Sunday, June 19, 2016

Orgy of Heroes By Kagami06

Hey guys.  I have something really great to end the weekend with.  A massive masterpiece by Kagami06, that I have been hiding away since before my birthday last month. hee hee. It's so good, I just had to savour it being in my collection only for a month first! (Evil laugh.)
This threesome featuring my greatest hero, with those of my two dear friends Leon De Leon and FallenAngel, was a total joy to think up and watch Kagami lay out.  Watching him induce his special Kagami magic on this gift to my buds was exhilarating. We haven't paired these three together ever.  That made it even more of a delight.
Vann taking letting his best buds heroes have their way with him, is an opportunity he won't turn down.  One of the few times he doesn't mind not being in charge.
  Poor Kagami was in a horrible accident, injuring his leg, during it's production.  He is a real trooper, cause during the many weeks of healing, he worked from home and continued to draw!  He said that drawing really helped him pass the time and heal up.  This image is so good, it has healing powers.  I won't argue that!!

Guys, I have been horribly sick for the last 12 days.  I don't seem to be getting any better either. I hope to continue to post here, but if I vanish for a bit, just keep in mind, that I will be back soon! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Vann And Voider Vs The Dick Dragon

First off guys, my prayers go out to the residents of Orlando today.  I know more than a few people from there, including our own Guytoonist.  There was a lot of frantic facebook searching this morning, to make sure friends were safe and sound.  To every there, I wish you courage and strength.  Never back down to hate and ignorance.

Below we have the very epic birthday gift that FallenAngel created for our dear friend Aneros. (Along with some variations of course.)  You see,  Fallen and I wanted to give the character Voider Knight a little bit of the Frazetta style fantasy in celebration of  this special day!  We are very enchanted with Voider Knight.  Created as a one off, we both see a lot of potential in him.  He's very mysterious.  Who is he? Where did he come from?  Aneros has seen potential in him as well, thanks to our many pieces featuring him.  He says he may just give him a few touch up in some new pieces! That will be very exciting when it comes to pass.
For now though, please enjoy our image.  We had a ton of fun coming up with designs for the Dragon. I knew from the start I wanted his mouth to be the piss slit.  A little extra bit of horror.  Fallen and I went over a couple different horn ideas.  The rest just fell into place. The legs were a bit of challenge though.  My concept made him look a bit too lumbering.  Fallen came up with the far more agile looking legs below.  The balls became super huge knees. XD

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ikniuhxochitl Blows Popocatepetl. What A Mouthful!

Sorry for the delay between posts. I have the flu and there were MASSIVE layoffs where I work.  Whole departments are gone. It's not been a good week.  I'm still recovering, but I really am dying to post some stuff for you guys, so fuck it, here goes!!! LOL.  I hope you enjoy them!
Today is Aneros's birthday, so if you happen onto one his pages, or sites, be sure to wish him all the best!
So of course, I am going to post art work drawn by him on this special day. (Yeah I have a little birthday surprise for him planned too. SHHHH!! Don't tell!)

This was a magnificent birthday gift for Lastmanouthere.  We decided to pair the most laid back of Lastmans Mesoamerican men, with  his most Thunderous hero.  That Chitl, being all thoughtless decided to chill in the wrong spot one day.   The spot being the mountain where Popocatepetl is sleeping.  Chitl starts humming a song and as he get's into it, unbeknownst to him, it gets louder.  The song rocks the cave and wakens Popocatepetl from his slumber. Not because of how beautiful it is coming from Chitls mouth, but because the song is in an ancient tongue.  The Mayan children sing this song, thinking it is utter nonsense.  Learn your history and know what you are saying, I guess in the lesson here.  Waking a legendary hero before his time could prove very dangerous.  For Chitl, well, it looks like the usually straight Popo, is massively horny after such a long slumber.  He finds the harmless and hung young man to be very fetching.  Chitl of course is over come with admiration and fear.  He gladly gets down on his knees and services the warrior.  What a treat it was when the warrior let loose wave after wave of well aged, centuries old cum into his welcoming mouth.  The orgasm overwhelms the warrior and he soon finds himself unable to stand, as he drifts back into his enchanted slumber....

