Sunday, April 28, 2019

Karam Hung Uncut Thug By Lastmanouthere

Hello everyone.  I am back with more hotness for you guys to enjoy.  We got lots of art going from April to May.  To start we have this bad boy topped with flamming red hair by Lastmanouthere.  Who is he? Well his name is Karam.  He is an updated design of a character that hails from Lastmanoutheres stories of Super Heroes. The Citadel universe!
In the post apocalyptic Citadel universe, Karam is another member of the thugs Botan the Shark also belongs to. His art is based on the ability to produce poison with his bodily fluids, blood, semen, sweat, saliva; and to project it against its foes. (So yeah be careful sucking his dick. -DP.)
He is a snaky fighter and while his symbol is the Kappa, he doesn't wear it visibly as the toxic fumes he uses have left him with a rather stinky reputation. (Toxic Smegma will do that. -DP.)

Toxic, or not I would totally take a chance on this bad boy!  I mean, I grew up in the 80s.  What's another chemical filled jumbo dog down my throat?!!! hee hee.  I love this guy and can see so many naughty possibilities for him in the future. He has stories just begging to be made!

P.S. Sorry for vanishing. I had a death in the family.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Conan The Barbarian And Zahn Son Of Winter Dildo Fuck

Hey guys! I have a most epic image for you this morning.  This image draw to the erotic extreme by Aneros was inspired by Patrick Fillions take on Conan the Barbarian.  That image was done as a reward to his Patreons. (SFW image below.)

Conan and Zahn both find themselves after the same treasure.  As each try to claim the enchanted golden dildo from the others clutches, they are overcome with lust.  Spellbound by the device, they lay on their backs, ass to ass, balls to balls.  Their cocks swell to an almost painful state, as they allow the double sided phallus to insert itself into both their man pussies. A voice speaks in their heads:
 "Warriors brave, there is no need for fight, or thievery.  I willingly bring you great pleasure.  Be at peace as I allow you to experience a wonderful fantasy. When it ends, all will be as when it began."  
With that, the dildo began to vibrate.  A great blinding light emanated from it.  The men shielded their eyes.  As their light subsided, they saw that both their cocks were now circumcised! Enthralled with the excitement of new and interesting pleasure, one he had thought about for years, Conan began to cum simply upon touching his cock. "Worry not Sumerian, I shall fill you balls over and over.  This will not end until I allow." 
The dildo then extended itself even deeper into their asses.  It thickened to the greatest width they both could take, cementing itself within Zahn and Conan.  There it stayed, vibrating, moving quickly back and forth, with both happily trapped.  A day later, both swimming in jizz, the dildo finally came lose and the spell was broken.  Both arose wobbly to their feet.  Dizzy and not totally sure if what had just happened was real, or just an extremely wet dream, they did their bes to dry off.  Rubbing their dicks with towels they came to see their extra thick dick shields were back in place.  And with that, holding their heads in their hands, still trying to compose themselves, they staggered off, with no desire to steal whatever it was they were after a day ago.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Cutie Honey Fucks Devilman Akira

Hey Guys, I have a romantic meeting for you...yeah right. I have some hard core fucking, featuring Cutie Honey donning a strap on to fuck Akira, half transformed into Devilman. Sirios art got a ton of love from you guys last year, so I decided we needed to do a sequel, of sorts!  (Any excuse to get Sirio to draw Devilman will do!!)  I hope enjoy those luscious curves, bulging muscles and massive uncut meat.  Guaranteed to have a happier ending than the anime!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Leelh the Bard

Hello everyone!  Tonight I have the redesign of Leelh the Bard to share with you.  Another of the Pathfinder troop, Leelh made his debut about a decade ago.  In his premiere he sported short blond hair. (And very little clothing.)  Well Lastmanouthere has convinced him to let his bangs grow and proudly embrace his true copper colours.  His tanned his skin, really goes well with his new locks, doesn't it? Lastmanouthere is a master of costume design and I gotta say the leggings go even better with the gloves, than the cute little boots.  A stunning, studly evolution!

Leelh was born Leeland of Desnir, a nobleman from Aelion. A cruel political game brought down his dinasty, and the young Leelh and his siblings were sold to Ebian orcs as slaves. An adept dancer, he was everything from chamber boy to courtesan to lover of Ebians, until he saw his chance to flee to Bodekan and from there, to Kabodan and then Saifojar.

His Dervish Dancer skills were as deadly as his spying game was sharp, and soon he saw himself working as an agent of the Mirandian court against the governments of Kabodan and Briesca. Trusted personally by the King, Leelh was assigned to the mission who would try and find out the elvish course which afflicts the prince Tetyn, and are importantly, the mains to reverse it.

During the mission, he would develop a relationship with the lovable and unstoppable cleric Miller, and also would challenge himself to go back to Ebia, the land of his painful youth.

Here for your enjoyment is the original image of Leelh!  


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