Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jounal of An Explorer Part 2

This is it, the second super hot entry from the Explorer! FallenAngel weaves one precum inducing tale...

Story By FallenAngel

April 04, 1930 Africa

After the discovery of the ruins, we made
camp within them. After investigating the
place revealed to be an old station of some sort.

Mabootu tells us that the ruin's markings
tell 'bout a tribe of mysterious "forest
people" and travelers were warned of.

So far some workers fell uneasy 'bout the
warning since the "forest people" have been
said to roam this area of the jungle.
Mabootu advised that they shouldn't leave
the camp with, or out without a companion.

Night came and as always, the professor was
busy trying to decipher the ancient writing.
The fire crackled as more wood was thrown in
to keep the workers warm.

A bit out of earshot and the fire light from,
Mabootu gasps and tires not to moan too loud,
as I ram my yearning hard cock into his waiting
ass. His back on the dry grass, his hands
holding up his leg up as I pound into his hole

I licked his cheek and kiss him deep as my hips
move me in deeper, plugging all my length into
him. When we broke the lock of our kiss, drool
dripped from our mouths, mixing with our sweat.

I continued to lick Mabootu's face as he moaned
lightly, his cock rubbing my abdomen as I fucked

I realized my thrust was so much deeper then
before. I quickly held him tightly, whispering
his name into his ears as I closed my mouth
and shivered. Mabootu's mouth fell wide open
as he let out an "ah.." He felt his ass begin to flood
with my hot cum, as I felt his own cum oozing and
staining my stomach. He came so much. I let it all
keep pouring out all over my stomach.

We both didn't move as we let the bliss go away.
When it faded, I gently pulled out of him. His
cock began to go limp, but his cum continued to
flow out.

We then sat, gazing at the night sky, the stars
glitters like jewels. Mabootu smiled as he told
me how it was almost like this night, that the
wild bond fire burned so bright and drums from
his village beat, the day of his coming of age.
When turning 18 the boys would gathered around
as their elder blessed them. Then they would run into
the forest to hide, as warriors, old and new would
chase them. Once they get caught, they must be
prepared to be fucked nonstop. If they manage
not to faint from pleasure, then they are
dubbed warriors.

I could feel Mabootu's voice cracked a bit as he
remembered his first sexual encounter. As he
ran and hid, he briefly saw a teen being caught
by a warrior. He watched as he striped off his
loin cloth and began ramming his cock into the
young stud. The kid moans, trying to get away,
but is unable. The cock ramming his ass has anchored
him to the warrior. He quietly hid in a small cave
he knew, he was sure no one knew about it, but
he was wrong. Once inside he soon discovered
someone was waiting for him!

A strong arm from the dark grabbed him from behind.
He tried to break free, but the man was much stronger
than him. He's loin cloth quickly thrown aside,
he continuedto struggle. The man's fingers
slipped inside him causing him to gasp and shiver.
He felt like all of his strength had been drained.
The fingers began rubbing and exploring inside him
and he continued to shiver and moaned. He felt his
cock begin to get hard from the pleasure.

When the fingers of the warrior reached in
deep, he could help but cum for the first time. He
shot out wave after wave of thick, fresh cum. He was
then gently put on the floor, the warrior not removing
his hold on him. Mabootu gasped as he felt the
mans cock begin slipping inside him. He drew in breath
as he felt his ass begin to expand. The man's cock was huge
and he feared it might tear him apart!

But the warrior paused and let his ass get used to it. A
s the young mans muscles settled, he began to push
more and more in, until he felt everything was inside him.
He could still fell his own first cum pouring out
as the warrior began to move.

Mabootu would moan every time the cock hit
him deep within his anus. The mans balls would
slap loudly on his skin as he fucked him fast and deep.
Mabootu couldn't understand the sensation he felt,
it was so good. He began to moan louder as he felt
the cock ramming deep inside him. Its driving him crazy!

Ramming it deeper in a few more times caused Mabootu
to cry out as he uncontrollably came once again. He stained
the ground with thick cum, his body quaking as he felt his
young ass being filled up felt it ooze out from it. But the man
continued to fuck him. He tried to stay awake as long as he
could as the mysterious man continued nonstop fucking
him in that cave.

I could see Mabootu's cock began to get hard again.
He shift his legs as he recalled more details of that night:
It was almost an hour, his ass was overflowing and
his balls almost felt empty, but he kept holding on
to consciousness, trying not to faint. During the last
fuck, the man pulled out and like a broken dam,
the cum that collected inside him, burst forth.
It poured out of him as he moaned.

The man congratulated him and from his voice Mabootu
paused in surprise. It was his father! His dad knew the
cave would be his hiding spot since he was the one
who showed him this place. His father smiled
as Mabootu blushed. He couldn't say anything.
All he could do was gaze upon that huge firm chest,
those strong muscular legs and that huge cock hanging
between the legs of the man he called father.

His father, whom he gave his virginity and now passed
as a warrior. The passion didn't end there. Every
night in their hut he and his father would engage
in sexual activity. He would suck his father,
drinking his thick cum, or allow him to fill his ass again.
His father was everything to him, until the day he had to
let him go. His father having gotten married to his 2nd wife.

I saw a bit sadness in Mabootu as I gently pulled
his head over my shoulder and comforted him. He smiled
as we stared at the night sky.



  1. Thanks again for posting this, hope to follow it up soon :) maybe its "her" appearance :D - FallenAngel

  2. :) nice




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