Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vann Explores Peng

Hey guys. I got some new art from a new artist to the blog. I found Zhilong on tumblr back in May. I really liked his gallery and decided to get myself a birthday present. ;) I've been holding on to this for some time. He did a really sweet job of capturing Vann Illia and Peng. A simple frot image turned to a combination of frot and foreskin exploration. Peng certainly doesn't mind a finger, or two rubbing him under there! :P Really love the mature look of Peng, along with those stain glass window style wings!

If you like this, go on and check out his Tumblr here:


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Xavier the Hunter By Lastmanothere

Hello and welcome again to a première of one of Lastmanotuhere's dashing, enchanting, apocalyptic heroes!  Okay, so Xavier might not exactly be a hero, as you will soon read, but he certainly will champion a few hearts none the less!

The City hadn't had many strangers visiting in years. Alexander's arrival created a lot of confusion among the many warring factions in and outside the Citadel, with everyone wondering the role this newcomer played in the big picture. 

Much less notorious was Xavier's arrival. The man had travelled the same route as Alexander, but not suffering from the rare amnesiac spell of the other, Xavier's arrival didn't cause such an initial stir. The man, a professional bounty hunter, quickly established a alliance of convenience with other independent elements in the Burroughs. Xavier wanted Alexander, for some reason he wouldn't reveal, but wouldn't just go and face him directly; instead, he hinted at knowing the man's true objective coming to the City, thus revealing that people from the outside had knowledge of the complicated political struggles, in spite of the prohibition of technology the Enlightened ones enforced on anybody but themselves. Who had, then, sent Xavier after Alexander, and what was the latter's mission?

Xavier's art is called the Phantom Illusion, which conjures shadow replicas of his attacks to multiply the amount hit's he delivers with each movement. His fighting style is rapacious, wasting no time going after his targets to incapacitating them with real and shadow hits of his batons, which are covered in red leather to cover blood marks.

Xavier's letter is the Xi, which is engraved in his dog tags.

So will Xavier be the Bass to Alexander's Mega Man, his Nega to Alex's Darkwing?  Or is he more than just a rival?  A past lover?  A person able to sway Alexander in the right direction when the time is right?  Only Lastmanouthere knows, cause he didn't tell me squat!
He did tell me how Xavier here was born from the same sketch as a previous character. Xavier started out life as Danni, but that changed when Lastman wanted to present Danni in a much more dramatic light. From the sketch of Danni, the cock itself became the inspirational starting point for Xavier.  For once a cock on paper gives birth! :P    Xavier is an intriguing character.  With his goggles, sandy locks, soft eyes and Lawrence of Arabia style cap, give me reason to assume he's not the blood thirstiest of bounty hunters.
I hope you guys enjoy him!    

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Centaur Switch!

Hey guys!  Today I present the triumphant return of centaur art by the queen of the centuars, Caravaggia!  hee hee.  Where has she been you ask? Oh, well, you see she had a foal of her own. Yup, or lovely Caravaggia is a proud mama!  Of course, being a new mother means you have very little time for art.  That is why I took great care in selecting the idea I wanted to draw.  As I didn't know when the next time she would be available would be, I decided to make this an extra special request. A daring request I wanted to do for some time now.

The story from Space Cadet 1 still inspires me deeply.  Trapped in my imagination for years have been many scenarios, but the dearest one was having Byran Durand, the Space Cadet, become a centaur. I long had the fantasy of the two lovers falling under a spell, which would allow Byron to be a centaur and Strider a human.  Switching bodies, to better appreciate each others situation in life.  And of course to play with each others new tools.  With the excitement of having one of the biggest cocks in the land, would Byron be able to hold his jizz for half a second?  Now a man, would Strider dare to be filled like never before by the 'dark one?'
The biggest question of all would be if Byron would want to stay this way and remain with Strider.
We had fun picking the colour scheme for Byron.  I wanted to incorporate the space theme of Cadet (This image came long before the change was announced.), so I asked Caravaggia to please give him a galaxy in his tail.

 I hope you guys like it.  It's always awesome to work with Caravaggia and even more so, when what we are working on is a dream that has been locked away for so long!

