, his little masterpiece RIKUO!

I will never forget that Cold morning. Sipping hot chocolate and opening my e-mail to his delightful, now classic image. I asked Fallen for a Rikuo with his foreskin covering his cock, sitting on some rocks with some accessories. He gave him a cave to sit in, a sunken ship for a background piece and a body that just doesn't quit. Love the big chest and small torso as much now as I did then. One of my very favorite images ever. I was very turned on. :)
This was my reaction one year ago:

He is so hot in this picture! WOW, just wow! I love it, from the scales, the water dripping from him. To his green eyes that are so sexy! And the little frill running down the front of his cock drives me crazy! :) Amazing. Even the little lump, (not sure what it is called) on the shaft of his penis shows such attention to detail. I love the cave and the treasure. His accessories are perfect. You did such an amazing job. I would love to ask you to draw more for me when you have the time. I want to hang him on my wall!

I asked FallenAngel for another commission right away, my heart beat like a Jackhammer as I waited for his reply. He was delighted to do another. Well I couldn't just keep commissioning Rikuo, but I wanted to do more. I turned right back to another Darkstalkers favorite who was not getting much attention, the sexy Donovan. I wanted him in the desert, cause I always felt that's where he is from for some reason. Fallen gave me an image that makes me hear the Scheherazade in my head when I look at it even now. I think it's that beautiful dreamy moon and soft gentle night sky.

My reataction:

He's so hot and sexy! I couldn't have wished for a better looking picture! I love his face, and the coloring is perfect! That moon is amazing! He made just a mess! I'm going need some time alone with him! lol. Love the foreskin and penis sensual.
Donovan shows his sweet gentle submissive side here. He's in pure love mode here! It is cool that you removed his beads. Now we get a clear shot of his whole body! This is really hot. Thanks.
I wonder if the mummy Anakaris, is watching him from behind? :happyhappy:

His reaction was really funny saying Anakaris would make the scene way to awkward!

The next commission I asked FallenAngel for came a bit later. He closed shop for a bit. I had been commissioning a lot of Male Felicia, but there was another character that is similar and does not get much attention. I am talking about Cham Cham from SNK's Samurai Showdown. I know Cham Cham has a brother, but her costume and design is so dang cute and fun, I wanted to see artists do some boy versions. Fallens was the first, Mashis was the second. I didn't explore Cham Cham much more after this, which is a shame. I hope one day to return to him.

Check out that background. Fallen is a man who loves them. That tree growing on that cliff is so perfect for the theme of this character. What an imagination he has! ^_^

My reaction:

Woo Cham Cham is SLICK! He's the kind of boy you WANT to meet in the jungle!!!! This is what Cham Chams bro should have looked like!!! No offense to Tam Tam!:heart: Thanks so much for making him so buff and hot! I wasn't expecting the bulging biceps! I love a beefcake!!!! He should have arms like that if he is swinging through the jungle all day! Once again you have made me a very happy man!!!! Big hugs dude!!! :heart::heart::heart::kiss:

Fallen has taken a lot of interest in my characters and thoughts. He has sat down and helped me create many boys. When I told him about Andrew he was very intrigued.
He sent me this sketch a day after hearing about him and about a week later, a brand new image. Here is a blog exclusive!

This is his very special take on the character:

My reaction:

Yeah! More Andrew Art! I really like your take on him a lot too. I think the leaves that I could not get right in my early concepts work really well here. Big wavy palm leaves, or something. XD I like it. They give him a sense of movement and they look kinda silky. I think the petals on the nipples done with sharp edges as apposed to round ones is good idea too. They look more masculine. :) I also like how the flower on his head is hidden behind his hair, like it can grow at will. I think that is good idea. Also thinking of having it so the red flower can change into an evil man eating one that he has a hard time controlling. The two on his shoulders are friendly though. :heart:
Thank you Fallen, this helps me a lot. Giving me some faith in him and making me think deeper about him and his 'roots.' :tongue::heart:

Fallens Andrew has inspired artist that have worked on him to give him a more plant like look, adding leaves and vines to his body.

