Friday, July 30, 2010

300 Meet Icarus Thanks to MiOworks and Urbanmusiq!

Guilty pleasure time...this image is so fun! You know for all the people calling 300 gay porn, there is just not enough of it out there is there? Well, the other day I asked Master MiOworks to take on not only King Leonidas, but Nintendo's Kid Pit Icarus as well. And because I love to send his art out to other artists to have fun with, I humbly requested the prime minister of Australian gay porn Urbanmusiq to apply his rainbow to this master work! (Can you tell I am in a good mood?) This is cause something so amazing came in my mail box yesterday and today I was greeted by something long lost from my past. It's a week of ups and downs for me to be honest. As always the art keeps me up! And Icarus should have flown up before Leonidas snagged him!!!

HA HA HA, You better fly in close Icarus, or you are gonna get circumcised! Holly Crap this is hot! I wish that Leonidas was doll to purchase!

I cannot get over how big and cuddly the King of Sparta is as done by MiOworks. Even Urbanmusiq kept saying this! His chest looks like the most inviting thing in ancient Greece! His whole body is a tribute to beefcakes. Wow, MiO you gotta promise to do more of him some day. I forget how much I love this character till I see all you guys draw him with such vigor.
Urban gave him the most perfect tan ever. I just want to run my fingers up and down those pecks! MiO gave him the biggest thickest cock he could and dang is it fitting for this king! Urban must have thought much of these guys cause he made them glow and shine! (Check out that outline, wicked!) I really like Icarus's outline. XD Icarus is nice and big. No girly boys here! This is the game end Pit. MiO got all his costume details down perfectly and kept his design in tune with the Smash Bros redesign, but gave him an order of MiOWORKS Supreme buffness! LOL. Nice job boys on the pull of Pit's cock shield. (Foreskin) love the out line of his head beneath the tight skin and how much extra skin there is as Leonidas pulls. Very sexy! (Wipes lips.) Very cute spiky wings too, with lots of shading. I think my favorite part of Urbans coloring was how he did that crazy cute shine in the hair of Leonidas. It gives him a sort of godly glow and exemplifies how joyful he is.
The sunrise in the background gives the image a feel of summer where two men can spend some time alone before having to worry about being caught. ^_^
These two are an unstoppable team!
Hope you guys enjoy this blog exclusive!!!

Hey speaking of amazing coloring jobs of the works of super kind artists, now is the best time to spring this on you peoples! Aneros the good hearted guy that he is, snagged Patrick Fillions Joey and colored him up really nice! He gave him nice brown skin and a glowing blue ascot. Amazing stuff guys. Aneros is a master colorist and it shows. He really brought out the size of Joeys huge balls and magnificent leg muscles with his amazing shading and lighting effects. Mr. Fillion was very impressed with his hard work as was I. :)

Thank you Aneros! You rock so much! ;)

Speaking of Heroes, I got two Chibis to boot! I want to finally share these. The first one is from September! LOL. Yeah talk about a late posting huh? This is Demonas Sectaur Prince as cute as bug Warrior is EVER going to get!! I think she is making this into a magnet for me. My friends will get a good laugh at this. (And probably beg to take him home.)

Told you he was cute!
But these two coming up next are just so adorable that they can give you cavities on site! Chibi He-Man and Conan! Yes! Finally a Chibi Conan!!!! Woo hoo!!! Here they are, two Heroes fighting over a hero sandwich. Yeah we are silly!

I love this cause Demona made them cute, but didn't skimp on the sexy. She did this live for a group of us to watch. We got to pick weapons and their placement, shoe design, (Thanks to Lastmanouhthere an expert on these things)and many other aspects. It was a real treat and the results are funny. They warrant a sequel I think. ^_^ Thanks Demona! You know I will be back for more cuties very soon! hee hee.

Anyway today something happened that was pretty heartfelt for me. I got a huge package in the mail. In it was a lot of my late brothers things. Including a board game called the Dark Tower. It's missing a few pieces here and there, but I am sure I can get them on E-bay. As well inside were assorted comics of Bloom County, Groo and Conan. Maybe all that is left out of his once vast collection. It was pretty touching to find this at my door step. I didn't ask for it. But man, the memories it brought back. Late nights with my siblings, my in-laws and my friends playing it. Sometimes in low light, or even in the basement to make it seen really creepy and cool. We played that game so much when I was around 10-14. I miss my big bro a lot. We didn't always get along, but when we did, we had amazing times together. When I was kid he was my hero. Having this handed to me, I swear it almost felt like a visit from him and I swear can I smell his aftershave on the box...sigh. Cherish your family members my friends.

More great stuff to come. Peace.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Heru a bird of Egypt.

Just a quick blog post. Heru is a bird guy that stated out as something very different. My earliest sketch of him was an elf, much like the race of Ink-B's Athan. On the same image I gave him a very pointy nose, then paint going down the middle of his face across his nose, giving him a kinda beak like quality. I am not sure when I added wings to him, but I am sure it was during my second full body attempt. I gave Heru a story that he lived in a light house training with an older much more bara like bird man. He would fall in love with Athan. He would be captured by Athans older brother, during his rebellious quest to find the target of his affections. The story was more of a one shot then something made for a long term character. It's still something I would like to pursue.
That was just the start. As I drew him and thought of him more and more, I wanted to do something a bit different. One day while drawing Cleo I realized Cleo would need a sidekick. A Milhouse to his Bart Simpson. Someone who was gay and he could confide in. A person to help him in his schemes, but be much less of a pest then he is.
FallenAngel took up the task of helping me bring him to life. And what a glorious job he did. We looked to the Goddess Maat for his wings and a porn start, or two for his face. ^-^ He doesn't have his orange face makings here. I think he might look a lot better for it, but that doesn't mean we should not experiment with him in the future. It's not fun if you don't fool around with the design right?
Fallen was awesome to watch work. He gave him some sweet threads to wear and totally capture the Egyptian wings. (I SUCK AT WINGS! I can't thank him enouhg.) Unlike the other Egyptian characters Herus race is pale skinned. So he is one of the only 'white' guys you will see around. Well I hope to have more to share regarding him in the future. He proved to be pretty darn popular too. I was surprised.

A special thank you to guytoonist who helped me name him.

Here are just a few of the sketches I did. I did TONS of them. Every day I tried something different. You can see there are some odd jumps in his hair design. These were a bit more gradual to me.

