Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Urbanmusiq!

Though it has passed in his home country of Australia, it's still the 7th here in Canada so a big Happy Birthday to you Leon, I know you had a smashing one. In celebration Ink-B, Jacy-J and Fallen Angel all did art based on Urbans character Amron. It is my pleasure to share them here with you today! I hope you enjoy them as much as Urbanmusiq did. He sent everyone so many thankful e-mails! What a dear man he is!

This is the second time I have seen FallAngel draw Amron. Here he is drawn in a traditional sexy Filipino outfit. Amron is a hero from the Philippines who fights the demons that dwell there. So this is very fitting! I love his bushy hair and how big the front of the costume is. It gets me thinking about the size of the penis it is covering up! Great job man! This pose is delightful! This was not a request, or commission, the image is used with permission from FallenAngel.

Next up is the gift given by Ink-B. A gorgeous portrait of Amron done free hand.

Urbanmusiq said it best in his e-mail, it's a perfect rendition of his face, so accurate to his original design, handsome, eyes that glisten and of course so sexy! Is he leaning in to steal a kiss, or a piece of cake? XD

Finally we have two great images from Jacy-j! Amron done by her hand is one heck of a stunning image. Even more surprising was the speed she did this with. It was done in less then 2 days! Background, colours, everything! The woman is a lightning bolt of passion! ^_^

Urbanmusiq said he is still smiling hours after receiving these. Jacy's Image is so beautiful, the build, the background, the colours all so wonderful! Amron is one of her best works no doubt! I think he has a bit of a Disney Feel to him that makes him so cute! Something about the eyes, face and hair that really comes together for form a cartoony, sexy character.

Ha! Nude Amron for the first time ever in the public eye!!! I think this is Jacy's best penis ever to be honest! LOL Nice big thick cut Filipino phallus anyone? Urban described this image as heart meltingly hot.

Thank you Jacy, Fallen and Ink, you helped make this birthday a very unforgettable experience for a very special friend of ours. I could not help, but do a blog to share this with everyone!


  1. Seems I missed that occassion. Here's me wishing him a happy belated one! Darn those time zones, which makes me even later. XD;

  2. :) Thank you Busiris!!

    and Thanks again to Fallen, Ink B, Jacy J and of course Matt for the blogpost and art!! you guys are awesome! made this B'day a verry memorable one!! :)

    Cheers form down under!

  3. This piece is SO HOT that my heart is gonna stop!! Jacy did awesome work on this!!!

    I just LOVE this picture!! Both of them!!

    Tons Of Hugs!!



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