For the longest time I wanted FallenAngel to draw my Dune mice. He got some major inspiration from Urbanmusiqs image of them. I asked for them to be posed on a bed and his mind clicked. He was very proud of this image and I can see why. The boys are so very handsome and the colouring job is magnificent. Such a delicious image. They will have to make a return in the future!

Looking back at this now, I really am enjoying the way that Troys foreskin is totally turtle necking around his head. That sooooo hot!

My reaction:

Oh! way sexy take on my little Mice boys! :kiss:
This was a great idea to pose them like this. I actually like the way the penises are set. Great placement. :) Travis is so cute and cocky with that smile. Gotta love the tail around the arm!
Nice idea for the clothes too. They look like the royal tomb guards, though...hee hee very sexy ones! Digging the ankle bracelet. They look so comfortable sitting together, with the window open. I can imagine the cool night air hitting them. The scent of river filling their nostrils. Bet t hey will cling to each other for warmth! ^_^
Really love the hair on both. Hee hee you gave him such nice dreadlocks! Nice dark shadows under the heads too. Looks good.
Your comments in the e-mail really made this so wonderful. :) I think this so very well coloured and designed. Nice stuff man!:widesmile:

Not too long ago I got Fallen and JCArtblog to do Goliath from Gargoyles. Here is Fallens sweet image. He was a little worried about doing him just right. I was looking for his special anime touch, so he went for it and we have sexy Goliath like no other to share with the world now!

My Reaction:

HA! Lonely after Demona left him huh? I'm happy you agreed to do Goliath in your style. I think he is uber cute! I really like him done by you. He is slowly becoming one of my favorite fan arts of yours. He's so huggable. :P I like the way you did his head and hair. If they ever did anime Gargoyles, they should come see this for something to base it on! Nice big dick too, wow. the purple head with that smushy foreskin looks like a yummy grape Popsicle coming out of the package... XD
Nice city and moon background too!

The level of trust and respect I have for Fallen can't be measured. He will always be welcome to take on any character, or idea I have. This week he lovingly took on my newest boy Carlos the Cyborg with beefy results!

My reaction:

Hey man! I think that he turned out really good and is the bases for many future commissions and maybe even a series like we did with Roshawn .... XD Who knows! I think he has the cutest baby face. He build is perfect as is his jeans and belt. Nice idea giving him a robot hand. I was thinking more a gloved hand, but I really liked this when I saw the rough. I am currently rethinking his drill arm for all future comms, but honestly this is a really nice design. Love that mesh shirt, if I do say so myself. Maybe you expect this from me, but the cock is my favorite part! LOL. I really think you went to town on it. It's got a perfect Mega Man look. The lines on the shaft and balls and the drop down to the pink circumcision scar and head are all mouth watering perfect. :blush:Nice job on the glow from the Diamonds. I just noticed that. Thanks for helping bring my OC to life. :):heart:

Even as I type this Fallen is working on a sequel image and a new look for Carlos's weapon that is gonna drop a few jaws!

And now to end this celebration of one years incredible art, done by an extraordinary man, we have the paring of first two characters I ever commed as only Fallen can give us.

I will be honest, this was a commission that was on the top of my list back in Aril, but it was pushed back time and again until just a while ago.

My Reaction:

Hey Man!!! It's nice that in the new Year we have returned to the 2 characters you first drew for me! Getting a little emotional here! :kiss::blush:
Oh how I love your Rikuo and Donovan! I like Donovans ears here, they are so long! LOL cute! Only Donovan can pull that off! ^_^ Nice speedo and bum on Rikuo! SEXY! You pulled of the bandanna and jeans perfectly. Thanks man! :widesmile::heart:
Oh man, I want to join them!

I was warned I will wind up all sticky if I join these two! XD OMG Rikuos eyes!!! Ha ha ha ha I am in love! ^_^

Thank you so much FallenAngel, I hope we have many years of fun together in the future. Love ya buddy, Matt.

Fallen is open for Commissions! Check him out.

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  1. I'm happy you enjoyed all my work for you, and hope you'll enjoy more of our future works and naughty ideas :D just careful not to go over on your wet dreams LOL* ^_^v -Fallen



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