Sunday, September 5, 2010

Zahn 2 Mini Review!

The hardest Review for me to write this year is now in front of you. I took many shots at this during the week, but getting through the pages of Zahn 2, even a few without giving into the unbridled passions in brings forth with every sensuous page is a feat only the hardest of warriors dare try endeavor. Time and again I began to write only to lose control of myself. Winding up in a tired state, not unlike that which plagues Cauldron and Zahn within the first few pages of the story.
Yes folks that is just how amazingly hot Zahn part 2 is.

Zahn 2's cover alone is a gay Barbarian fans dream come true. Zahn placed deep in lush jungle will fulfill many a longing desire for a Burroughs-esque cover like this over the past decades! XD

In this book Fillion has taken Zahn to an even deeper level of sensuality. It is obvious that during the two year wait for this second edition, the man has gone over many a comic resource to give us the biggest, burliest, thickest warriors our hearts desire. Zahn 2 is a complete orgy. A hot torrid tale of constant man sex. Right from the start Fillion starts to meet the demands of his fans. Cauldron, Zahns newest ally, who we have been waiting to see in action since the end of '08 is given center stage. His beautifully formed ass and perfect balls already stirring my loins. And then for about a half dozen pages we are witness to one of the greatest displays of raw sex imaginable as Zahn and Cauldron, bewitched, indulge in unquenchable lust.
As mentioned Fillion has taken it up a notch, the boys are bigger and their cocks are huge thick pillars of manhood. Their foreskins sit pulled back and stretched tight, hard pressed against their shafts, almost unmovable as the cocks reach maximum girth at times. You have never seen anything like this.

Velcome to Castlevania!..ah if only Konami would take note that THIS is how a hero should approach an ominous castle! Though the terrors within fill me with more dread and curiosity then Drac and all his creatures combined.

Zhans cock enlarges like never before and his body is filled with insane lust. He will fuck his foreskin red with friction if not stopped.

From then the story introduces 4 new heroes. Once again the Class Man has his ear to the pulse of his people. We are given too good hearted Harpy Men to ogle. Something fans have been salivating for since the first previews gave hints of their existence. (See below) Lyrus and Selar are two sleek uncut brothers that are as noble as they are sexy. Uogo the burly heavy of the team, who was first spotted in Zahn 1, now joins the quest. No doubt the result of more fan love. (If you are reading this, that slightly bald guy in the tavern with his arms crossed deserves some exploration as well Mr. Fillion. XD LOL.) His soft hairy chest looks like the nicest place to rest ones head after a long rough session. He fits right into theme without a doubt, with his battle axe ready to take on all foes in glorious battle.

Rounding out the new cast is Meezok, a bright eyed kind hearted circumcised priest of Ajul. I for one was particularity happy to see these characters return. Being able to see one in the original Class style was well worth the cover price. I particularly like the size and shape of his cock. The thick pole tapers to a smaller point near the end of the shaft with a very large head affixed to it. I have seen this in one, or two characters in Fillions art books (Dark Chocolate and in an orgy in Satisfaction Guaranteed 4 I think), but this is this first I can recall it being on a main characters cock. It makes for one sexy member. :)

Old friends and new favorites line the pages of Zahn 2.

From there Fillion and crew takes us on a trip into the strange hot spring of Zijnayu for something of a tentacle rape scene. But Fillion is clever, he goes to places few dare here in both sensuality and story telling. Not everyone is a fan of such things, so he works the experience into something very important to the overall story. A smart and witty move. The creature is both bizarre and erotic at the same time. On a personal note Zijnayus star fish like hair reminds me of the little girl in the french Cartoon The Secret Railroad that was produced in Quebec, Fillions home in the 1970s. (I doubt the two have any connection.) XD

Zahn gives himself mind and body to the sticky armed seer.

Zahn two proceeds with two more sex scenes from this point. I won't give away too much, but yes Jonah does return. He appears with out his bandanna and now dons a hair style very similar to the captured 'cut' prince found in Strip Tease. It's a very fitting style. One thing I must say again is that all the characters seem to have gone through some really nice changes as noted, with Johans being probably the most apparent. The coloring by Golden Key makes the boys look more realistic then they ever had before.
Fillion is as always a master of cocks and foreskin. You will be awe struck as you note each little detail. I was particularly a fan of how the foreskin sits uneven, covering one side of Zahns crown, while flopping down lower, but not to the rim of the helmet on the other side on page 18. There are details like this everywhere, from foreskin lips protruding from the underside of a flaccid penis heads, to foreskins being pushed right over the top of heads with thick tips squished into mounds of flesh protruding high above. All this is mixed into images that look so inspired by the great art of Marvels Conan and many other sources. The final image on the last page feels like it fell right out of a Conan book. Unlike the tease images this is done the way fans have always dreamed, with a barbarians large cock in full view to delight and entice us for years to come. Each image has so much love put into it, you will most likely find yourself erupting to panels not even related to actual sex.

Tons of sex and action!

The above mentioned image, you have to see this blown up to fully appreciate it's beauty.

Do I have any problems with Zahn 2? Oh of course I do. Simply put, something like this no matter how much of it there is, will only leave you wanting more. With it's cliffhanger ending, fans will be tearing down the doors at Class Comics begging for a conclusion to arrive as quickly as possible.
Thankfully Zahn has had many adventures between book 1 and 2, so we can hold out hope that there will be just as many between this and part 3. The next chapter will no doubt be the most anticipated gay comic for however long it takes for it to arrive at our comic shops and door steps.


  1. These are some really great images you've posted here, DP. The cover in particular is amazing, and you hit the nail on the head when you compared it to a Burroughs-esque setting. Fillion's artwork looks very, very impressive indeed! On a site note, the composition of the first page of the comic (the one shot between Zahn's legs) reminds me of one of those Jusko images you emailed recently (though it was a lady's legs in that one).

  2. Nice review :) great details - FallenAngel

  3. Your site and THE PRINCE site are my favs. Dude, how does one get ain invite to RAINBOW BOYS?

    1. That's a good question. Looks like I need to look into that myself.

  4. it s a verry good photo you know when i will grown up i will be an acter in porno videos or i think i will draw hentaill bd like your great image



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