Saturday, November 10, 2018

Bao The Mysterious Pathfinder Monk

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope you had a good holiday last week.  Today I have a brand new character from Latmanouthere.  As you read, this is Bao.  Very little is known about him at this time. (Save for him being eye popingly stunning, of course.)   Bao was trained differently than his peers at the monastery. Perhaps the elders found something to exquisite to nurture, due to his rare heritage of Elf and human?  We know he is from Asian decent, but where in the world exactly we know not.  His skills in Pathfinding are not yet made clear as well.  Only time will tell what Lastmanouthere has in store for us with this hunk.

I wonder though, if he Peng and Vann Illia met, what the results might be?  ;)  Maybe time will tell us that as well!  Have a wonderful weekend and solemn Remembrance Day tomorrow.    


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