Fuck, all I can say about this piece is:

Wild fucking work by Aneros!!! He truly makes the past we would all desire to visit, does he not? XD

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Owlman Of Ontario By Aneros

Hey guys. I am so happy to be back and posting again. I had a situation for the last 2 weeks that made it had to do so!  At least I was keeping my tumblr up to date.  I can't believe it's got almost 1600 followers already!  I got the gift of a creaming crypto for my birthday from Aneros, which I am super delighted to share with you all today.

With this image, I think Ameros really sets the scene perfectly for a crytozological being.   The image whisked me right into those haunted, monster filled forests, I used to dream of when I was a kid!  The kind of forests encounter you could only imagine being in, as you got lost in the pages of a good book, or TV show, like Monsters of Canada, or In Search Of.    The highly detailed owl man, not just strong and sexy, but also haunting and alluring, provides a mysterious encounter unlike any found in those books, or shows. None of the creatures in that entertainment venue were ever meant to be haunting and alluring at the same time. (Well at least no male monsters I can think of!)   From the exquisite detail of his feathers on his forehead to the alien likeness of his haunting eyes, the Owl Man by Anoers is a gay close encounter, that men would want to be as close as possible.   It would fit perfectly in a gay mysteries of the unexplained book where men would tell of being molested by the last remnants of an all but extinct race, flying around in the back woods of Ontario Canada.   Hell I can see a bunch of young fisherman in cottage country, sitting around a bar late at night, sharing tales of the beast.  (All getting very hard as the stories get hotter.)

If you ever get a chance seek out his book. It's a really fun read. I believe it was written back in the 70s. I got it a book fair when I was 7 and still have it today.  Aneros art reminded me of the wonder of the unknown, even here in boring old Ontario. :P 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Beautiful Byron

Hey guys, Leon De Leon, Mr. Urbanmusiq himself surprised me with this on my birthday. ACTUALLY, the bugger from down under sent it to me in an unnamed zip, just to torture with me with unfathomable temptation for the 2 weeks leading up to my birthday.  Oh, but this prince is strong of will. Hey we dinosaurs have infinite patience.  One day the world will be ours again... Wait what? XD 
Getting back to the gift...  Leon decided to send me Space Cadet in sketch and coloured sketch form. And what form it is!  Humina humina!  

With the current Space Cadet situation there is a lot of symbolism here.  For those of you that don't know, there are going to be major changes made to the character in the coming months, most notably that he will no longer be Space Cadet.  This has some fans worried and upset.

This sketch is testament to his current state in our eyes.  The handsome star that once bore the name Space Cadet is now starting to fade.  Slowly we fear the memories of which will start to become sketchy.  But this change is new and the memory, the spirit and the hero himself remains strong and solid within his frame and our hearts.  Byron Space Cadet Durand in this sketch and as a characters is vestige of hope, heroism and hunkiness, that will never truly leave us, despite his outward appearance having an unforeseen future at the moment.  His impression is eternal and hopefully once the changes solidify, we will be left with what will be an even stronger character.  

 I love this image to no end.  I can't thank Leon enough. It reminded me of just how much I cared for  him and how willing I am to do my best to accept his future, come what may. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tonia Pin Up By Yelmo

Hey guys! I got hot surprise from Yelmo this week.  An honestly birthday pin up as mentioned in the title of this post!  I like how Yelmo framed him around his tail, with the white outline.  It gives the piece the look of a sticker.  Our star from waaaay back when, is always a treat especially when Yelmo, the man who helped create him, sends him my way.  Tonia is looking really buff in those beefly lines Yelmo gave him.  He must have been working out with Skelldon all winter.   Looks like he is ready to get a little full body tan time!  If he needs some screen screen applied, I am sure many of you would oblige!  Thank you so much for the delightful birthday gift Yelmo.  It was very sweet of you to remember me! ^O^ Hugs.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sitting On The Throne, Still A Slave

A portrait of Pyis, was the enchanting gift sent to me from Lastmanouthere, on the evening of my 39th year.