First sketch. Here he is an Elf, but even then I know I wanted to pursue an avian body.

Second sketch.

A very alternate version.

I drew this at work while sitting in the sun. XD


I have a whole evolution chart I could post, but the image is huge.....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Game Boy Color

Bring back my 90's guys is the awesome Urbanmusiq. I gotta ask myself why I didn't pursue this one earlier as he always brings his best game with him when drawing black men. This is more then inspired by my own experiences. Many afternoons were spent on my own boyfriends bed playing Game Boy while reaching into each others shorts. *BLUSH*

In this image Danny is been laying on the bed after a long hot shower. He has been playing Super Mario Land for a bit, when his blond lover spots him and crawls onto the bed. Matt shuffles off his cargo jeans and embraces his beefcake 8-bit hero. Dannys skin is soft and moist, he is cold, but Matts touch warms him instantly. As they men frot, Matt feels Dannys sausage is tight and sticky to the touch. His skin glistens as blood fills and stretches his member. This might not take long before Danny cums, but it will be an experience neither will forget.

This is Urbanmusiqs first image of a twink. Making an artists do something different then his usual men is always fascinating. I really think he did a great job. I discovered something funny after this was done, I had not even thought of. That there is something very solider like about these two. From Dannys huge neck resting on massive shoulders with dangling dog tags, to Matts bowl hair cut, mullet and cargo jeans, these guys certainly reflect a certain stereo type. Not something I ever planned on achieving, but it kinda seems that was my plan. XD Hee hee awesome. XD

The faces on both men are so lit up as they gaze into each others eyes. OMG that Matt has his eyes so focused on his prey! The little eyelash looks so cute!!!! This man is not going to lose focus any time soon! Matts lips are all puckered and ready to go to down on Dannys glistening smile.
URban added some beautiful shine on Matts hair. Just like Fallen with a touch of Maduinshorns and top off with his own style! I really think it's hot how he used shine to bring out the muscles on Dannys arm and chest. Makes him look really 3D. Matts dick head and the shaft shine on Dannys cock is so great that it remind me of when someone comes out of the bath and gets hard. So this led to the little write up above. And that perfect butt is gonna take a pounding if he is not quick to finish Danny off...
Guess what? My bedroom growing up had a baby blue paint!!!! HA HA HA, this was very fitting. ;) Hee hee what a crap shot! Everything came together perfectly. To give it a 90's touch, Urban added in his Mega Man Poster. I think someones mom would give that a few odd stares! XD

Thank you again Urbanmusiq, you are the master! Bows. XD

And now a surprise, the sudden and fast return of MiOworks Ice Climbers and He-Man. So in love with these guys I was, I just HAD to request another image of them together. MiOworks has a great promotion going on. He calls it squares. You pick some characters and a main theme and he does an pose he thinks up. This allows him to indulge in some different poses and takes the stress off of getting a certain concept exactly right. For picking this promotion he does the images at a huge discount. And since it's MiOworks drawing, you would be crazy not to take this amazing guy up on it! :)
This time I just said Ice Climbers with Finger(s) in He-Mans foreskin. He did a freaking super hot job take a look!

The Master of the universe has fallen to the lust of two young mountain climbers.
'Ugh...feels so good, go Deeper Nana.'
'Mmmm so Warm and juicy under here. Want me to pull outward a bit?'

Poor He-Man he is at the Eskimos mercy, but he loves every bit of attention. MiO retained his innocent persona he created for the last image and made the Ice Climbers even more inquisitive and mischievous. This makes it a perfect sequel image since they stay in character. MiOworks certainly is having fun here. He made Nanas hands a good size and shape. The lines running down them make them look a little bony, which is very realistic. They made me smile cause they remind me of a friends hands that are exactly the same. I could imagine his cold fingers doing the same and I started to blush! XD The little white dots on the boys faces emphasize their excitement very well. They are studying this process with great delight. XD
He-Man is wonderful. His frame is sexy. It's so gigantic, to his huge chest and major abs, with little bits of shine all around, he is very enjoyable. Those rosy cheeks need a squeeze, or at least a kiss! I just love how even his cock has sweat on it as it's floppy form is poked and prodded.

Thanks MiOworks! I still can't believe how fast you do your art. There are few as quick as you are with a virtual pen! Amazing, just amazing. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pirate Ship Higemau Momotaro made Sexy

Many moons ago I discovered a Capcom game called Pirate Ship Higemau. It's a total gem of a game that is similar to Pengo by Sega. Even though the game had not come to North America in the 80s, it was readily available on Mame for years. I only got a chance to play it when I bought the Capcom Classics collection for PSP and PS2. I highly recommend these collections. Hegemau is one of the more delightful old school titles to be found on the discs. If you have ever played Goof Troop on the SNES, then you have played a version of this game. (Goof Troop borrows so heavily from the game and it's NES sequel, I don't doubt Goof Troop was meant to be the third Pirate ship game at one point.)

Two weeks ago I discovered the game had an NES adventure sequel. It was Capcoms first sequel ever and while it plays very much like the arcade game it borrows heavily from titles like Zelda. Momotaro the sailor is seeking a great treasure and you have to sail all over the world on your quest to obtain it. Like Zelda Wind Waker (though years ahead of it) it features a lot of sailing and some very ambiguous puzzles. Thankfully there are guides and I beat the game in a little over a day. (Thank you speed up options in emulators.) Guess what? The cast from Ghosts N Ghouls is in it!!! The final boss is the red demon! It's ending is pretty funny.
After I totally beat the NES game of Pirate Ship. I wanted to reward myself with some commissions of the characters. I contacted a few people including Crey who is working on him as I type this. Since the character is relatively unknown and I want to start giving him some props. I often wondered what he would look like if Capcon continued to develop him and used him in fighting games.

So this is what I have to show today and there are some different version for the blog too. FallenAngel was first at bat and having actually played the games he brought with him a ton of admiration to the character. He thew in the entire cast and mimicked the drawing style and coloring techniques of the old promotional art perfectly. So here he is for all to enjoy:

Ha ha ha here is as if developed for a Capcom game of the 90's. With a big cut cock courtesy of FallenAngel of course! He's really sexy with big arms strong enough to lift any barrel and fling it. The crew is so not happy!!! Fallen asked me about his big nose and I told him to feel free to tone it down a bit. I think he gave him a very cute and fitting nose for a man of the sea. :) I thought that was most touching that he added in all the little pirates as well.

