Monday, February 15, 2010

My biggest blog post ever! Totally Random Family Day Blog! New Original Characters and New Friends!

Here it is, the new Canadian holiday called Family Day and what better way to spend the early morning hours is there then writing about the artist family I have met online?! LOL. OK corny I know, but hey it's the way I feel ^_-.
So today it's a MAJOR art dumping time! This is gonna be one huge blog! Enjoy!

Let's start off with this blog only exclusive! Done by a duo simple called C & R, we have gorgeous image of Lil'Deep and Romer enjoying a sunset together on the beach. This was the first time the artist drew Foreskin and I have to say, it's very yummy looking! This image is breathtaking. The boys are both so well built and the colours, water effects and sunlight is all nothing short of Spectacular. They were a DELIGHT to work with. The image was drawn and coloured in a few short days. More is on the way in the next few weeks. I have to thank Uly for introducing me to these wonderful guys! I just adore Romers face and bull lips. He has a perfect body here. Lil Deep is dreamy!!! They even asked me if I thought his Megalodon cock was big enough! If this doesn't make you long for the summer romances on the beach nothing will. I know I feel younger just looking at it. I get lost in the waves and that background. You can feel their passion.

This was my Christmas gift from my old friend Ephorox. A neat idea I had of them enjoying a very special Icicle together. Ephorox was one of the first people to show kindness to me on Y!Gallery. He fast became a good friend. I was very happy to be one of his first commissioners. The image has become a classic on Y with almost 300 favorites!!! WOW! XD But I don't judge images by that sort of thing. It's the spirit the artist bring with him and the end result that is important. You will find the Ephorox has a lot of love of art in him if you ever come in contact with him. :)

My Reaction on Y:

Hey Ephorox it was great to see you work your talents on Dimata and Lil Deep! They turned out super buff and really gorgeous. I don't think I have ever seen them this built. It's really sexy! I really like Dimatas bottom! XD
They have just fantastic eyes, though hard to see in the lower res, the eyebrows are so beautiful. :) The cocks are great with wonderful foreskins and cute balls! Giant cock frot in the winter air...that's hot! XD Very nice cum too. Excellent colouring and shading. You got the giant cock icicle down perfect! Lil Deeps hair is stunning in the winter night. The grey sky and light snow make it like a sexy Christmas eve!
Happy Holidays! ^_^

More Dimata love ahead! This was done by a young artist named Seivern. I really think his logo is cool. He is know for his bara hairy men, so yup Dimata was my first choice for his very first commission! Take a look!

Seivern was another wonderful person to work with. He did a lot of first like creating ice in photo shop and he was great with the minor changes I had for the image. I would love to commission him once again. Looking at this again now makes me want to commission more from him! Maybe for the Slothman. Dimata is one big thick love machine! XD I like his droopy ears, like he is trying hard to hold back his cum and make his moment of fun last a bit longer! XD

My Reaction on Y:

Thanks Seivern! It was an honor to be your first commission customer. :widesmile: I like how you had many questions for me. I love how you applied your style to Dimata. He turned out oh so sexy!!! ::blush: (I knew he would!) You have the makings of a great artist for hire. The muscles are so thick! You made him look so strong an BUILT! :widesmile::heart: Really love the GRIP and the huge penis. Very nice tusks! I like his thick eyebrows as well. The arms, legs and ears are fantastic! I am very pleased with this image to say the least. :kiss:

If he is still open for comms I really recommend you guys checking him out!

Third time is the charm! Here is Baralusts newest commission for me. DIMATA experiences what looks to be the best self induced orgasm ever!

If I start going on about this I might never stop! Baralust contacted me wondering if I don't mind traditional pencils. I told him, of course not. If anything I am a big supporter of art done in this style. So he thew this magnificent image my way right away. I fell off my chair! He never ceases to amaze me with his art. Those nipples have a very Class Comics feel to them! LOL. Thanks Baralust you rock! And I was rock hard....

