Monday, April 27, 2015

Enemy Of The Owl Man

Tonight I present to you guys the great warrior 'Stretching Foreskin.'  (Fore to his friends.) He's as noble and kind, as he is big and strong.  He takes great pride in looking after his people and preserving peace amongst the tribes.  Though not a chief himself, the chief looks at him as an equal and best friend.  His dick, with it copious amount of extra foreskin is said to be the grandest of all within the Canadian nations.  Such a feast of man skin, would tempt any onlooker.  None more so then Otubishin himself, no doubt.  In the days when Otubishin, the Owl Man became corrupted, it was Fore that took it upon himself to try to find a way to team the wild man beast.  

The image below was gloriously drawn by Baralust based on some concept sketches and descriptions I passed his way.  Hopefully one day I will be able to tell their full story to you guys.  Until then, I hope you enjoy these pieces.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Year Of The Ram?

Back in January, I thought about doing a Year Of The Ram Series featuring Holocene Toros.  Our musk ox from the ice age, is set to have a lot of fun this year.  The first finished image I proudly present to you today.  Holocene is ready to get some respect and praise from his colleges here in DPK.  This time though, instead of getting worshiped, he's the one on his knees.  Who wouldn't be, when confronted by the majesty of Baralusts Dimata? Truth is he's been forced into that pose.  Holocenes hard cock is being bent by the strength of the great mammoth. He's reduced to a position of just rolling with the pleasure and pain!  Unbelievably, Dimata had Holocenes cock pinned down with just one mighty finger at first.  Now he has placed his thumb squarely on top of Holocenes head, placed the tips of his fingers below the head and is squeezing the poor beast mans boy juice out!!!   Holocene is enjoying this pleasure in this new sexual torture.  While Dimata fiddles with his cock, he is engrossed in that big dick as much as possible!! He takes a moment to gasp as he orgasms, then continues to lick and suck as much of that mammoth cock as he can.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Camili Calvin & Hobbes Tribute

Hey guys!  With spring finally creeping in, I thought it was the right time to post this little image.  This was done back in January.  At that time Patrick Fillion needed some cheering up.  I wanted to come up with something that would hopefully make him smile.  I decided that since Aneros and I both loved Calvin and Hobbes so much, we should do a bit of a tribute piece with Cam as Hobbes and NJ and Calvin.  We went over many different poses from the covers and finally settled on the image below.  Besides agreeing on the pose, Aneros was free to do his own thing with the piece.  My initial thought was that he was planning to really do something naughty with the concept. Instead, he went for a totally innocent recreation, playing up the balancing aspect even more so then the image that inspired it. It was very refreshing to see Aneros take on a more comical image for a change. It turned out to be very warm and delightful. I hope you guys like it too.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kadaj's Cut Zahn, Survey Results And Doing The Class Comics Cover Challenge

Hey guys!  How was your weekend so far?  I've been pretty busy.  Lastmanouthere has written a wonderful novel based on all our characters and I have been digging into it as much as I could today. My week was pretty life changing.  (For the better for ONCE!)  Due to that, I haven't had a lot of time for posting...well that and tumblr.  Seems to suck all my life away, that site does. XD I have almost 800 posts already.

About the image above...I found this at the end of March and I asked the artist Kadaj if he wouldn't mind me posting it. I am in love with his take on Zahn Son Of Winter.  I find it very hot to see him as a brunette, especially with the extra long, thick hair Kadaj has provided him.  Just as tantalizing is that fact that he circumcised Zahn.  Super hot... I hope he will draw more of Zahn and other characters from his stories in the future.  You should check out his blog. He's got great art works, including Super Mario fighting with a piranha plant and Thor! (All nude of course!)

Now I wanted to take some time and talk about the challenge of testing Class Comics lamented 'cum resistant' covers! :P I got my latest order near the end of the week. It came with a lovely note, some stickers and lots of fun standee characters! I can't bring myself to cut out Byron now that he has changed. LOL.

I managed to pick up the signed comic collection.  David and Patrick have signed three comics and have them up for $23.99 for each pack.  I think they are pretty limited.  Only about 20 packs were aviailable when I purchased my set. I refuse to open them! The sets feature Space Cadet #2, Ghostboy and Diablo #2 and #3.

You can find them here:

Now on to the main feature....yes that is

So ahem..yes I love me some Class Comics.  BLUSHES...

It didn't take long to reach this point, as reading a comic in print can be a whole new experience.  The sex scenes are wonderfully laid out and so much more fun to view as a two page spread then 1 page at a time in PDF form.  I kinda missed the mark a bit.  I didn't get it all on the cover...but good enough. :P  So how did it stand up against my jizz? Well it wipes off very quickly, but man mayo spreads like crazy. It took some soap and water to get it really clean and even then I was picking cakes off for a bit. I was worried it would get all over the top, bottom and sides. The best advice is to wipe towards the the back of the cover.  Actually the best advise is to aim away, but if you really must the shield is certainly very protective.  If you haven't cum in a while, or you natural cum buckets, I wouldn't recommend shooting on the book, cause you are very likely to hit the tops and sides and they are not protected.