This tank top version was based on my original conception. Fallen did both versions cause both shirts are hot in their own way!

A clean version!!! Yup...more fitting for a game... LOL.

This is the NES game cover.

The flier front. You can see the island that FallenAngel used here!

Hee hee, I am going to whore him out a bit. This game really deserves some props and FallenAngel7 gave it big time with this whimsical image. He really captured the spirit and colour of the games.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Crazy guy and a Great artist, Cruxixion at the Y!Gallery bites the dust

Ah this week I got another bummer coming my way thanks to Y!Gallery. The artist Cruxixion took down all his art. Which means of course all the wonderful comments and praise I was too stupid to take screen shots of is now gone. The funniest thing is, I was going to do so a couple weeks ago and didn't bother for some reason. Well here is my advice folks, you want to preserve some online history do you all you can to save it as fast as possible. Sadly there are people on Y!Gallery that are anything BUT stable. Things happen in their lives and some are just well..crazy. (Some joyfully admit to this.) This isn't the first time I have seen this go down. It's a painful thing to have happen to you. I can't say I didn't see this coming. Crux had mentioned to me many times wanting to give up art.
Normally I would spend a long time going over each piece. I would look up all the comments in my e-mails, etc, but this time excuse me if I have no energy to do so. I'm lazy by nature. Fishing out year old e-mails isn't ever going to be very appealing, especially not when this happens. I am not ungrateful, but I am, even days later fairly depressed about the whole thing.

Anyway I meet Cruxixion back in I think last May. I commissioned him to do one image of Zahn meeting Rikuo. The guy was great, he was funny and really into the art. His e-mails were legendary. He was full of jokes and sayings. You won't find anyone like him on Y!Gallery even now. All his images are full you vibrant characters and great animations. He has a way with cocks and foreskins that is wild. I think my commissions are his best work. He really tried to give me something memorable and he did. There are so many details in each one. Check out the swirls on the boys, a nod to his favorite Disney Movie Hercules. ^_^

He also did lighting effects like no bodies business. The bubble in the image below is so beautiful, it's often said to be one of my best early commissions and it set Y!gallery on fire the day it was posted. I got some great art from him and here are the three I never posted. They actually started out as one image. He sent me two sketches and I asked him to complete both. Oldy, for better, or worse, he kept changing things and two turned into three and three into four. People said he was milking me, but I don't
think that was the case. I never got that impression. He was very into the art. When he completely altered the second image for a SECOND time I questioned him on this. (I never said I didn't like it, I actually loved it.) This is where he fell a bit off the deep end and went into a place sanity had never visited. It was one of my first early issues I had to deal with. It was all pretty shocking. Especially since at the time, I didn't say the image was bad. I am normally afraid to questions some artists, but with him I didn't feel any fear. I learned that this was a bad decision. Maybe he just had too much going on in his life, or maybe it was something else..but what ever snapped, did so pretty quickly. I realized much later this was an indication that he was probably not an artist to continue a long time relationship with. I sent his bizarre reply to Demona and another artists, as well as the colorist Busiris to see if I was not understanding it. All three just shook their heads. Anyway, I wasn't rude to the guy, hell I did my best to win back any respect he might have lost for me and okayed even the new image. Hell it is hot. It fell on deaf ears for days until I changed my tone. Then the responses came in. We worked through his issues, but I am left with one unfinished line art. I would not pay to have it completed though, sorry guys. When people often ask me why I am afraid to ask for changes I can honestly say a lot of that stemmed from this experience. I learned a lot from all this and hopefully it has made me a better person to draw for as well.

Anyway after this he completed that commission and started on some others. He acted a bit strange though for a bit, but overall was still cool. The next two commissions went very well. And we pretty much left on good terms. I say pretty much because he developed that famous hobby of not replying to certain messages and PMs. Anyone else have this issue with people online? I mean, what's up with that? Why don't some people have the manners God gave a jackass?

I should not get too personal, but he did ask for some help in his life, which I did do. I didn't mind though. It was my pleasure to help as he was a nice guy. I felt bad for him. If his story was true, I know what it is like to feel so trapped and with out hope. Yes I did my best to befriend him. Another piece of the puzzle as to why his sudden departure was so hurtful. My timing on this was bit of a mistake. I gave it to him before fixing something on the final image. He promptly took the money and vanished. He left some alterations on the Dig Dug image undone, very minor things, that I later did with ease is Sai anyway. Thankfully it was a very humble sum. I have not heard, or seen him since.

He posted one image on Y!Gallery after this, fav'd nothing and responded to no one on the site. This month he took all his stuff as I said off. I am not going to type a long blog rewriting praise, but I will at least try. I love the art and my praises were up for over a year. I am sure most of you saw it anyway. I feel bad cause this is not my regular style. But hell most people don't even comment on their commissions anyway. I have nothing against the guy, but I do wish he had manners enough to warn people before doing this. Due to these actions, I would find it hard to recommend him to people seeking commissions. He worked hard and fast for me, but his state of mind has changed and I can't say he is the same person I commissioned when we started.

So here are the images and a brief back story. Meh, still better then my dealings with Gojira...What you people want me to tell that tale? It's not worth it really.
Bye Cruxixion good luck in your career you mentioned so often to me. I hope you find happiness there, art was not doing it for you, I know.

There's a story to this set of images. Just a little something. In order to locate more clues to the strange goings on in Varda, Zahn and Johan must travel below the surface of the ocean. They come across Rikou and by the tasting of his cum Zahn transforms for one full day into a Merman. Rikuo only bestows this honor to one person at a time. He is impressed and smitten with Johan as well and offers him his 'Water Jail' so that he may travel along side Zahn in total comfort! MayMay being a cat is waiting on the boat! LOL.

Here the men enjoy sex under the waves. Rikuos cum is swirling around and soon Zahn will consume it with interesting effects. I love the beams of sunlight breaking the surface. The way Zahns hair is styled here, over his head so thick and wet is wonderful. Rikuo looks so sad here, it's really touching. I hope Jonah took a deep breath!