My reaction:

OK I totally gushed my head off on MSN, but I have to say again OH MY GOD!!!! Traditional art ROCKS! And you are a master! I am lost in the lips and the nipples alone! This is some of the hottest stuff ever! Your Dimata is wicked! That huge dick, with the veiny balls...OMG drools...Man the muscles all stand out so well, those legs, I can feel them!!!! XD
Big hugs for this one! :heart::happyhappy::heart::widesmile::heart: Clean up over here please....

January was a pretty depressing month for a lot of people. My dearest buddy Ink-B was very down for some time. Jacy and I scratched our heads as to a way to cheer him up. Well we both know he loves Final Fantasy and Squall, so I got an idea. A very daring one. Let's put him in the world of Final Fantasy. A dream come true for the man who made my dreams come true time and again. It was the least we could do. We talked about many ideas including a Chocobo boy form for him to be in. We went with that, him being from a race that raises them. (See the feather.) Jacy had to put all her talents and effort together to not only recreate Inks likeness but create a costume and image that would fit in the world of Final Fantasy. Here it is:

Yup, that's Ink-B! ^_^ Ha ha ha very cute likeness too! He's gonna level up chasing Squall all around the worlds! LOL.

The reaction was exactly what we were hoping. Ink could not express his feelings to Jacy in words. The image now hangs proudly on his wall. ^_^ Thanks Jacy you made a fantasy real and given Ink-B the strength and inspiration to move forward with his art. We are both forever grateful for you. Love you!

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I showed a few friends the Chocobo Boy concept I came up with at first. FallenAngel was really into the idea and wanted to give him a shot. I think he turned out very splendid indeed. The mixing of gold with chocolate skin is so delicious. He gave him a perfect body and Feathers! Love that face and the huge gorgeous uncut dick! YUM!

This will sound silly, but for some reason he reminds me of these little chocolate foil covered birds I used to get as a kid around Christmas time! I want to eat him up that's for sure!

I have about 3 close friends who reside in the land down unda, so when Australia day rolled around I was inspired to create a new OC Called Joey. I used an image called Dads Latino Houseboy by Patrick Fillion for Refs. You can find it in the art book Bliss.

Joey was inspired by the Video Game Kangaroo and my dear friend Urbanmusiq. He was talking about doing Anthros at the time, so what better character to come up with it? There's a few commissions of him floating around, so get ready! The first to draw him professionally was none other then WTJohn! The little Angel surprised me with him the other day. He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! I could have cried! LOL. John is a major sweet heart! Take a look:

My Reaction:

Well this is a total shocker! I was waiting to see you online to express my gratitude, but the heck with it, here goes! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS! HOLY CRAP is he CUTE! :blush: You did a fantastic, job John. I think my heart feel into my feet!!! His face is so adorable! And that body, wow! Great cock with foreskin placement. I love the J on his hat. NICE TOUCH! His hair is so well done. God, he is a hunk! Johny you make my day. I want to do things to you under the sheets that will make the bed bugs blush!!! LOL JOKING JOKING! But really, thank you so much, you have my eternal thanks for this one. CLASSIC! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Love for Andrew Two Blossoms:

Another artist I have been working closely with is my French friend Caravaggia! She is one of the best to work with. It's always a fun smooth process. I loved her Romer and I wanted her to take on Andrew Two. Her Romer got even better in the Following image!

Andrew moves in for the attack! A friendly one at that! Romer is happily surprised!
In her words, 'they are good together like pistachio and chocolate ! XD'

My reaction was huge! I do so love this image! It always helps when an artist is having fun with the characters and picture. :P

This is so great! I had to ask you to please draw Romer again. I really love the way you do him and I am certainly not disappointed by him here. He is so dang shiny! :happyhappy::heart: Love the skin tone. His penis looks really muscular and the purple head at the end of his dark shaft is magnificent. And you included his little Ankh too! Ha ha ha. His face is so lovely! :blush::heart:
For a brand new Character you showed Andrew a whole lot of love. I like his toothy smile. He's like a forest sprite. Reminds me just a little of Peter Pan. :) The penises are nice too! One thing I never mentioned was how his extra penises come from above his crotch, around the top of his hip. I know you would have changed it in a heartbeat, but I liked the way you positioned them all together. So I never asked for a change on that. Who is to say they can't bend and stretch a bit? Ha ha ha they are tentacle penis after all and he is a plant man. XD
Maybe he can make openings in his crotch area too. One thing with Andrew, I figure he can grow and do odd stuff with his body. With each new commission new ideas come in my head! XD

I really like his bum best. The first thing I thought when I saw this was how eye catching his bottom is!!! Your take on his plant growths are really cool looking and cartoony. Very cute!!!