 After a couple wipes, there was still some left over spluge....

Gonna end this with a glimpse at the results for our two Space Cadet surveys.  I only have 28 hits so far for the first poll. (I thank you all very much for responding.)  In a couple months I will post the results again. I am sure to have a lot more Space Cadet on the way!  So far 22 people love his new cock! :D

Last year I, along with FallanAngel and Gene Lightfoot set up a cry to keep Strider and Vallan alive.
I gathered the responses up. 82 wonderful readers took the time to fill out the survey and I thank you all very much for doing so!
Here are the responses. I guess I will leave the survey up.  It wouldn't hurt to look back at it again in an other few months! :)  And yeah, I know it is going to look a bit shitty, but that is bloggers fault. It's either this, or a size so small, you couldn't see it with a magnifying glass. The framing function on blogger is laughable.

I always thought satyrs would win over centaurs in popular opinion, but not on this survey.  Live and learn! 

 Interesting that despite what ever complaining their was to Class, the vast majority here like Cadet in all settings, or if not in a fantasy setting, far above just a crime fighting comic.

I'm not at all surprised to see that the majority of voters would like to see Strider and Vallan in their own comic series!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Great Priest Imhotep Bara Style

On Friday one of my friends showed me the manga Great Priest Imhotep. Even though it's only on chapter 2, it's already causing a bit of a stir and has received at least one fan made English translation.   The manga is a bout an Egyptian priest, who rises from the dead in modern day Japan to take on gods from ancient Egypt that are causing trouble.
Imhotep is really cute in his original twink design, but I thought it would be even better if we were to muscle him up a bit.  The first person to grant us the honor of doing any kind of porn work on the character is Maduinshorn.  He captures his grumpy demeanor from the comic, aging him (along with his puppy anubis hat) and giving him 50 times the muscle mass he has in the comic.  Maybe one day he will power up in the comic and get this big. One can dream, right?  Well one thing is for sure, we won't get to see such a beautiful uncut cock and low hanging balls in any of his official manga stories!

Here is what Imhotep looks like in the manga.

 The manga pretty much starts with an ass shot of the main character.  A good sign..?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Naked Gladiator Birthday Greetings

Double FallenAngel Treat coming at ya!  Yesterday FallenAngel and I wished our dearest friend from Italy Siriro a happy 38th birthday. We've only known Sirio for a little over 6 of those years, but it feels like much longer to us!  She is a wonderful artist and caring a dear heart of a person.  Gladiator Caio Rufus Rapax raises a toast, a huge boner in honor of his creators special day. I hope you will join him and us in wishing her many happy returns of the day!  

Man time flies by....5 years ago to the date I posted this, with a picture Sirio drew of Christer Echo. It feels like yesterday, it really does.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Year of Space Cadet Parody

This year Class Comics dubbed 2015 the Year of Space Cadet.  From the second I read that, I wanted to do this little spoof image.  As some of you know, Nintendo dubbed 2013 the year of Luigi.  So I combined the two with great help from FallenAngel to create a cute ghost busting experience, that turned out lot more invigorating than anything you would find in Luigi's Mansion. :P  Fallen and I created a few different versions for you guys to enjoy as well. In all Peter is having the time of his afterlife filling that Poltergust to the brim with ghastly ghost cum! :P  I hope you guys like it.

Here is a slightly different version, with blue letters on Byrons hat:

Here is the logo we created, in case you might like to use it for a project of your own!

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Easter Bunny's Sexy Krampus

In 2013, Guytoonist gave us his vision of Krampus, the punisher of wicked men on Christmas.  This year he has created for us the Easter equivalent.  Behold the dark beauty of his Black Rabbit Ryukyu!

 The details of this creatures origins are shrouded in mystery.  One tale states that the Easter Bunny offered the job to his favorite child in the world, once the boy had grown of age, of course.  The boy had a burning urge to bring justice to the world and the Rabbit channeled that desire, transforming him into the man beast above.  

Another theory of this anti-easter bunny is that he came about when a young man dabbled with very dark magic one Easter evening.  He was hoping to to come up with a way to punish the undeserving children of the world that had forgotten the spirit of the holiday.  He wanted to create a creature much like Krampus from scratch.  He played a very dangerous game, dabbling in magic he was not fully in control of.  Accidentally adding 'cock' feathers instead of those of a hen and adding way too many rabbit parts that weren't feet, the spell backfired on him.  In the explosion the ensued, he was transformed into a sex craved rabbit man.  