Zahn consumes the mermans cum and starts to transform. I have a neat version of this with Zahn sexy blue eyes showing. As you can see Crux never really drew the three guys the same. He always kept it interesting. Love the fins on Rikuos arms. The style might make the image look a bit off I guess, but the grainy look ads some personality to it. Rikuos face fins are wonderfully exaggerated and long here. :) In this version Crux gave the foreskins a bit of pink. Another thing to differentiate the images. He liked doing foreskins as he is cut. :P

This is the first image that was done, though it's the last in the series of events. It's description is above. The crowning jewel of the collection. The line art is out of this world. Jonas cock is legend and Rikuos face one of the cutest I have come across.

Well that's about all I have to say. The guy is not interested in art anymore. I kept his stuff and would share it if anyone wants to see what he did. These images on this site are the best out of his gallery to be honest and not to be rude. He really did a great job. He will be missed I guess. (No one commented on his page since last year.)

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Cutest Commando! Finally some D and D thanks to Urbanmusiq!

Hey Guys. This was gonna be two blog posts, but I am combing it into one big one!

First off I got a blog exclusive. An image done by my good friend Urbanmusiq. This combination of two classic characters has been on the back burner since last May. No lie, I commissioned this idea out, got a sketch from a talented artist and have been waiting on the final outcome ever since. Well, out of respect for the artist and how cool and rare the pairing was, I held off doing other ideas with these two.
I can't wait forever and upon finding out the artist was never planning on completing the image I hasten to get this ball rolling again. (Yes that means I have an uncompleted sketch that could use some coloring.)
I set my sights on on the talents to Urbanmusiq. From a over years wait, to that of a little over a day, the image was done and ready to post. I swear the mans a professional beyond rival.

This time it's the pairing of the Magic User and Fighter from Capcoms Dungeons and Dragons 2! And surprisingly these are both based on the player 2 sprites. (Oddly enough all the fighter artwork from Capcom was based on Player 2..hmmm)
I had an idea in place, but Urban went in a slightly different and exciting path when doing the pencils.

'By the Abyss!' Urbanmusiq has created another Capcom Epic!

The fighter, the bravest warrior in land, falls to his knees. His legs weakened by the tongue lashing the Magic User is barraging him with. Reluctantly he embraces every stroke of his thick foreskin. He grinds his teeth as he tries to hold back the cum bubbling in his balls. The Magic user D'Raven is in heaven, his butt puckering and his cock leaking a pool of precum, sensitive enough now to release at the slightest touch.

This image was interesting to have done for a couple reasons. Number 1 as I said, you never see these guys in erotic art and number 2 cause Urbanmusiq asked me a very interesting question during the process. What is there names? Well, I just always assumed that you named them and other then that they had the generic tags for Fighter and Magic User. I could have dug out the Saturn Manual, but I am sure it doesn't say anything regarding that. However, the other night while researching the title, I entered my name as a swear and the game gave me a default name instead.
Well, I did it again and the same name came up. I then proceeded to start up player 2 and see what they are given. I took screen shots:

Look at me, I found something not on any of the geeky fan sites, or Wikipedia...Oh man...bragging about D and D stuff...not cool...

So there you have it another video game mystery solved.
I gotta say that when I write a little story synopsis of the scene you know I am loving the art! Ubranmusiq was a perfect choice to take on these boys. He adds a lot of raw power to that Fighter. His arching his back and jamming that sword right in the ground fighting against what ever lingering thread of heterosexuality he might feel he has left. His back torso is perfectly arched, his hair sexier then the Capcom art and his cold blue eyes focused like lasers on D'Raven. His soft tanned skin backed in the sun to his perfect body stand epicly against the splendid blues and yellows of his costume. Combined with that wonderfully detailed foreskin, he is a tribute to hot game guys for all time. XD Actually he started out cut in Urbans sketches and there is still a cut version of him completed just like this. But I fell for the details Leon gave him here and decided this was gonna be the image to post. I might post that other one anther time. ;)

Urban is such a mischievous guy! I like how he thew D'Ravens cloak over his shoulder so we can get a good view of his perfect ass and sleek back. The cock pose is succulent and this new trend of colouring balls a different color then the cock shafts is something I am really digging. That background is so great I am currently using this as my Wall Paper on my PC! Thank you so much Urban!

Yeah Dungeons and Dragons, we went there. Now I won't lie and say I went into this game whole heartily back when I was teen. When my best friend prompted me to play this with him at an arcade I remember laughing at him and calling him a geek.. XD I mean Dungeons and Dragons in the late 90's? For real? Last time I heard about this series was when I was really young watching the old and wonderful TV show. One should NEVER doubt the power of Classic Capcom. The game turned out to be so much fun that we spent a good amount of cash playing it whenever we went to the movies. (A good amount being over $8 for teenagers with no paying employment at the time.)

I had to get the game on Sega Saturn when it came out. Sadly, unlike Vampire Savior the game had no translation code. I always thought that was a big loss and so did everyone in my circle of friends and close family members. It lead to a rather sudden loss in interest. The game never got the huge amount of play other titles did, even fighters that were in pure Japanese. But then along comes Mame. I tried to emulate the title time and again. It wasn't till the person I commissioned to do the first image showed me a fan site for the game last year, that I ever got it to work. And man, what a blast it is! You can find all the stuff you need to play it here:
Capcom is aware of the site and has not problem with it, believe it, or not. I still wish the the game was down loadable for PS3, or something though. Playing with more then 2 people on the PC is weak..
I suggest using the emulator Kawaks to run it.

Okay now let's fast Forward to the present shall we? I got a few people wondering where the heck I vanished too. Well, to publicly announce this, I am not dying, but I did spend some hours on the couch as a video game Zombie. I totally beat the shit out of Bionic Commando last week. Hee hee. Yeah this games plot goes so haywire by the end, it was just to silly to even shock me. It just felt like a huge cry for attention to be remembered for something absurd instead. It will for sure crush some Capcom Fanboys to see what goes down, but at the same time, the game bombed and this one shot will probably be swept under the table. So my advice? Just enjoy the game and roll your eyes, or even try to enjoy the last halfs crazy plot twists.
To commemorate such an event I called upon FallenAngel and Caravaggia to do up some really cute images of Nathan Spencer. Better then earning those lousy do nothing trophies, of the boring collectibles the game offers up huh?

For me, Fallen created a younger Teenage Nathan. He is around 18, or 19. This one has still to see long years of conflicted on the battlefield. FallenAngels Nathan is young and supple, his skin wonderfully tanned from days of practicing his swings in the hot sun. He is the embodiment of youth and great parallel to the way the character is portrayed in the game. This is one of Fallens most charming creations due to this. His expression on his face as water trickles down his body to his massive uncut dick, cooling and cleansing him is inspiring.

