Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 looks interesting for Class Comics

Class revealed the 5 covers of their upcoming books a week ago.  It looks like 2014 will be a busy year for them. (And my wallet!)  Here's my thoughts on these upcoming titles....

This cover is so epic, I am doing this post just as excuse to display it here.  Now as fucking hot and dark this is, one thing made me giggle when I posted it.  It's the snake inspecting Deimos's ass.  This is cause, you know snakes also smell with their tongues... "Sniff, sniff!  Someone had tacos last night didn't they?"
 Yeah, it's been 10 freaking years since the purple devil known as Deimos appeared in Class Comics.  Makes you feel old doesn't it?  In honor of his 'birthday' Patrick and Fraser got a whole slew of artists together to draw up some stories for him.  Ever since last years DEAD OF WINTER, Deimos has skyrocketed in my own personal popularity charts.  So I am really excited for this one.  I have know since last year that blog artists and dear friend Leon De Leon will join in the celebration.  He started working on his piece since last summer.  I can tell you, it's gonna be hot! 
It's going to be very thrilling to see Jcob Mott, who has only done one Panel of Deimos previously, go on and do a full story featuring him.  As well, Eric Mars, of Ani-Males, the lovable Butch McLogic and of course the man who took over the art of the series, Logan who will not only draw, but write stories for the book!  Sounds like it's going to be a ton of fun.  I hope we get a few cameos from characters outside of the regular cast as well.

 Probably the most anticipated book on my list is Ridehard #2 by Alexander.  As you know from my review, it was a surprisngly wonderful title from 2012.  Many were hoping it would get a sequel. (These are never guaranteed.)  I am really happy and excited that it got one so quickly.  Alexander is a super talented artist, who not only draws, but makes sculptures like this one of CAM!

Seriously, they got to start mass producing these things!!

Looks like Spot is being a bad boy in this issue...
 The Naked Justice series drawn by Jacob Mott is coming back after a long hiatus.  I actually didn't even realize it had been over 3 and a half years since the last title was released.  Finding that out certainly racked up the anticipation meter quite a bit!  Jacob always brings it big time, when doing erotic comics, so we know this will be a treat for sure.  My main interest, (as I am sure it will be for many,) will be the origin of Spot and Ani-males, set to be revealed in this issue.  I'll be counting the days till this one comes out for that reason alone! 

David Cantero will be back on board to bring us the next installment of Ghost Boy and Diablo.  The series has taken a turn I really, really, REALLY love.  The duo have found themselves on a prehistoric island!!!!  Dang...Did NOT see that one coming.  There so many questions that have to be answered,will they all make it out alive? Will there be some caveman sex? Some dinosaur men action?  And most importantly is there going to be anything else going on sexually with Peters hunky dad? XD  Since David is a lightning fast artist, I am hoping, we won't have to wait very long to find out!  

And Finally Class has a brand new title, done by a brand new artist: Rubo Art.  It is called Planet of the Machos.  I like the art style and character designs for this one.  It has a very 70s/80s fantasy and sci-fi grove going for it.  I haven't seen much of it, outside of some character sketches and this cover, but if the dick-adactyls flying in the background are any indication of the planets typical fauna, then were are in for some wild adventures!

I wonder if the Planet of the Machos will have many dick inspired monstrosities?

 There doesn't seem to be any Cam, or Locus on the horizon.  There was a few character designed shown last year for a new Cam story, but little else has been said about it at this point.  That's okay, we always get a lot of Cam, so we know more is coming sooner, or later.  One person that didn't make the cover list was Zahn.  I am wondering if that was upsetting to some fans?  There seemed to be a lot of comments by people wondering what happened to him.  This is probably mainly due to Patrick naming 2014 the year of the son of winter on January 2nd.  Soon after posting the covers on their web site, Patrick issued a special notice to people on Facebook, that Zahn is being worked on and will indeed be out this year. 

 So we call all take a bill and relax! XD  I can't believe it's been over 3 years since the last issue.  Time just files.  (Hell this year is the 5th anniversary of this blog.  I can't believe it.)  Now, that's would be awfully long wait, if not for the many stories Zahn has been in through Strip Shower, Rapture, Boytoons etc.  Still, I can fully understand why people are starting to chomp on the bit so feverishly.  The last book did end in a major cliffhanger that left Cauldrons life possibly hanging in the balance!  At least fans can rest easy, knowing the answers are coming soon! 

 On top of this, Class has FINALLY announced Space Cadet #2 is on the way!  WOO HOO!  So yeah, Byron, you just squeeze on into that shot and push those other two aside.  Your #1 around here! Hee hee.  Joking, joking..But no I do love Space Cadet so much! So I am very excited.  More on that another day though...


  1. WOW!! Thanks so much for the amazing write-up!!! I can't tell you how great it makes me feel that you're so excited about these new titles... and yeah, Zahn is DEFINITELY well underway... I'll have to share some previews soon! ;) Thanks again, my friend. Great big HUGZ to ya! :D

  2. Damn, gotta love the detail on the ass and cock of the first comic!



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