I really like your take on them as a couple. Maybe we should do a series of these? :):widesmile::heart:

And series we shall do! I am a fan of Tennis and Badminton. I love Mario Tennis on N64 and the Kart games since the SNES days. I got this silly idea to see the boys playing some sports. SO here is Romer and Andrew playing some Badminton, Flintstones Style!

Looks like Andrew has an unfair advantage! Lucky for us I am a Flintstones expert (Cough ego trip) and knew exactly what episode to look up to get refs of the sport prehistoric style!

Thinking this would be an easy image was wrong however. Caravaggia said the net was a bit of a pain and we had some issues with the word Birdie. One night I told her to change the birdies colouring to make him more Birdie like. She misunderstood this and the next day had redrawn him completely and VERY detailed! LOL! We both got a good laugh at the fact that I just wanted him to have white tail feathers! XD She got the super genius idea giving him that red hard head like the end of a birdie ball. Pretty cool huh? :)
Caravaggia was so kind, she gave this to me for free for all the wonderful commissions we have done together! What a good hearted classy lady! ^_^ I love this image cause it's cute, fun and exactly what I had in mind. There's something very hot about boys playing sports in the nude is there not? Man, makes me wish the Olympics were still done this way. Major shrinkage in Vancouver would be going on though....

Last week Szadek offered to do some of my OCs and here is the first one he did, a very breath taking image of Andrew Two! He stuck to the original design of his guardian plants and included the flower on his head, which was all but dropped in other commissions.

This image is amazing as expected from Jauncho. It has a sort of RPG, old school video manual illustration to it. Like a classic character profile. Great work! In his own words, those cocks are like a bouquet of flowers! Ha ha ha genius. I never really thought about that. I did think of having all his cock head different shades of pink and purple at first. So this has given me many great ideas to work with. Due to this I will work hard to explore and explain his ability to grow different plants out of his shoulders, his penis pollen producing flower and the an explanation to his various coloured cock heads. Thanks Szadek, not only did you give me a great image, you provided inspiration! Big hugs to you man. ^_^

Last but not least of the latest Andrew Art is a Chibbi done by the queen herself Ms. Demona! If he is not the cutest thing? He's having a group hug with himself! Those EARS! Ha ha ha so cute! Her Chibbies are the best. Right now she is taking on $5 sketch commissions, wait til you see what she has been up too!

Sticking with the prehistoric theme, we have Smilo meeting cave Cam as only FallenAngel can do! MAN OH MAN I had been waiting forever for a chance to see him do my Smilo! He did such a great job too. This image is so hot, I can feel the fire not just from the ground! XD

Cam is getting a great standing pounding with his foreskin slowing moving down with each thrust of Smilos huge cock! HOT!!!
What I love about FallenAngel is how at times he will add stuff to a character (always showing the customer first.) In this image he gave Cam some really big sexy sideburns. They look excellent on him. Shall we do more?

This turned out very sexy! Great sexy take at Smilo. I like his fuzzy hair and body. :) I also hreally like how you gave Cam those big sideburns. Hee hee the little bit of cock head poking out from the top of his foreskin was a great touch! Hot stuff! :heart::happyhappy

And now, it's time to present the image that is already being dubbed the Cutest Chiida ever! I just got the the other night. Fallen poured his heart out for this little masterpiece. Very proud to present this one:

The sunlight and water effects are just amazing. Chiida is a stunning thick hunk of a man and his face is wonderful and charming! I love his big thick legs!!! Thanks so much for this one my friend. ^_^ All the little animals are a perect touch. Reminds me of the prehistoric sea images I would sit and stare at in my picture books growing up. Is there nothing more mysterious then the ancient waters?