Escaping the rigors of training, Nathan Spencer takes off his pants and enjoys a cooling spray. That cock rivals his arm for biggest limb...

Well in the spirit of the series long wait between sequels I got a silly idea for Nathan to be on the couch relaxing during his 10 year retirement. (Or 20 if you don't count the GameboyColor game which didn't feature him anyway.)
I sent the playful idea to one of the most playful people I know Caravaggia,. Here is the blog premier of the Bionic Couch Potato:

Hee hee Caravaggia went to town adding in all sorts of items like an NES, old VHS movies, a crappy old TV with rabbit ears and tons of food for him to munch on. She called him the Junk food Commando. We were going to make him really fat, but went for slightly chubby with no abs instead. He is still cute and sexy! And yes he had to have PEPSI cause it's all over the game world for some reason. Caravaggia was a total sweet heart and added in Rush from Mega Man to keep him company for free! AWE! And he is just so adorable!!!! I just want to pinch his...metal frame...cheeks..okay that won't work. XD I like her sassy take on Nathan. He looks bad ass even when eating. The arm has a lot of nice detail. I am always afraid to ask people to draw that THING. Unlike the 80's version, this one is monstrous. The dull paint job on the walls, illuminated dully by the old TV gives this image the tired forgotten and kinda run down, feel I was looking for. Thanks so much! She is also one to rival for regarding speed. Yesterday this was just pencil work! Then today, done!!! WOW! Professional and courteous as always.

Looks like after the sales of the last game this design of Nathan will be spending a long time on the couch again. -_-;

Let's keep with the Commando theme and show you Carlos by Baralust! This is an older Commission, that I was overjoyed to get this month. This is cause, well I have not commissioned much of Carols these days. Baralust reminded me just how much I love the guy and dang if he didn't get the nicest complement regarding him! Another artists said it was his most amazing piece ever. Now that makes doing commissions so worth while. The comradery and accolades they can create.

OMG OMG OMG! Barlust Carols is built in more ways then one! He's the Perfect summer pin up boy of the far future!

Baralust has a way with big burly muscles and wonderful smiles that makes his art so invigorating. The characters are tough looking guys, however the charming facings bestowed upon them give you no doubts that they would be very approachable. A little bit of Baralusts own personality and heart gets into each of his boys, no doubt. :)

My Reaction:

Thank you so much Bara! This Carlos is a beautiful buff Beach stud. It has been over a month since I commissioned any art of him and you got my desire to come up with more ideas for him really turned on high! XD Love his lips man. That smile makes me steamy. It's so hot here and this guy gave me heat stroke when I opened him up this afternoon! LOL. Love his big muscles with the shine on them. He is perfect! The sun beams and the ocean in the background are a perfect touch to his mouth watering pin up masterpiece.
Don't worry about the time it took. You had the lines done long ago and had many things going on in life, it's cool. I enjoyed waiting for this one. :)

Let's go back to the Capcom theme! I commissioned the awesome Karulox to do Sean for Ink-b when he was little down a couple weeks ago. Karulox lost his internet at home, but he second he found an outlet he was online sending me this breathtaking Sean from Street Fighter 3. He has gave him the most devious smile ever. He is so sure of himself as he twirls that basketball and pushes around the thickest foreskin ever to be attached to his cock! XD

Ken: "Sean, I bet you can't twirl that on your slippery cock head."
Sean: "It's not leaking precum yet, it's just moist."
Ken leaning down and opening his mouth: "It will be in one second baby."

Karulox got a lot of nice thank yous for this one. Two people AtistG and Ph1llyboy in particular were very kind in giving props to him. I have to agree there is just not enough Sean out there period. He is one of Capcoms sexiest black men, a charming and playful personality. He could use some more fleshing out. (Dang did Karulox give him enough flesh. :P)
Maybe I should come up with some Ken X Sean ideas? :) I hope Karulox gets his net up again soon, I am addicted to his style and he is a very sweet guy to talk to as well. :)

My Reaction on YG, was short cause I wanted him to see it before he lost his connection again:

Thanks so much Karulox-chan. This Sean is really smexy! This face is just bursting with joy huh? Nice smile!!! hee hee, this is perfectly what I wanted. Gotta love that thick foreskin. Very nice arms too. Can I join him on that bean bag chair?
Very charming. :kiss::heart:

Guess what I got in the mail? My set of Class Heroes Collector Cards! They are really cool additions to any Class Comics aficionados collection. They are printed on nice quality paper and contain the artwork of various Class Comics artists. What is cool is that each one has some back story and even some information not revealed anywhere else. There's a lot of interesting stuff about Spot here for one thing! At $4.50 a deck of 15 detailed cards, they are well worth the purchase.

Link to Class Comics Collectors Cards

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ink-B Presents Jungle Secret!

I commissioned my old buddy Ink-B once again and this time we went for a Disney Theme. The title of this one has a double meaning. I asked him to do Tarzan and pair him with 1 of a list of characters. So the end result was to be a big surprise. So who did Ink pair with the King of the Jungle? Take a look at the heart stopping results below!!

Tarzan is not happy that you are peeping on him and Shang!

Holly crap on crap...this is just too amazing!!! I do not think I have ever seen Ink ever take an image to this level of detail before. It is an instant classic. The image looks like it feel right out of book that has been long forgotten. The wrinkles in the paper and imperfections in the print really age it perfectly. The jungle forest is done in such a way that it beckons you back to jungle art you would see in the early 20th century. Loving that palm tree and sky. Classic much? I think so!

Ink got both guys spot on. Total perfection. There is nothing more to say. Tarzans face is too priceless! His pose is lose and easy, that body could spring in any direction at any time. And Shang, is really built...sweet.
Thank you so much Master Ink-B!

Ink also did another fun sketch for the blog! This time it's his beloved Bash from Final Fantasy. He is standing ready, all innocent and inhibited about standing in the open all naked. I think the condom is really cute and adds a nice message to the image. In the world of Final Fantasy you should play it safe! XD Nice green emerald eyes Ink! Bash just glows off the page. His hand is ready to push your head into place!

Keeping cool this July with FallenAngel and Lay.