Friday, July 8, 2016

White Terrace Juicy Jerk Off With Acamas!

Hey boys!  Acamas has found one way to beat the heat this July.  He's taken a trip to the White Terraces. A once wonderfully relaxing place in New Zealand.  So astounding were these silica sinter plateaus, that one segment was christened the fountain of the clouded sky.  Sitting in one beside the lovely Acamas, must have been akin to being in heaven.  He certainly has his head in the sky, as he enjoys his huge cock, with its super thick foreskin and big tasty gum ball of a cock head, all drawn to perfection by my friend Luisazo.  Acamas loves to edge himself over and over, accumulating copious amounts of percum, which he can then rub into his cock, as he works his shaft until the time he erupts, creating his own fountain in the sky.  A cool gift to my dearest FallenAngel, in hopes that a watery vacation would cool him down in the summer heat. (It had the opposite effect.....)

You can find out more about the lost wonder here:


Please check out Luisazo's wonderful art gallery here:


You can check out his Facebook page here too:


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bananas On The Beach

With summer in full swing here in North America, I was talking to FallenAngel about various summer fashions I found on tumblr. Sharing pics and swapping quips, regarding all the hunks in speedos led to the creation of this piece below. Fallen surprised me with it, after we found inspiration in some banana themed swim gear! That was super sweet of him. Any beach banana from Fallen is welcome in my mouth!

Did you know that FallenAngel opened a tumblr?

Check it out here!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Suck It Owl Man!

Happy Canada Hosers! In celebration, I am releasing some animated passion by Gene Lightfoot. He has the king of the Canadian forests all chained up and at the mercy of Belvadar. This bit of bird bara is gonna suck that night stick of Bels all day long. No fireworks, or BBQs for him. Just a hot man sausage till his neck cramps! Looks like Belvadar is the only one out there that has such casual control over the cursed beast. I wonder what his secret is? Could it be an inherited trait of his species, or something to do with that iron chain? Whatever it is, I am very proud and lucky to have someone like Gene Lightfoot animate what would be stuck in my head forever, otherwise!

You guys really gotta check out his tumblr, if you haven't already. He's posted a lot of animated pieces over the last few days.  I really love his silly Ace Attorney one! It's so cute! 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Orgy of Heroes By Kagami06

Hey guys.  I have something really great to end the weekend with.  A massive masterpiece by Kagami06, that I have been hiding away since before my birthday last month. hee hee. It's so good, I just had to savour it being in my collection only for a month first! (Evil laugh.)
This threesome featuring my greatest hero, with those of my two dear friends Leon De Leon and FallenAngel, was a total joy to think up and watch Kagami lay out.  Watching him induce his special Kagami magic on this gift to my buds was exhilarating. We haven't paired these three together ever.  That made it even more of a delight.
Vann taking letting his best buds heroes have their way with him, is an opportunity he won't turn down.  One of the few times he doesn't mind not being in charge.
  Poor Kagami was in a horrible accident, injuring his leg, during it's production.  He is a real trooper, cause during the many weeks of healing, he worked from home and continued to draw!  He said that drawing really helped him pass the time and heal up.  This image is so good, it has healing powers.  I won't argue that!!

Guys, I have been horribly sick for the last 12 days.  I don't seem to be getting any better either. I hope to continue to post here, but if I vanish for a bit, just keep in mind, that I will be back soon! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Vann And Voider Vs The Dick Dragon

First off guys, my prayers go out to the residents of Orlando today.  I know more than a few people from there, including our own Guytoonist.  There was a lot of frantic facebook searching this morning, to make sure friends were safe and sound.  To every there, I wish you courage and strength.  Never back down to hate and ignorance.

