Friday, February 5, 2010

The Maduinshorn Storm! It's Hailing Down Hunks!

Maduinshorn is fairly new artist compared to most of the people I have commissioned. I fell for his Zahn and Harpy image! His Zahn is really hot and cartoony at the same time. He has a way of mixing that up, producing some wicked stuff. When he Drew SOIREE MEIRA of King of Fighters it made my day! He recently opened up commissions and for the last month he has been busy with three glorious images. I am very proud to present them for you for the first time today. So let's get it on....

First off, when I contacted Maduinshorn I had just seen The Princess and The Frog so Naveen was on the menu! Here he is done buff, built and hung getting some action from the Jungle King himself!

Ever thought Naveen, the laid back playboy could ever get himself in this kind of shape?

The characters are bursting with sexuality. I love how Naveen is resting, he looks like he is tired of moving that bulk around and is letting Tarzan do all the work! XD From the first sketch I received I knew Maduinshorn was an enthusiastic artist. He included the frog form of Naveen and the Ray as well as part of the background. I was flaunting it around from the start! LOL. How could I contain such hotness??? I really love the way Tarzans foreskin is done with the head poking out. You will see this in another image as well. He has a huge knack for various cock types! This one is bound to be classic!!!

Purple head not your thing? That's ok! I was given a few head choices! Changes and discussing design concepts always went super smoothly with Maduinshorn. He's amazing to work with.

The characters Danny, Matt and Roshawn have really only appeared on Y!Gallery at this time, outside of one image you can find on this blog. They are characters based on real life experiences and people I knew growing up in the 1990's. They are the personification of my 90's Teen Spirit immortalized by FallenAngel. The next blog I do will focus on the comic we did together. For today lets go back to 1993! XD Here is Maduinshorns take on the boys.

Old School Tetris anyone? Ever try this with you buds? LOL Danny and Roshawn are linked by more then the cable! I think Matt will be the winner in the end.

He applied his great talents, making Matt kinda lanky, yet muscular, he is way hot and youthful looking. I just love those sideburns!!! He's expression is priceless. So cute!!! Gotta love an image where the nipples are pushing so hard through a t-shirt it looks like they will rip through! I was amazed at how Maduinshorn understood and incorporated the circumcision scar on Matt and Danny. They very much look like real cut cocks. The cupped foreskin around Roshawns head is so thick and mouth watering! All three boys are ready for an encore as far as I am concerned!

I had the idea that that boys would be thinking of Tetris blocks and penises above their heads to show the viewer what it was they were doing. Maduinshorn took the concept even further making the blocks part cock and including frustrated chibbi versions of the guys! Too wicked!!! That's true love of your work!
Sigh..if my high school wasn't so shit I would say take me back! LOL.

Now lets move this along with the what I have been told my Patrick Fillion is the very first fan art of his bouty loving bounty hunter Captain Jung!

I asked Maduinshorn to use the Boytoons Adventures model as refs for this commission. I couldn't ask for a more perfect Jung, from the consoling expression, the great chest and torso to the giant foreskin covered monster! I counted the seconds till this was done from the day the first sketch arrived in my inbox. And that's just the praise for Jung! LOL I could go on all day about how freaking sexy Nova turned out. He's bigger then Jung, but putty in the Captains hands. The cock and balls on Nova are huge, yet proportionate to the character in relation to Jung. There something so pre-cum inducing about that. Jungs hand can't even get a full grab on his hot is that? XD The position of his legs as he lets his orgasm out is unforgettable! The story here is simple, Jung was paid to collect Nova, who was kidnapped. He's convinced the the straight Nova that with out a key, that half Alien cum is the perfect device for losing those shackles! I don't think Nova minded too much!

Here's to many more commissions in the future bro, you are one amazing artist!

Speaking of Nova, check out a blog exclusive, FallenAngels newest image of Novas straight love making. A little Foot sexy anyone? :P

Novas giant tube can't take the fondling of friendly feet too long before he cums!
Fallens Nova is forever getting additions. You can tell he is having a blast drawing the two characters, cause he always puts so much effort into the pose, bodies, costumes (that get more and more elaborate) and the backgrounds. Love the UFO passing by the moon! LOL. It's hard to see here, but there is some great detail in Novas' cock head, the females Virgina is visible and the night sky is lighter near the horizon, giving the image a warm feeling. Novas arm and arched back/chest/torso are I think my favorite aspect of this image. You can just image him leaning back, giving in and releasing. Gotta say the see through outfit that rests right below her brests was a super great idea. Thanks FallenAngel, you're the bomb!

OK here's an unexpected treat! My second Commission from Ephorox. I was gonna save this and do a blog featuring both, but we have so much great Nova art, I couldn't' resist sneaking this masterpiece in!

Ephorox made me a classic stylish Nova! Just check out the wicked design on his foreskin. It looks so wrinkly, like it would have this thick sticky feel, yet it would be really thin and really easy to move up and down the head and shaft! XD I am getting too into this aren't I? XD I really dig this take on Nova. His entire body is built like brick. Those legs...You just want to cling to them, as he lifts your entire body up with no effort so you can suck his...ah..ha ha ha ha I think I need a cold shower! Though Nova has Blue eyes I thought the brown was neat touch so left it in. His face is stunningly handsome. Really think the nose is perfect here and the eyebrows are very perfect.

Ephorox went out of his way to design that shield. It's amazing. He took the Sirio shield and added more and more too it. Not only did he create the design, he made it see through! If you look you can make out she shadow of Novas arm behind it. I just had to name this Nova the Epic! LOL. Thanks Ephorox, you did an absolutely stunning job dude!

Hope you guys enjoyed these wonderfull images as much as I do!
Hey people! Check this out! Jacy-J has a blog site and on it you can find a very special image of her newest Wonder Boy commission!

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  1. Otnorot/Jung for the win ! They are just priceless together ! Thanks for coming up with this idea ! ^__^



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