Woof it is still boiling over here. It was so nice yesterday then boom at 3 pm it got dark as night and hailed...just crazy. I went out and got me a Bionic Commando figure *Apu voice* on sale for $9.99! Just awesome. I might take some pictures of him like Devilman and Leon do with theirs. XD Don't expect a review for it though.

Well to beat the Canadian heat, here are some cool calming pictures. First off something I got a couple weeks ago. FallenAngel drew Rikuo for the third time for me. This time we paired him with Mako from Tigersharks. Loving all the details of that background, the old ship mast and rocks jetting out of the ocean are cool. Nice barrel in the water of this cool coastal hideaway for the boys to hide in. I love Fallens Rikuos so he was a natural choice to ask for this paring. Gotta love the dark black leathery skin he gave the cock of his anime style Mako. Nice upper bodies. Ha ha ha, Rikuo is reaching to pull on that uncut cock just as it sprays all over his face. Not that he minds indicated by that heart. Fallens Mako is super cute! He's sweating, but it's not cause of the suns rays! XD

Next we go from the hot ocean, to the cold Artic of Canada and join FallenAngels Ice Climbers. This time instead of making them twins, Fallen asked me if I wanted to see Nana a bit more thin and effeminate. I had to think about this for a second and then said sure! I sketched out a pose and he went to work. He even added the polar bear! Popo is very strong looking all stern and gruff. ^0^ Nana is just so sensual riding that mallet! Cute curvy back! And of course Fallen had to add the majestic Ice Climber Mountain to complete this lovely tribute to a video game classic. This is the first time I asked Fallen to do a Muzzle. What do you guys think of it? I like it a lot. There is also a Muzzle free version.

Now lets return to the beach, where Tonia and Rex are getting into mischief in the changing room showers!

The steam is not from the hot water...

This amazing picture was done as a request by the artist Lay. I wanted to present it here first. Its super sensual. I think I requested a from the behind pose, but he wanted to know what I thought of this. I thought I was gonna lose it! XD Tonia is a dream come true here. He is just way too hot with a huge thick dick that's hard as a rock. Love his brown balls!!! HA, a touch rarely seen! This Tonia is no mere twink. He's got a solid build and strong face. His face and hair has an air of the great fighting game characters to it.
Rex is so smooth looking, especially that and tail. Nice addition of his grey facial and body hair. He has an ass and legs worthy of long term ogling!

He captured the two of them perfectly in his style. I laughed at how Tonia is desperate to keep his balance! He is using his tail as a third leg and Rex pounds him relentlessly into the wall. Awesome job Lay! You rule!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Maduinshorns Breath taking Strider and Urbanmusiqs tribute to FallenAngels Seal Manga

It is hot here in Canada, let me tell you guys...So hot that I refused to sit at my PC and do any work for the last couple of days. My room, even with a fan is like a furnace. So I have been slow with the blog posts. I got three treats for you guys tonight. Really big stuff! They're only relation to each other is how awesome they all are! LOL.
Okay so you all know by now I have a huge crush on Strider. I had to ask Maduinshorn if he could draw Strider and Space Cadet for me. I wanted him to picture Cadet laying at Striders feet enjoying an overwhelming view and fuck did he deliver the goods, or what? This is one of the most breathtaking images I have ever gotten.
Maduinshorns instant Classic Cadet at the hoofs of the beast!

For once size Matters!
Cadet is about to plotz..Even for a black guy, that's gotta be too much cock to handle! LOL. Marios version of Strider is a perfect vision of power and grace. From his chiseled hairy chest, proud handsome profile, to his tail whipping in the wind, he is a dream come true. That cock is the most legendary he has every constructed. And yeah..I made him go bigger and push Byron back further from the sketch to the line art. XD His Cadet is a mass of beautiful muscles, that as strong as he is, looks paralyzed in the presence of such a fucking wonderful dick. He gonna enjoy some Clydesdale man cream in a few minuets. Sorry to swear so much in this review, but this image gets my blood pumping like mad. XD
This is the first horse that Maduinshorn ever drew and he is wicked. He shaded and outlined every muscle of the animal perfectly. Love the shading especially around the hair around his hoofs. The size difference in this image I am sure will be talked for years to come. XD The background is way more then I ask for. The rising stone spires reaching for Marios warm summer sunset, complements the spectacle in the foreground perfectly. The look so comfy in their little hideaway don't they? ^_^

For more Strider and Space Cadet, check out Space Cadet #1!
Space Cadet #1 Erotic Gay Comic.

Recently FallenAngel did a H Manga called Unseal for Love. It's the cute story of a young man named Yuto who is asked by the Village Elder to take care of a young Woman who lives in a sacred sanctuary. As he gets to know her, his passion starts to flare. Will be be able to contain his lust? And just why his she confined to this place? If you want to find out more, check out FallenAngels gallery on Hentai Foundry:

In Celebration of such a wonderful story, Urbanmusiq did some super sweet fan art for Fallen! He depicted Yuto and Yuko in the middle of passionate standing thrusts! XD I really liked this image a lot and asked if I could post it here to help promote Fallens comic and share with the world this hot art!

Urban applied his style to these two, making Yuto a fine strong chinned young man and Yuko a regal beauty. She has the look of a classic seductress. It was great to see these two in colour. I really love Yutos dark complexion and Yukos morrigan like green hair. XD Urban is as awesome at woman as he is at guys. I hope you all enjoy this special image and will take a look at Fallens ever so hot story!

I will end this evening with an image I should have got up here a couple weeks ago. Ulysses once again came to my aid to create something special. This time, we didn't go for a porn piece. I wanted to see if he could create an image of the Prince of Persia in his teenage years. He informed he did three renders before he came up with the basic design for this wonderful image. From there we talked about costume details and before I knew it, he was done! He gave the Prince a beautiful baby face and strong young frame. He pictured him around 15, just old enough to grow in some facial hair, but with the visage of boy still reaching for adulthood.
Uly the sensual genius that he is pictured him high above the world, looking out into the unending landscape. A cheerful grin gracing his face. This is a sight he will encounter time and again as in adult, just not in as calm and relaxing circumstances as depicted by Uly. Thanks man!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Big Buff Joey by Ephorox, Cimsonblood and Inmomakuro

Hey guys, I gotta something really mind blowing last night. This is a big beautiful gift from three amazing artists. Ephorox drew up Joey as a birthday surprise for me a few weeks ago. Since then both Crimsonblood and Inmomakuro have been coloring it. The result is mind blowing! Have a look!

