Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 1920s Museum Starts Construction.

Crescent Tops is freed from the rocks, much like the stories you hear about frogs and pterosaurs being freed alive back in the day.

It's been over a year since ZipOpen did the wonderful commission for me. I really did plan to do a blog about these characters every since, but just never got around to it. I think it's because of the sheer amount of volume I could dump into this post that made me hesitant.
Let's start with my reaction to the above brilliant piece:

Thanks so much for taking on my wild cast of characters! Three at once was very daring of you and they all came out so sexy! :widesmile:
Yeah this is based on a story I wrote a about 4 years ago, set in the 1920's where a young man finds his way to different time period worlds through the exhibits in a special museum. (All done early animation style.) I will have to write something about it on my blog. I took those characters and made them as sexy as I could and handed them over to Zip, who had tons of questions for me and did such a gorgeous job. :heart::inlove:
Your skills get better and better with each passing commission! The colouring shading, and line work is spectacular. It's like a comic book cover!!!! WOO!!!:happyhappy::heart:

Crescent came out much better then I thought possible. I really adore his cute face and design of his body. Excellent choice of features and colours. I so love how you gave him bony eyebrows and the how the plate under his eye gives him the impression of's so CUTE!!!! :heart::heart::heart:
Marsh 'Horner' Copeland (Yeah I kept changing his name oops... XD) Is so sexy. What a strong and manly explorer he turned out to be! Great face, scarf and Muscles... :drool:
Drillpeeda is so great! I can't even tell you how much I want that hunky paleontologist ! LOL. He is beyond perfect. Gotta did that cock drooling precum with the foreskin over the head like a tap! :kiss::lol: Very cool costume, earrings and necklace. His pipe is so perfect.
These boys are flawless!!! :love::love::heart:
Zip thanks for encouraging me to draw for myself too. You kind words were very encouraging. :wink::sweatdrop::heart:
This is some of your best work to date my friend. I am proud of this. :heart:

When I talk about old characters, for me, very few are as old yet still remembered as Crescent Tops below. He was creature I fooled around with for 12 years before I knew what to do with him. He started off as a scribble in a friends note book back in 1993. Back then I was enamored with the cartoon Animaniacs. My love of dinosaurs was even greater then it is now. I proceeded to draw 3 dinosaur like Warner siblings. I drew them a few times here and there and then stopped. I didn't find the concept too compelling. I had them bothering an Alien Dr. Scratchnsniff, or something to that effect.
In college I started to draw Crescent again and this time gave him a name and a better story. I created a big burly brother and a girlfriend for him as well. I made him more dinosaur like. Lost the cartoony look. I have NO pictures of this version of him saved. I thought of him more belonging to a wandering tribe or nomads on another planet, still lush with prehistoric life. His shape changed. His crest and face become moon like hence his name and his body became more muscular. He looked like an Indian with war paint, leaves and feathers adorning his human like frame. I often pictured him in my mind riding on the face of a giant triceratops. Sitting on its nose horn, using its horns above the eyes to steer.

Fast forward to 2005. I was in a doodling mood at work, bored off my ass in the dead season. It was pretty bad to have no internet, be expected to sit at your desk, not talk and just do NOTHING. I used to search for work like mad. Anyway. As a challenge to myself, after watching HOURS of black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons on DVD I decided to make a very retro cast of characters in a prehistoric Vally. First I made a caveman and his wife, then a pet dino, a fat porky pig like stegosaurus and a tramp of a raptor to be his best friend. Along with them on the same piece of paper was a police triceratops Office O'tops and a big fat waitress called Mamma Bronta. (I really must try to dig this paper up.)

I used the characters on a friends birthday card. People thought they were cute and so Kept drawing them. I wanted some sort of story to make sense of all this.
Anyway I am just going on and on here. One day in my doodles I included two new characters a human boy and a mummy girl. The human boy became Marshall Copeland. Instantly he and the mummy became the main focus of every story I could think up and every doodle I had time to do.

