Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Very Gay Mega Man Music of Hyadain!

No art today, nope, this is something a little different. After watching the following videos form Hyadain, a crazy artist from Japan, I felt the need to do 2 things. One, is to share them with you and the other to announce a possible new contest featuring the Original Mega Man series as a theme. That's right! I will try to start a new contest in celebration of the original series 10th game. I will be looking for sexy (Not shota) versions of the Bosses and characters from the first 6 games. More will be revealed soon! If you are interested please feel free to comment here.

Anyway I discovered this artist 2 days ago and I am addicted to his music. Each of the Mega Man titles seem to have a slight, or very prominent gay theme to them. Makes me see the bosses from Mega Man in a different light. Heat Man and Quick Man were about the only straight ones. Whether these are only meant to be a joke, or not I am not 100% sure, but I actually found them touching and of course very funny.


I'm a Bubble Man, takes a very melancholy look at the existence of the video game boss..

Flash Man is about the same...though this song is straight forward about the character being gay.

Heat Man is the funniest of the videos, I thought. It's really catchy!

Crash Man is very out of the Closet! XD I reconize this art from Y!Gallery!

The Fastest singer of all time is Quick Man!

Mega Man is not the only games that inspired Hyadain, here he does a Ballad of Street Fighters, he voiced all the characters himself, I think.

Done to the music of Doctor Mario, My First Friend is by far the most touching video I have seen in a long time. I cried my eyes out, then hugged my dog for about ten mins after watching this. Hyadain really shows his diversity here.

A catchy and cute Chocobo song. Who doesn't like these cuties? XD

Mario and Koopa fight over Princess Toadstool, claiming their hearts as their best selling tool.

Mappy was the first video I found, while looking for a videos based on the game.

OK next time art, I promise! XD


  1. Huging dog, thats soo cute =3
    I loved the First Friend and the Crashman videos xDDDD tougth the las clip has an awesoem peach xD

  2. Ooooh, where can I get copies of these songs? They are really awesome ^_^

  3. Hey Jubell! The best thing to do is get DOWNLOAD HELPER for Firefox. With it you can easily download anything from youtube, or any site. It's an amazing application!



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