This Joey is built to the hilt. He has such a nice strong chinned face with eyes that glow like emeralds. I like how massive his arms are and how small the toros gets. That's cute! Ephorox really knows his muscle masses! He could crush nuts between each rising and falling bicep. It's really sweet how his chest is so tight and inwardly flexed. How his nipples are so big and long too. That's hot. XD Kinda Tom of Finland style. =^)
Crimmy and Inmonakuro, really brought out the best of Ephoroxs gigantic body. Coloring and shading to perfection. The shine on his perfect balls is just classic for one thing. Little beads of white light..cute, those are some clean tight spheres. XD His big vieny cock looks really stretched to the limit. He is really turned on and it's bursting so nicely as he applies great force to his final stroke. Even with a glove on he is putting some major strain on it. (Hey those are some massive arms, I can imagine how dangerously hard he can pull back on that foreskin with out them. ^o^)

I think my favorite thing is Joeys big well built legs, especially his calves. These are legs built for jumping and worked out till perfection. Ephorox Joey looks like he could easily clear a three story building. Hee hee.

I can really see all three work their magic here, each artists efforts stands out.
I will for sure have to commission some more Ephorox Joey one day!
Thank you so much guys. I am very humbled by this wonderful addition to my collection. You guys rock!

Don't forget to check out Crimson and Ephorox's blog, as well as Inmomakuros page on Y!Gallery.

Oh just to remind everyone Ephorox's birthday is Saturday the 10th of July, don't forget to wish him well!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

FallenAngels Presents the first Egypt Story Comic, NILE BATH!

Instead of introducing the story and characters as I had them planned out, I wanted to do a trial run of sorts. I had fished the comic idea around a bit. This comics script is where the wonderful image of Cleo and Pyis by Urbanmusiq spawned from.

I presented the full comic to FallenAngel in script form. He liked it. Which made me really happy since he has been so crucial to creating these characters. I really trust this guy! So I took the comic and story boarded it as simply as I could. Just giving a layout of the characters and their interactions. I originally drew up three pages, but somehow Fallen was able to condense it into 2 pages. (Being the manga veteran that he is.)

This is just a simple one shot where the Fatep has taken a journey and insists everyone in her caravan takes a bath before moving on, or settling down for the evening.
Fallen dumped all his creative talents and charm into this! I hope you guys will enjoy this short comic we came up with.

Fallens comic style fits perfectly into the world these characters live in.
Fallen did this up in a couple days time. From his initial sketches he got every thing perfect. He added a lot of humor and gave the Ibis even more personality then I thought about giving him, adding in jokes for him and a giving him a constant tired expression. The eyeball wake up panel is very impressive. I just had the image of his eyes opening seeing Fatep, the curved view is much nicer! He even created some extra characters for the first panel. The camel is just lovely. ;)
Hee hee Cleo is even more gay here then before. There's something about that mustache! XD Just love the expressions he gave everyone. So much classic personality here. The final panel is my favorite. Pyis looks so Game and Watch. And Cleo is too funny. I have to say he captured Fatep and her mannerisms perfectly. Love how dark he made her in relation to the other characters. I know one thing for sure, this will not be the last comic concoct together! :)

From the script story changed slightly. There was to be a longer drawn out fantasy love scene, right after Pyis exposes his butt.
We decided to drop this, to keep the comic more light hearted. The image you saw of Pyis and Cleo that Urban drew would have occurred in Pyis mind right before Cleo wakes up on the second page, or can also neatly fit in before the first fantasy frame on page one.

Well that's all for now! I think this comic more then speaks for itself! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Urbanmusiq is an 80's baby.. XD

Gosh now that I am in my 30's I guess I should be feeling my age. I do miss the 80's. Things have changed so much since those simple days. Thanks to video game companies many of my favorite playmates as a child are still alive and well. Since Mario has been everywhere since before Christmas I have been considering ordering up some fan art of him. Urbanmusiq was itching to do this for some time. (No doubt Ink-B's Mario had some influence.) So I suggested doing the original Nintendo crew of heroes, in a specific pose and let Uranmusiq get to work...that was yesterday!!! XD This kid shoots out fantastic art faster then Namco produced Pac-Man Machines!

With a nostalgic tear running down my cheek, I humbly present Urbanmusiqs Donkey Kong age Mairo and friends:

Mario has never looked so heart warming and sexy. The boy glows off the page and right into the center of your heart. This is how Mario should have looked in his prime. A cute muscular young man, able jump over barrels and climb hundreds of meters high into the sky after his beloved Pauline. ^o^ What a charmer he is, he has a total early 80's pinup feel to him.

Mario is a very sacred character to me. He is attached to so many childhood memories and I am not too found of the Mario porn we see all over the net. There are very few people I would entrust with making Mario sexy and Urbanmusiq is at the top of that list. Urban captured a side of Mario that is so young and virile. Oh how I dig those shoulders, they look like they could break into a Micheal Jackson dance routine any second. Pauline would so faint if he did! Mmmmm MMMMMMMMMMMMM how hot is it that neck line of his shirt, so low revealing the top of his perfect chest? I just love that handsome face covered in blush and completed with a big strong chin! XD Hee hee. I got the Donkey Kong board game when I was really small. Urbans Mario with his detailed coloring and milky skin actually reminds me a lot of the playing pieces and box art. The game art was very detailed and well shaded. I still own a copy of it. A Mario for the ages. We went all out and went with the tradition black hammer instead of the brown mallet used in later art works.

Pauline is very succulent beauty! Her expression filled cartoony eyes are such a wonderful bright blue that they light up the picture. ;) He gave her some nice bouncy barrels! XD hee hee. She's a curvy sexy match for Urbanmusiqs Mario. He did the video game worlds first D.I.D. justice. (That's damsel in distress.) Seeing her here, elegantly poised, makes me long for her to become more a part of the series once again.

And of course I had to request my favorite Nintendo character as a young kid here as well. The often neglected, eternally cute Donkey Kong Junior. Urban got him as perfectly adorable as any official art. He's so chubby and cuddly! I read somewhere that there was a manga featuring Pauline and Donkey Kong Jr working in a circus. I always kinda felt the two of them would have a bond and maybe even a long time friendship. I can see Pauline taking care of Jr like the mother he never had.

The first sketch was already making me squeal! My heart started to race when I looked at it. Thanks Leon!!! You made this a Canada day to remember!!!!!!