This was my original concept for Marshall:

Marshall was created to look like a Mickey Mouse inspired character. He is the son of a pilot, plump, buck toothed, and squat, full of an adventurous spirit. He was born some time after the first world war and all his adventures take place on unknown dates during the 1920's.

Marshal Copland is a child that is abandoned by his parents. He is forced to move from his country home to stay with his grandfather who works and lives inside a museum that has a history of being haunted.

Marshal soon learns that that the rumors are true and that the museum itself has many residents that are unknown to the workers.
He is inspected while have asleep by what he believes to be little knights that come out of his grandfather clock within his first week of staying in the museum. Despite things like this he still takes great interest in the museum. He becomes infatuated with the Egyptian exhibit and left in awe of the Prehistoric Life wing.

One day a black shadow starts following him along the ground. He escapes it by running into the basement. He enters a room known as the Gallery of the Incomplete. There he finds a crate from Mongolia. It's resting on a strange symbol on the floor. When he opens it he finds more then mere bones. A strange crescent moon headed dinosaur wearing long pointed shoes and white gloves jumps out. He first believes the creature to be attacking him, but in fact it is after the black shadow that has followed Marshall. Crescent is unable to speak English. The creature bleeps and squeaks at it The Saurian takes a mop, wipes up the shadow and throws it at the wall. It slithers down and disappears between the wall and floor.
The dinosaur identifies itself as Cres, a part of yet unnamed species of Cresentceratops. Through Cres, Marshall gains a best friend and by him is shown the wonders of the museum. He learns how to travel into each of the Museums many exhibits. Learning the friendly and unfriendly nature of each one. Each display leads to another place in space and time, the Museum world. Here creatures of the past still live, some reliving their lives, others with all new ones...anything goes here.
This world of eternal beauty and ever lasting life becomes Marshalls second home, a place to admire, explore and bring order to.

This is the world I picture Dimata and his crew living in at times. Dimatas Valley, Tundra Meadows was created for Marshall and Petra, the Mummy girl first. I created many exhibit worlds and one day I hope to draw them up myself, of request talented artist to help me bring them to life.

The original Marshall and Crescent as drawn by me in 2007.

Times change and ideas change with time. Despite my days having fun with Marshall as a kid, I found myself drawing him old and older looking. I constantly wondered in my own mind how I would end the whole thing and how he would develop as an adult. So last year, I explored that, renaming him for a moment, Horner Copeland and sending him off to ZipOpen. I sexed up Crescent tops a bit, but Zip was the real genius at making him really hot looking. And Spay Drillpeeda was created as a partner and friend. The Paleontology expert, dear friend and possible lover to Marshall. He was spawned from another character I was fiddling with in my mind, who was to be Marshalls best friend. One that I have yet to explore outside of a few notes on paper that give the detail of his entire story. It wasn't easy to find anyone too interested in Crescent tops based on my model below. Thankfully Zip did take him on and that gave me some faith in the character. (And the 171 favs didn't hurt to reconfirm the boys popularity either.)

One of my sketches of Marshall, when I thought to changing him to Horner. This is a full body image, but dang it's bad. XD

First image of Drilldeepa. I kept thinking of Silent movie era lovers when I doodled him.

Here is an alternate version of the image, I like this one a lot too. Unlike the more Mickey Mouse round arches above the eyes, the black comes down further, giving him a sorta Godzilla look. XD

I actually first drew this on my home on the bus last summer. I then took pictures of it and redrew it with my tablet. This was my first attempt at making crescent sexy. Not an easy task for me, or anyone.

This was my first submission on Y!Gallery. I am still learning all the tricks to my Bamboo Tablet even today, but back then it was even harder for me to draw on it. I wrote that he's my tip of the hat to the old cartoon and comic book characters of the 20's and 30's. I sexed him up big time, with varying results.

