Friday, July 30, 2010

300 Meet Icarus Thanks to MiOworks and Urbanmusiq!

Guilty pleasure time...this image is so fun! You know for all the people calling 300 gay porn, there is just not enough of it out there is there? Well, the other day I asked Master MiOworks to take on not only King Leonidas, but Nintendo's Kid Pit Icarus as well. And because I love to send his art out to other artists to have fun with, I humbly requested the prime minister of Australian gay porn Urbanmusiq to apply his rainbow to this master work! (Can you tell I am in a good mood?) This is cause something so amazing came in my mail box yesterday and today I was greeted by something long lost from my past. It's a week of ups and downs for me to be honest. As always the art keeps me up! And Icarus should have flown up before Leonidas snagged him!!!

HA HA HA, You better fly in close Icarus, or you are gonna get circumcised! Holly Crap this is hot! I wish that Leonidas was doll to purchase!

I cannot get over how big and cuddly the King of Sparta is as done by MiOworks. Even Urbanmusiq kept saying this! His chest looks like the most inviting thing in ancient Greece! His whole body is a tribute to beefcakes. Wow, MiO you gotta promise to do more of him some day. I forget how much I love this character till I see all you guys draw him with such vigor.
Urban gave him the most perfect tan ever. I just want to run my fingers up and down those pecks! MiO gave him the biggest thickest cock he could and dang is it fitting for this king! Urban must have thought much of these guys cause he made them glow and shine! (Check out that outline, wicked!) I really like Icarus's outline. XD Icarus is nice and big. No girly boys here! This is the game end Pit. MiO got all his costume details down perfectly and kept his design in tune with the Smash Bros redesign, but gave him an order of MiOWORKS Supreme buffness! LOL. Nice job boys on the pull of Pit's cock shield. (Foreskin) love the out line of his head beneath the tight skin and how much extra skin there is as Leonidas pulls. Very sexy! (Wipes lips.) Very cute spiky wings too, with lots of shading. I think my favorite part of Urbans coloring was how he did that crazy cute shine in the hair of Leonidas. It gives him a sort of godly glow and exemplifies how joyful he is.
The sunrise in the background gives the image a feel of summer where two men can spend some time alone before having to worry about being caught. ^_^
These two are an unstoppable team!
Hope you guys enjoy this blog exclusive!!!

Hey speaking of amazing coloring jobs of the works of super kind artists, now is the best time to spring this on you peoples! Aneros the good hearted guy that he is, snagged Patrick Fillions Joey and colored him up really nice! He gave him nice brown skin and a glowing blue ascot. Amazing stuff guys. Aneros is a master colorist and it shows. He really brought out the size of Joeys huge balls and magnificent leg muscles with his amazing shading and lighting effects. Mr. Fillion was very impressed with his hard work as was I. :)

Thank you Aneros! You rock so much! ;)

Speaking of Heroes, I got two Chibis to boot! I want to finally share these. The first one is from September! LOL. Yeah talk about a late posting huh? This is Demonas Sectaur Prince as cute as bug Warrior is EVER going to get!! I think she is making this into a magnet for me. My friends will get a good laugh at this. (And probably beg to take him home.)

Told you he was cute!
But these two coming up next are just so adorable that they can give you cavities on site! Chibi He-Man and Conan! Yes! Finally a Chibi Conan!!!! Woo hoo!!! Here they are, two Heroes fighting over a hero sandwich. Yeah we are silly!

I love this cause Demona made them cute, but didn't skimp on the sexy. She did this live for a group of us to watch. We got to pick weapons and their placement, shoe design, (Thanks to Lastmanouhthere an expert on these things)and many other aspects. It was a real treat and the results are funny. They warrant a sequel I think. ^_^ Thanks Demona! You know I will be back for more cuties very soon! hee hee.

Anyway today something happened that was pretty heartfelt for me. I got a huge package in the mail. In it was a lot of my late brothers things. Including a board game called the Dark Tower. It's missing a few pieces here and there, but I am sure I can get them on E-bay. As well inside were assorted comics of Bloom County, Groo and Conan. Maybe all that is left out of his once vast collection. It was pretty touching to find this at my door step. I didn't ask for it. But man, the memories it brought back. Late nights with my siblings, my in-laws and my friends playing it. Sometimes in low light, or even in the basement to make it seen really creepy and cool. We played that game so much when I was around 10-14. I miss my big bro a lot. We didn't always get along, but when we did, we had amazing times together. When I was kid he was my hero. Having this handed to me, I swear it almost felt like a visit from him and I swear can I smell his aftershave on the box...sigh. Cherish your family members my friends.

More great stuff to come. Peace.


  1. I'm glad you liked it! ^^ And Urbanmusiq did an awesome job with the colours!
    Tahnk you! ^^

  2. Nice combo for Mio and Urban :D it rocks and hot!

    Aneros color for Joey is sexy :D

    and Demona's chibis are soo cute, I'll have the sandwich! LOL*




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