Below we have the very epic birthday gift that FallenAngel created for our dear friend Aneros. (Along with some variations of course.)  You see,  Fallen and I wanted to give the character Voider Knight a little bit of the Frazetta style fantasy in celebration of  this special day!  We are very enchanted with Voider Knight.  Created as a one off, we both see a lot of potential in him.  He's very mysterious.  Who is he? Where did he come from?  Aneros has seen potential in him as well, thanks to our many pieces featuring him.  He says he may just give him a few touch up in some new pieces! That will be very exciting when it comes to pass.
For now though, please enjoy our image.  We had a ton of fun coming up with designs for the Dragon. I knew from the start I wanted his mouth to be the piss slit.  A little extra bit of horror.  Fallen and I went over a couple different horn ideas.  The rest just fell into place. The legs were a bit of challenge though.  My concept made him look a bit too lumbering.  Fallen came up with the far more agile looking legs below.  The balls became super huge knees. XD

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ikniuhxochitl Blows Popocatepetl. What A Mouthful!

Sorry for the delay between posts. I have the flu and there were MASSIVE layoffs where I work.  Whole departments are gone. It's not been a good week.  I'm still recovering, but I really am dying to post some stuff for you guys, so fuck it, here goes!!! LOL.  I hope you enjoy them!
Today is Aneros's birthday, so if you happen onto one his pages, or sites, be sure to wish him all the best!
So of course, I am going to post art work drawn by him on this special day. (Yeah I have a little birthday surprise for him planned too. SHHHH!! Don't tell!)

This was a magnificent birthday gift for Lastmanouthere.  We decided to pair the most laid back of Lastmans Mesoamerican men, with  his most Thunderous hero.  That Chitl, being all thoughtless decided to chill in the wrong spot one day.   The spot being the mountain where Popocatepetl is sleeping.  Chitl starts humming a song and as he get's into it, unbeknownst to him, it gets louder.  The song rocks the cave and wakens Popocatepetl from his slumber. Not because of how beautiful it is coming from Chitls mouth, but because the song is in an ancient tongue.  The Mayan children sing this song, thinking it is utter nonsense.  Learn your history and know what you are saying, I guess in the lesson here.  Waking a legendary hero before his time could prove very dangerous.  For Chitl, well, it looks like the usually straight Popo, is massively horny after such a long slumber.  He finds the harmless and hung young man to be very fetching.  Chitl of course is over come with admiration and fear.  He gladly gets down on his knees and services the warrior.  What a treat it was when the warrior let loose wave after wave of well aged, centuries old cum into his welcoming mouth.  The orgasm overwhelms the warrior and he soon finds himself unable to stand, as he drifts back into his enchanted slumber....

Fuck, all I can say about this piece is:

Wild fucking work by Aneros!!! He truly makes the past we would all desire to visit, does he not? XD

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Owlman Of Ontario By Aneros

Hey guys. I am so happy to be back and posting again. I had a situation for the last 2 weeks that made it had to do so!  At least I was keeping my tumblr up to date.  I can't believe it's got almost 1600 followers already!  I got the gift of a creaming crypto for my birthday from Aneros, which I am super delighted to share with you all today.

With this image, I think Ameros really sets the scene perfectly for a crytozological being.   The image whisked me right into those haunted, monster filled forests, I used to dream of when I was a kid!  The kind of forests encounter you could only imagine being in, as you got lost in the pages of a good book, or TV show, like Monsters of Canada, or In Search Of.    The highly detailed owl man, not just strong and sexy, but also haunting and alluring, provides a mysterious encounter unlike any found in those books, or shows. None of the creatures in that entertainment venue were ever meant to be haunting and alluring at the same time. (Well at least no male monsters I can think of!)   From the exquisite detail of his feathers on his forehead to the alien likeness of his haunting eyes, the Owl Man by Anoers is a gay close encounter, that men would want to be as close as possible.   It would fit perfectly in a gay mysteries of the unexplained book where men would tell of being molested by the last remnants of an all but extinct race, flying around in the back woods of Ontario Canada.   Hell I can see a bunch of young fisherman in cottage country, sitting around a bar late at night, sharing tales of the beast.  (All getting very hard as the stories get hotter.)

If you ever get a chance seek out his book. It's a really fun read. I believe it was written back in the 70s. I got it a book fair when I was 7 and still have it today.  Aneros art reminded me of the wonder of the unknown, even here in boring old Ontario. :P 


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