The First Nintendo Game I Ever Owned.

Urbanmusiq Really got me in an 80's mood. Strangely enough I heard this song for the first time today while driving to work. :O

Here is something I wrote regarding my feelings of Donkey Kong Jr the NES game when I was in college. ;) LOL I should have fixed it up. I submitted to a web site years later when JR was going to come out on the Gameboy E-Card Reader. I don't expect you guys to read this. XD

How do you rate a classic game? How does anyone really inside, or outside the industry , come up with a rating for a game character that has touched the lives of so many children and adults over more then two decades? . So in order to do a proper review, let me share with you, my tale....

Donkey Kong Jr introduced me to the world of Nintendo. Oh I knew of Donkey Kong, but doubt I had played it before that Christmas of 83, or was it 84? Ah, never mind. The game was Donkey Kong II Game and Watch. My sister of 17 gave it to me. She had saved for weeks. I was never so delighted in my life. To an outsider it was two simple screens. In the mind of a child, it was an entire clock work world, living, breathing, beautiful to behold and easy to be engrossed in. The box art filled my fantasy's with images of floating platforms up high in the sky. A place where Nitpickers swooped and Snap Jaws looked hungrily for their next meal. It was from then on that JR was right up there with Pac-Man as one of my all time favorites. But good things are often lost with time. It may have only been a little over a year, before JR vanished in his Game and Watch form from me for sometime.

JR's games, unless one had a computer, were indeed hard to come by in any decent shape. (My parents were not to happy with me hanging in arcades and I do believe I only once got a chance play DK JR in an actual arcade.) Luckily friends of mine did have computers. The first true home arcade conversion I played was actually not on a disk, or cart, but on a tape! It was great, but I really only got to play it a couple times and so I longed for a copy of my own.

It wasn't until the advent of Nintendo that I was able to get my hands on a copy. It came about when my complete deck malfunctioned and had to replace it. Ah, I remember it well; I had the choice of the same deck, or the one with Super Mario Bros and one other game. And I have to admit (even when I saw the equally popular Popeye cart on the same shelf,) it wasn't a tough choice. All that was needed for me, was to see JR's plucky face as he reached for a fruit on the box's cover.

Donkey Kong JR takes the 'King Kong theme' of Donkey Kong to the same levels the film 's squeal did. This is the story of poor misunderstood youngster who only wants to do good. Unfortunately human forces (i.e. Mario) belay him that right. Also in keeping with the traditions of the movie, the settings have changed from the big city climax, to the dense jungle. (Was Mario only trying to return DK to his home? We may never know.) In the movie Dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts are used. In the game Mario gains the help of Snap Jaws, T-Rex, or Alligator like living bear traps with the ability to climb and an appetite for young monkeys. (These creatures, I assume later became the model for Kremlings in the 'Country' games on Super Nintendo.) These like the later Koopa Troopas came in two color types that dictated their personality. The red, like the red Troopas travel calmly back, forth, up and down vines and platforms in constant search of Donkey Kong JR. The Blue being the more suicidal of the two, had no problem going in one set direction, even if it meant falling from a vine to capture a meal below. Mario seemed to keep an endless supply of these, where reds could, at first be taken out of the level for good with a well dropped fruit.

Instead of pterodactyls we find two different kinds of Nitpickers. Big nasty Crow like fat ones guard DK's main cage along with many Snap Jaws. The second variety are thin egg laying chicken like ones who hinder JR in his most vertically challenged stage. The egg dropping ability was pretty much a first in games and is another ability that was carried on by a famous Super Mario enemy, Lakitu. Another character who would later appear in many games was also introduced here, the common platform circling spark.

The game play is very different from Donkey Kong, but it should be expected since the characters of Mario and JR and so drastically different. And from this game spawned many elements that were later used in the Super Mario bros series of games. Introduced was the ability to climb vines, jump on spring boards and throw projectiles (albeit only vertically down in this game.) The now common floating Island/Tree platforms were also first seen here. These became a staple of many side scrollers even to this day. The final first, my be the less obvious, but Keys were first used here, in the world of Nintendo anyway.

In JR the player had to learn to watch the enemy characters and learn when the best time to attack was. Like who to leave alone and when and when not to jump into the action. JR took the game play in Donkey Kong to the next level. You could choose the speed JR climbed and descended down a vine. For the early 80's this was a very big deal. Even in today's games alternate means of transport along harsh terrain are always welcome. Interestingly enough Snap Jaws are also effect by this. This keeps the game play fair and adds an element or physics to the game.

As the game went on the enemies got faster, smarter and more plentiful. After awhile the Red Snap Jaws, which you though you could get rid of for good would come back in full force from Mario's stash. And once back the player might find themselves dealing with enemies in places they had never, nor would not want to.

Music in the game is extremely catchy, just as it was in Donkey Kong. From the classical music intro, to the 'panic' like music during the games climax stage, it's all catchy and fits very well.

Like so many of the early Arcade games finishing the story didn't have to be your only objective, it was seeing how many neat things would happen as you passed each loop too! Alas like so many of Nintendo's first games to hit the system, cart memory space was indeed limited. Gone were the cut scenes, the two Mario's (Luigi?) hauling away DK and the introduction to the story. Gone was the chase scene where JR clung to a magic Umbrella as he followed Mario to his hideout. And gone was DK kicking Mario away in the ending, when the one in red and blue just won't give up. I always wondered why in 1987, they didn't upgrade the American versions. I guess video game companies have always been a little lazy, eh?

No matter. The game, graphics and sounds were otherwise of Arcade quality and if you didn't know what was missing, you never would have thought any less of the game anyway. This year JR's NES conversion will once again grace the video game screen in yet another medium. I don't find it surprising at all the he was one of the first chosen to have his NES game converted to the GBA via game cards.

JR is too me as much a favorite Nintendo game as Mario 3, or any of the like. He introduced me to world that has grown much larger and more and more interesting over the long years. His sweet innocent presence in this game and all the ones there after has always filled me joy. Nintendo, thank you for the memories and never forget, it all started with an Ape and a Plumber....

Ice Cream Trucks here in Toronto used the Donkey Kong II box art for their logo!

Another favorite game of mine was Donkey Kong Hockey. I still own a version of this and Punch Out! :)

My Donkey Kong JR Table Top I got off of a local seller back in 2001.

I don't have this box...... :(

See you guys next time!


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