An New OC, a first for me, the Cyborg Carlos:

I have been on a Mega Man kick for the last little while. Inspiration for this new OC comes from many places, one of them is that classic series. This is G.I.B. A. Cyborg Carlos. Half Latino, Half Robot, he's the first Mecha character I think I have ever done. Well at least human anyway. His name stands for Geographic, Industrial, Breed-able Archeological Cyborb. I was toying with an E for Eco instead of an I, but I think the Industrial is better as it shows he is a worker. I imagine him as a planetary explorer who has landed on the planet Otnorot is on. He works to make the planet a better place, learning about the history and objects that can benefit man and alien kind alike.

Here are some early sketches of him, I just could not contain any longer!

OK so my art sucks, but you get the idea! LOL. This is the first image I drew of him. The box art of Rockman and Forte was a huge influence on his many bolts and plates.

This is the second image of him drawn by Ink-B! He is so handsome. He's got a great smooth face. He drew this one up really fast after me showing my picture of him. He's perfect! Gotta love that sexy bulge in his pants. Mmmmm those spell binding eyes and those big eyebrows! Ink never fails to pull at my heart strings. He even further inspired me by later finding a human model that is exactly like what I had in mind when I thought him up!

Next up is Qwertyrulz take on Carlos. What a trooper this guy is. He had to design a comic book cover one day then the very next had this waiting to show me! Check him out!

He's like an animation cell he is so well done!
Carlos is great by his hand. Super hot and cartoony, just the way I like 'em! He feels like he is from a video game world indeed! He did a great job on his face, especially with that chin. I really dig the pose with big perfect boots in the front of the image. Nice idea on the knee covers. (Not sure what you call them, but they rock!)
He even gave him a plate on his back. Batteries not included! XD I like his big chest and thin torso. He added the nipples just for me. :) I hope Qwertyrulz will have time to draw more of him like this. I am really in love with his style.

As I mentioned Demona has a $5 sketch sale. I asked her to draw Carlos and I swear in like 15 mins I had this waiting for me!

Sexy bubble butt, yummy bulge and hard handsome face, what more can I ask for? Her version for some reason reminds me of the character Long John Silver from Treasure Planet. I think it's the tick build of his torso and the pirate like appearance of his facial features. Makes me like this even more! Thanks Demona! Kiss! XD hee hee.

Let's end this with the artist that made me realize how much I still love Rikuo. A new talent on Y, the awesome Kagami06. Hard working and super fast, this was ordered like 2 days ago and was waiting for me yesterday afternoon. How frigging awesome is that?????? This is Kagami's first commission and I take great pride and pleasure in sharing this with the blogger crowd today! ENJOY!

My Reaction to this stunning tribute to old school sexiness:

I must say one thing before I type anything, this image has rekindled my love of Rikuo. :heart::heart::heart: I kinda ignored him for the last couple months! BUT WOW Do you know how to make him cute and sexy! :inlove:

Way to go on your first commission, you were fun to watch work and full of questions. Which is the very best way to be. You really poured your heart into this and I am in awe to say the least. Beyond amazing background, a sexy swim in Atlantis! ^_^ Both boys are full of energy. Joe has a little bit of a Viewtiful Joe pose, which is really wicked. :lol: I love the way you did his face and hair. He's so sexy! It's very different to see a light skinned Joe, a little refreshing. Nice placement of his shorts! Looks like he half took them off then just didn't care to remove them for some time since his lust started to rage....
Rikuo has one killer sexy cock and foreskin! NICE! I am very happy with this! I look forward to many more future commissions and I highly recommend you to the people on Y! :heart::widesmile:

His commissions are open, take him on!!!


  1. Sweet Works!! Digging A LOT of these ^^

  2. I see your commissions all over Y! and I'm impressed at how generous you are. I'm not an artist, myself, so I'm a commissioner as well, and I do take notice of who you choose to give your money to. I appreciate any links to any artwork you post, as I might follow up with them myself!

    Keep up the great work!



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