Friday, September 17, 2010

Super FAST Kyosuke Nanbu By Karulox!

Hey guys! It's Friday night and I just came back from having some wonderful chicken wings with friends. When I came home this ever so freaking hot image of Kyosuke Nanbu from the game Super Robot Wars Original Generation by Karulox was waiting for me. I ordered this up around 6 pm and it was ready around 8. Dang..That's some fast turn over! I thought the chicken was sticky and tasty... It's a beautiful color sketch that total captures Kyosukes rouge attitude. He doesn't give a shit! He's taking out that massive uncut dick and just cumming where he wants, when he wants, as fast as he wants. He's shot all over his tight black shirt in the middle of the open and is very proud. XD

OMG A face to make you melt!!! Love his shirt too..faints..I can see why I played this game so much. Karulox is gonna make me play it again! XD

Really nice job here on the darkness around Kyosukes eyes. The shading around them along with that smirk across his sexy face really fits him so well. It's even more then what I had in mind when I requested this! I insisted on having his shirt up, cause I know how well Karulox does sexy abs. For a color sketch Karulox added a ton of details. Those big dark balls are mouth watering. Such wonderful shading on his clothes, the strong muscles Karu adorned him with and even the shaft and foreskin of his sweet cock well detailed in shadow! Frig, now can't get over how hot it would be to see him standing there just covered in his cum...knowing as you look deep into his eyes that he is far from done!

Awesome Stuff Karulox. Thank you man!


  1. Lol chickeign wings xDDDD

    Karu did an awesome job on thos one, congrats!!! The smile is just super sexy and hawt Dx

  2. Karulox, love that hot sexy pose of his and his face, keep up the good work! - FallenAngel

  3. YAY! thanks :D I'm really proud of this draw :D



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