Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Crazy guy and a Great artist, Cruxixion at the Y!Gallery bites the dust

Ah this week I got another bummer coming my way thanks to Y!Gallery. The artist Cruxixion took down all his art. Which means of course all the wonderful comments and praise I was too stupid to take screen shots of is now gone. The funniest thing is, I was going to do so a couple weeks ago and didn't bother for some reason. Well here is my advice folks, you want to preserve some online history do you all you can to save it as fast as possible. Sadly there are people on Y!Gallery that are anything BUT stable. Things happen in their lives and some are just well..crazy. (Some joyfully admit to this.) This isn't the first time I have seen this go down. It's a painful thing to have happen to you. I can't say I didn't see this coming. Crux had mentioned to me many times wanting to give up art.
Normally I would spend a long time going over each piece. I would look up all the comments in my e-mails, etc, but this time excuse me if I have no energy to do so. I'm lazy by nature. Fishing out year old e-mails isn't ever going to be very appealing, especially not when this happens. I am not ungrateful, but I am, even days later fairly depressed about the whole thing.

Anyway I meet Cruxixion back in I think last May. I commissioned him to do one image of Zahn meeting Rikuo. The guy was great, he was funny and really into the art. His e-mails were legendary. He was full of jokes and sayings. You won't find anyone like him on Y!Gallery even now. All his images are full you vibrant characters and great animations. He has a way with cocks and foreskins that is wild. I think my commissions are his best work. He really tried to give me something memorable and he did. There are so many details in each one. Check out the swirls on the boys, a nod to his favorite Disney Movie Hercules. ^_^

He also did lighting effects like no bodies business. The bubble in the image below is so beautiful, it's often said to be one of my best early commissions and it set Y!gallery on fire the day it was posted. I got some great art from him and here are the three I never posted. They actually started out as one image. He sent me two sketches and I asked him to complete both. Oldy, for better, or worse, he kept changing things and two turned into three and three into four. People said he was milking me, but I don't
think that was the case. I never got that impression. He was very into the art. When he completely altered the second image for a SECOND time I questioned him on this. (I never said I didn't like it, I actually loved it.) This is where he fell a bit off the deep end and went into a place sanity had never visited. It was one of my first early issues I had to deal with. It was all pretty shocking. Especially since at the time, I didn't say the image was bad. I am normally afraid to questions some artists, but with him I didn't feel any fear. I learned that this was a bad decision. Maybe he just had too much going on in his life, or maybe it was something else..but what ever snapped, did so pretty quickly. I realized much later this was an indication that he was probably not an artist to continue a long time relationship with. I sent his bizarre reply to Demona and another artists, as well as the colorist Busiris to see if I was not understanding it. All three just shook their heads. Anyway, I wasn't rude to the guy, hell I did my best to win back any respect he might have lost for me and okayed even the new image. Hell it is hot. It fell on deaf ears for days until I changed my tone. Then the responses came in. We worked through his issues, but I am left with one unfinished line art. I would not pay to have it completed though, sorry guys. When people often ask me why I am afraid to ask for changes I can honestly say a lot of that stemmed from this experience. I learned a lot from all this and hopefully it has made me a better person to draw for as well.

Anyway after this he completed that commission and started on some others. He acted a bit strange though for a bit, but overall was still cool. The next two commissions went very well. And we pretty much left on good terms. I say pretty much because he developed that famous hobby of not replying to certain messages and PMs. Anyone else have this issue with people online? I mean, what's up with that? Why don't some people have the manners God gave a jackass?

I should not get too personal, but he did ask for some help in his life, which I did do. I didn't mind though. It was my pleasure to help as he was a nice guy. I felt bad for him. If his story was true, I know what it is like to feel so trapped and with out hope. Yes I did my best to befriend him. Another piece of the puzzle as to why his sudden departure was so hurtful. My timing on this was bit of a mistake. I gave it to him before fixing something on the final image. He promptly took the money and vanished. He left some alterations on the Dig Dug image undone, very minor things, that I later did with ease is Sai anyway. Thankfully it was a very humble sum. I have not heard, or seen him since.