In either case, what was once a thin young man, became something much more.  His muscles grew strong and brawny. His chest heaved and became three size the size it once was.  His neck lengthened.  His ears darkened, grew fur and reached for the sky. His cock thickened and his balls screamed with the desire to mate nonstop with the coldest of male hearts.  His cock head darkened to the color of a century egg. He now is the Slave of Spring, who comes to the side of the Easter Bunny once a year. With a pure heart, guided by a desire to punish the wicked, he travels the globe alongside his master.  Over the course of one night he spreads more then just a lesson to men gone astray.  
This Pere de Fouettard has many tricks to administer.  From fowl smelling literal century eggs, (no phony baloney week, or month old ones you find in restaurants)  that he hides in places you didn't know you had, to his signature red raw fucking of 'rabbit' proportions, he is being for the wicked to fear.  For the truly wicked his has a very special punishment. One every magically employed bunny can tell you, is something to run for your life from.  

He is not at all evil.  The young mans kindness and good nature never vanished. To the good, the kind and innocent, he has been known to protect, administer the sweetest of chocolate and even, if you are very good, be an affectionate lover to one, or two lucky men come Easter morning.  If you find him hidden in your bedroom, you are in for the a wonderful holiday indeed. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

FallenAngel's Barbarian Birthday Boner-aza! Part 2

Here we go with part 2, as promised!!! Todays most featured character of FallenAngels is Lynx-Kun.  Funny story, both Yelmo and Devilman were working on their piece while talking to each other online the morning of Fallens birthday.  They were both laughing when they asked each other what the other one was doing!

We are starting this party Devilman's epic contribution, since it's the last to feature Acamas.  In my concept for Devilman, Lynx-Kun is under the brave barbarians tutelage.  He's gonna teach him how to get bigger and stronger. In fact, Acamas has a secret method of making ones dick bigger and bigger.  He may even be able to help Lynx-Kun grow a foreskin...maybe. 

Devilman has imbued his men with a powerful aura.  Acamas's is created through a mixture of great pride in his enormous manhood, his strength and natural beauty. (It's so strong, even his cape is effected!)  It flows through him to Lynx, where it is reenforced by joining up with the vibrant, steaming sexuality that courses through  Lynx.  The wonder of sexual discovery, the temptation of another man and the erotic playfulness between teacher and student;  These are all things Fallenangel lives every day through his works.

In Guytoonist take on Lynx-Kun, he is no longer a trainee.  Now the poster boy for pretty, Lynx-has grown to be an epic warrior.  His muscles, frame and even his cock have all thickened.  His hair, is now a sexy mass that grows wildly untamed from his bandana.  He sits proud.  Legs spread.  Hips thrust forward. His massive dick, having sprung forward, sits plump and ready.  The cock head, super moist from days of hiding under the foreskin, now glows dark with bent up passion. It fills the air with a light musk.  The look in his face shows that Lynx is still waiting for the onlooker to judge him.  Who is it that judges and dismisses such beauty as his?  Perhaps he is just judging himself, worried he is not good enough?

Yelmos image marks the first fan art of FallenAngels magical tyrant Veles Rasputin.  (The first time he has been featured fully naked as well, I might add.  Same goes for Lynx in all these images btw.)  The newest member of FallenAngels family of naughty stars, I was more then overjoyed when Yelmo asked to take him on.  We had to make the decision of what kind of cock he has and I think we chose well with a long thin uncut member to match his body frame.  Of course Fallen is free to bestow both characters as he wishes when he does decided to strike pen to groin at a later date. :P  Yelmos Lynx-Kun bears a strong chin and the golden swimmers build body.  His soft youthful handsomeness is at a stark contrast to the older Rasputin, who is fully toned, after rough years of working out and dealing with invasion battles. 

Lynx-Kun has fallen under Rasputins spell.  He happily grabs a big piece of birthday cake, to feed this new object of his affection.  While certainly smitten the charms by Lynx, if that fully erect penis is any indication, the rascal Rasputin just can't help but try to get at FallenAngels gifts.  He'll soon be stopped by cake in his mouth and two firm hands on his cock...

Bonus!  Feast your eyes on FallenAngels updated Lynx-Kun!!

In case you missed it:
Big news,
I have Tumblr Now. 

Easter Cut Out Display Special 2015

I miss doing these kinds of posts. This year, I found something really nice. These are pages from an ancient Fantasia display book.  The classic (and racist) characters from Fantasia will look very nice with your Easter egg display tomorrow.  Just print, cut out and maybe glue to cardboard in the process to strengthen.  Actually, it's a little more then that.  You will have to be creative with your creations.  Some of these are meant to work with a giant backdrop that came with the book.  I only found really small images of that, so some will need additional love to make work.  Sorry!

Not sure why Disney only does Princess and the latest movie stuff.  They could easily do a classic Disney Easter parade set with images like this.  I saw classic Valentines on sale this year.  Saw them go very fast in fact.  The store couldn't keep them in stock.

OH yeah, big news,
I have Tumblr Now.

Anyway, as soon as this is posted, warning, we have incoming porn!  Devilman, Guytoonist and Yelmo all have some steaming hot stuff for you guys to enjoy!

This image is much bigger.

 A larger Zeus.  What better way to celebrate Jesus birthday? :P

 There's a special place in hell for the person that made that centaur.


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