Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Leelh the Bard

Hello everyone!  Tonight I have the redesign of Leelh the Bard to share with you.  Another of the Pathfinder troop, Leelh made his debut about a decade ago.  In his premiere he sported short blond hair. (And very little clothing.)  Well Lastmanouthere has convinced him to let his bangs grow and proudly embrace his true copper colours.  His tanned his skin, really goes well with his new locks, doesn't it? Lastmanouthere is a master of costume design and I gotta say the leggings go even better with the gloves, than the cute little boots.  A stunning, studly evolution!

Leelh was born Leeland of Desnir, a nobleman from Aelion. A cruel political game brought down his dinasty, and the young Leelh and his siblings were sold to Ebian orcs as slaves. An adept dancer, he was everything from chamber boy to courtesan to lover of Ebians, until he saw his chance to flee to Bodekan and from there, to Kabodan and then Saifojar.

His Dervish Dancer skills were as deadly as his spying game was sharp, and soon he saw himself working as an agent of the Mirandian court against the governments of Kabodan and Briesca. Trusted personally by the King, Leelh was assigned to the mission who would try and find out the elvish course which afflicts the prince Tetyn, and are importantly, the mains to reverse it.

During the mission, he would develop a relationship with the lovable and unstoppable cleric Miller, and also would challenge himself to go back to Ebia, the land of his painful youth.

Here for your enjoyment is the original image of Leelh!  

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