He posted one image on Y!Gallery after this, fav'd nothing and responded to no one on the site. This month he took all his stuff as I said off. I am not going to type a long blog rewriting praise, but I will at least try. I love the art and my praises were up for over a year. I am sure most of you saw it anyway. I feel bad cause this is not my regular style. But hell most people don't even comment on their commissions anyway. I have nothing against the guy, but I do wish he had manners enough to warn people before doing this. Due to these actions, I would find it hard to recommend him to people seeking commissions. He worked hard and fast for me, but his state of mind has changed and I can't say he is the same person I commissioned when we started.

So here are the images and a brief back story. Meh, still better then my dealings with Gojira...What you people want me to tell that tale? It's not worth it really.
Bye Cruxixion good luck in your career you mentioned so often to me. I hope you find happiness there, art was not doing it for you, I know.

There's a story to this set of images. Just a little something. In order to locate more clues to the strange goings on in Varda, Zahn and Johan must travel below the surface of the ocean. They come across Rikou and by the tasting of his cum Zahn transforms for one full day into a Merman. Rikuo only bestows this honor to one person at a time. He is impressed and smitten with Johan as well and offers him his 'Water Jail' so that he may travel along side Zahn in total comfort! MayMay being a cat is waiting on the boat! LOL.

Here the men enjoy sex under the waves. Rikuos cum is swirling around and soon Zahn will consume it with interesting effects. I love the beams of sunlight breaking the surface. The way Zahns hair is styled here, over his head so thick and wet is wonderful. Rikuo looks so sad here, it's really touching. I hope Jonah took a deep breath!

Zahn consumes the mermans cum and starts to transform. I have a neat version of this with Zahn sexy blue eyes showing. As you can see Crux never really drew the three guys the same. He always kept it interesting. Love the fins on Rikuos arms. The style might make the image look a bit off I guess, but the grainy look ads some personality to it. Rikuos face fins are wonderfully exaggerated and long here. :) In this version Crux gave the foreskins a bit of pink. Another thing to differentiate the images. He liked doing foreskins as he is cut. :P

This is the first image that was done, though it's the last in the series of events. It's description is above. The crowning jewel of the collection. The line art is out of this world. Jonas cock is legend and Rikuos face one of the cutest I have come across.

Well that's about all I have to say. The guy is not interested in art anymore. I kept his stuff and would share it if anyone wants to see what he did. These images on this site are the best out of his gallery to be honest and not to be rude. He really did a great job. He will be missed I guess. (No one commented on his page since last year.)


  1. Dude, don't feel burned. I admit I didn't really know the person but from what you've said it doesn't sound like his flaking had to do with being a bad person.

    You have to recall that you're dealing with the gay community when it comes to this art and there is no telling when what would be unstable for a normal person will be catastrophic for a gay person.

    And then factor in that you're dealing with an ARTIST type personality? Catastrophic evolves into Apocalyptic (whose that pokemon?). But for a time you were a kind of influence on his life. Whatever is happening to him don't feel too bad.

    You don't have the whole story so all you can do is nod and walk on.

  2. Actually Jubell, I do have a long full story to tell, I am just not going to tell it here. I got to find out a lot of stuff I didn't need to know from him, over the months I worked with him. He was nice, but very troubled.

  3. I dunno. I mean I've heard some of your stories and the guy really does seem a bit... teetering over the edge. I mean, maybe even a little dramatic. I hate saying that because it can be taken very harshly, but really? Taking down all your stuff and GTFO'ing? Again though, I don't wanna toss stones when I don't truly know what his issues were. I'm just looking at your side.
    It's sad yeah, because he did draw some pretty good stuff too. But he seemed to have some issues. A lot of people online seem to, but you can't help it, I guess we can only wish him the best. I'm sure you didn't get what you were looking for, but I, and probably he, hopes you enjoy what you managed to get out of it. :3 I kinda like the 2nd pic the most. Transformative gunk is fun. XD

  4. es muy artístico acuático y homo-erotico
    me gusto, muy trabajo de luz y sombra


  5. Is there a "stable" artist out there? =)



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