Monday, July 12, 2010

Ink-B Presents Jungle Secret!

I commissioned my old buddy Ink-B once again and this time we went for a Disney Theme. The title of this one has a double meaning. I asked him to do Tarzan and pair him with 1 of a list of characters. So the end result was to be a big surprise. So who did Ink pair with the King of the Jungle? Take a look at the heart stopping results below!!

Tarzan is not happy that you are peeping on him and Shang!

Holly crap on crap...this is just too amazing!!! I do not think I have ever seen Ink ever take an image to this level of detail before. It is an instant classic. The image looks like it feel right out of book that has been long forgotten. The wrinkles in the paper and imperfections in the print really age it perfectly. The jungle forest is done in such a way that it beckons you back to jungle art you would see in the early 20th century. Loving that palm tree and sky. Classic much? I think so!

Ink got both guys spot on. Total perfection. There is nothing more to say. Tarzans face is too priceless! His pose is lose and easy, that body could spring in any direction at any time. And Shang, is really built...sweet.
Thank you so much Master Ink-B!

Ink also did another fun sketch for the blog! This time it's his beloved Bash from Final Fantasy. He is standing ready, all innocent and inhibited about standing in the open all naked. I think the condom is really cute and adds a nice message to the image. In the world of Final Fantasy you should play it safe! XD Nice green emerald eyes Ink! Bash just glows off the page. His hand is ready to push your head into place!


  1. Ink-B you rock!!!! - FallenAngel

  2. Ha, we definitely don't get enough Chang gay art ! Ink's version is pretty awesome !

  3. Totally LOVE his stuff!! That Tarzan pic must be HOTTEST one i've seen in a while!! It's funny cute and damn HOT!!! <3<3<3



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