"I don't normally do this, but since it is your birthday, I will make an exception. That said, do you see anything you like?"

Pyis, the protector of Pharaoh Fatep, is not prone to resting on her throne.  Then again, the brave in battle, but bashful in bed bodyguard is certainly not prone to exposing his dick and offering it up for some gay romance either.  I think there more enchantment here, than just the alluring lines of Lastman.  Perhaps Cleo slipped him something.  Of course, if it was him, then clutzy Cleos plan has backfired, with Pyis offering me that strong phallus to enjoy instead. Ha ha ha looks good on him.
I certainly see a lot I like Pyis.  Who doesn't? XD  Let me just get down on bended knee and offer you my service. (Bangs head on PC screen.)  Oh was worth a try.  One dream and screen shattered... Still as far as dreams coming true, a return of Pyis of this decadence is good enough!  Thank you so very much Lastman!  I might not be Pharaoh, but I felt like royalty getting this!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nothing Better Than Aged Chocolate Filling

Guys I have some INCREDIBLE art to share with you all.  Sadly I don't have much time today to do it. Soooo I am going to have to do some quick snipe posts during the day to get them all up!!  I have great art from Lastmanouthere, Caravaggia, Leon De Leon (Urbanmusiq) and a couple whoppers from Kagami.
Kagami asked me, if I could have one character for my birthday, who would I pick?  Oh that took all of 5 seconds for me to respond too!  Emil, the super hot muscle daddy of Space Cadet of course!!! I wasn't expecting what I got though.  A full funny picture of him coming out of my birthday cake, much to the chagrin of his son Byron!  Mako is trying to reassure Byron that it's all good, but you know in the back of his mind, he wants that to happen so he can have a threesome with the father and son super hunks!!! hee hee.
There are two wonderful versions below.  The wrapped and unwrapped versions...How would you rather have him?  So do you guys think a threesome is something I should pursue with master Kagami?
Kagami was very sweet to do this and send a sweet message a long with it.  He's still healing, after a horrible accident.  Good art will heal you though. It certainly made me feel like a 21, instead of a 39 year old. :P

This isn't the only Class Comics related surprise I got!  Oh heck no.  Wait till you see the gift from Leon De Leon and these sweet greetings that Patrick and Fraser made for me! Oh my three favourite boys together...yum yum.  XD  I'm gonna get fat off all this beef cake!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vann Wants Some 'Cake.'

No really, it's just cake.  A very special cake made by FallenAngel for muh birthday.  Little Vann is floating on air with desire to munch on that treat.  Peng is of course in pure protect mode. (As always!)  I wonder if those wings on Vann are just a cartoonish representation of his emotions, or if Peng gave him momentary wings?  I know I was floating through the air, when FallenAngel sent me this yesterday.  He tricked me too. Named the e-mail something else, so I would open it unaware of the early gift inside!!!! BUGGER!!!!
I love Pengs new costume. I think it's gonna be a staple outfit from now on for him!!! What a wonderful gift, from such an awesome friend.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Have A Gay Victoria Day 2016

Happy Victoria Day all you proud Canadians!  Oh man, since I started this blog I have wanted to do a Victoria Day image with FallenAngel.  Due to it falling on my birthday, or having other projects in the works at the same time, it always fell to the side.  I can scratch one off my to-do list today though.  We decided to give you guys some Caveman love to enjoy. It's been some time since we used Dore and Tameh. (Looking at Patrick Fillions art from a couple years ago got me inspired to finally get off my duff.)   FallenAngel has once again done a fantastic job on the Caveman duo. Especially super handsome Dore..growls... ;D  Looks like the flying reptile is more interested in the light show, than the one on the ground. :P 
I hope your night is filled with as much fireworks and fornicating as these two. 


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