Roalli was a huge help to me. He fixed him up really nice! He made the background defined his butt, added new shading to his abs and balls, among other things. Thanks man, I would never have had the guts to post this alone!!! I also thanked ZipOpen and Neo for their support and encouragement.

So a year passes and I have done little to nothing with this characters. Then Fallen asks me about wanting to pursue ideas with the Monkey brothers and explorers. I instantly remember these guys and show him the image in ZipOpens gallery. Fallen has been really supportive and caring these last 2 weeks. Cheering me up with fan art of my characters time and again as well as doing commissions. The mans a saint. He's just too kind for words. He liked the characters a lot and did up two wonderful fan arts of Marshall plus a full commission. I am very excited to show these today.
Maybe one day I will share with you guys the full stories I wrote, or just keep pursuing commissions and comics that tell their stories in full. And yes Marshall is about 20 in these images all grown up. :P

Matu sits snug on a leaf. Cute as a button as he juggles Pac-Man game sized fruit!!! Man, Fallen thinks of everything, even the creature comforts for the character. A perfectly adorable image.

Allai swings to the help of his bird buddy who has been wounded. You may remember the bird from the previous image of him. I really like the dramatic shot here, with his chest arched like that and his tight buns so sexy... It's nice to see a classic theme like this used on characters. This is like a classic comic cover. Very One Piece. ^o^

Hunky artist Noles skills make even a snake blush! This one really made me laugh. :) It was great to see Nole draw and get a great view of his sexy front in the process!

FallenAngel was inspired to make his version of this sexy stud as he so put it! His take is very macho indeed. Nothing like a hero ready to run naked through a primal land! He continued on with the next image that gave a great perspective on this devil may care hero:

And now for the explorers and Matu. This was very much inspired by all the fan art. I can see these two taking full advantage of any and all hospitality the natives can provide. I had fun coming up with this one. I gave FallenAngel a quick sketch and asked him to do his best with it. He did more then his best. Really pouring his heart into the image.

OH is Matu not soooooooooooooo cute?! What a wonderful smile. He could brighten the coldest heart!!! Nice job on the boys. I was very thrilled to see them together again. Fallens take on Spay is juicy! What a manly face he has. What a cock. La la la la, he makes me sing! :P
Marshall looks so relaxed, his cock perfectly hard, you can just see him taking that over sized strawberry and rubbing it softly against his cock, moaning and dripping precum on it for flavor.
This is a very well done piece indeed. The frog is funny! He can't believe his eyes either. Nice job with the sun light on Matu and by there feet. The birds are a very good feature to add.

Here is a treat. I found the One Millions Years BC comic on a blog site. It was part of the Hammer House magazine from the mid 70's. Hammer no longer exists and the books have been long out of print, so I don't see the harm in sharing this with the world. I am a huge fan of the movie and was taken aback when I found it a couple nights ago. It features the scene with the brontosaurus that was cut from the film.

One Million Years BC Comic!


  1. Lots of stuff here today! I think it's funny how you really added a ton of sex to the crescent top character. XD He looked very much like some sort of inquisitive Disney creature and then we have a pornified version of him. It's really good stuff, And lots of background too. I enjoy seeing your own work. :3

  2. Awesome job both you guys! Zipopen's depiction of the characters makes them extremely lively, and as for FallenAngel, I can only bow at the amount of amazing content you can generate!
    DP, I think you ought to show off your own stuff more. Don't be shy and let us see what you are capable of more often :)

  3. I'm glad you like it guys :) Dp's ideas can be very inspiring to create it just usually need time to kick in :). Nice background story of Marshall PD, awesome! - FallenAngel

  4. Now this is a lot of info xD

    I love the original design!!! The old 20s style with Marshall and Crescent!!! But of coure, theyr new version is awesome as well

    Zipo art is aoo amazing!!! And Fallen art as well, i see his series of monkey boys at Y! and Noles turns out to be my fav xD



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