Sunday, July 7, 2019

Warren Admires Himself

After the fucking frenzy with Emil, Warrens sharkman dick still screamed for attention. He swam to the bottom of the ocean and proceeded to take matters into his own hands.  For hours is sat in wonderment of his new massive phallus.   At times he found himself clenching at his chest, heart racing, enchanted by its beauty.  He came time and again, never feeling fatigue, or pain.  The flawless tool was meant for creating an endless army of his own kind.  If left unchecked he started to realize just how easily this curse would spread.  There would be no stopping Piranha.

This image was a beautiful gift given to me by Aneros art for my birthday. I wanted to share it once we were 'deep' in summer.  He did a stunning job of adding so many little features on top of Warrens muscular frame.  Things like all the sweet texture details on Warrens shark skin and the true to life eyes, that look more human that most you will see elsewhere.  It is a glorious testament to the character!

Did you guys like seeing Warren featured these last few weeks?  Would you like to see more of him and Emil in the future?

Saturday, July 6, 2019

This Shark FUCKS Like A Maniac!

As I mentioned before, I liked Sirios proposed sketch so much, I decided to ask her to flesh out the pose!  Warren in shark form is a cum craving maniac!  His massive dick and gigantic fist are doing their best to milk old Emil out of cum shot, after cum shot.  Emils ass is being stretched far more than he thought it ever could be, but that isn't the reason for the look on his face.  Emil is terrified about what Warren will want to feast on once his balls run dry.  A little beef jerky?  Nah, we know Warren isn't going to do the Dilf any real harm...or..we hope so anyway.  Hopefully his friends will be able to cox him back into human form, before Emily can cum no more.  (Which since this is a Class Comics character should be in about 48 hours....LOL.)

I hope you guys like this! I have one more to share by Aneros of Warren! Happy belated 4th American friends.


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