Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Daryl Dixon Jerks Off Alone, or Walking Dead Wank

This Walking Dead image was inspired by a the recent events of the show (YES I RETURNED TO IT, THANKS TO A LACK OF FAMILY GUY AND AMERICAN DAD WHEN IT CAME BACK.) and some anime versions of Daryl that FallenAngel found on Pixiv. Daryl is enjoying a picture of Rick, but is filled with sorrow at the same time. Not having seen his best friend in so long, he can't help wondering about his fate. The story of how this image came together has one more factor. Fallen thought Rick had died, probably because of my saying that Daryl didn't know Ricks fate at the moment. Oops. So the joke he had in mind originally was Daryl jerking off to Rick with out him knowing he's dead. Cue embarrassed Angel Rick. The angel was so cute, I convinced him to leave it in. So now we have a this wonderful 'sad wank' situation going on! :P Thanks Fallen for beefing up Daryl too. He makes a nice beefcake I think! He should be getting stronger from beating all those baddies every week, anyway!



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