Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sitting On The Throne, Still A Slave

A portrait of Pyis, was the enchanting gift sent to me from Lastmanouthere, on the evening of my 39th year.

"I don't normally do this, but since it is your birthday, I will make an exception. That said, do you see anything you like?"

Pyis, the protector of Pharaoh Fatep, is not prone to resting on her throne.  Then again, the brave in battle, but bashful in bed bodyguard is certainly not prone to exposing his dick and offering it up for some gay romance either.  I think there more enchantment here, than just the alluring lines of Lastman.  Perhaps Cleo slipped him something.  Of course, if it was him, then clutzy Cleos plan has backfired, with Pyis offering me that strong phallus to enjoy instead. Ha ha ha looks good on him.
I certainly see a lot I like Pyis.  Who doesn't? XD  Let me just get down on bended knee and offer you my service. (Bangs head on PC screen.)  Oh was worth a try.  One dream and screen shattered... Still as far as dreams coming true, a return of Pyis of this decadence is good enough!  Thank you so very much Lastman!  I might not be Pharaoh, but I felt like royalty getting this!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nothing Better Than Aged Chocolate Filling

Guys I have some INCREDIBLE art to share with you all.  Sadly I don't have much time today to do it. Soooo I am going to have to do some quick snipe posts during the day to get them all up!!  I have great art from Lastmanouthere, Caravaggia, Leon De Leon (Urbanmusiq) and a couple whoppers from Kagami.
Kagami asked me, if I could have one character for my birthday, who would I pick?  Oh that took all of 5 seconds for me to respond too!  Emil, the super hot muscle daddy of Space Cadet of course!!! I wasn't expecting what I got though.  A full funny picture of him coming out of my birthday cake, much to the chagrin of his son Byron!  Mako is trying to reassure Byron that it's all good, but you know in the back of his mind, he wants that to happen so he can have a threesome with the father and son super hunks!!! hee hee.
There are two wonderful versions below.  The wrapped and unwrapped versions...How would you rather have him?  So do you guys think a threesome is something I should pursue with master Kagami?
Kagami was very sweet to do this and send a sweet message a long with it.  He's still healing, after a horrible accident.  Good art will heal you though. It certainly made me feel like a 21, instead of a 39 year old. :P

This isn't the only Class Comics related surprise I got!  Oh heck no.  Wait till you see the gift from Leon De Leon and these sweet greetings that Patrick and Fraser made for me! Oh my three favourite boys together...yum yum.  XD  I'm gonna get fat off all this beef cake!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vann Wants Some 'Cake.'

No really, it's just cake.  A very special cake made by FallenAngel for muh birthday.  Little Vann is floating on air with desire to munch on that treat.  Peng is of course in pure protect mode. (As always!)  I wonder if those wings on Vann are just a cartoonish representation of his emotions, or if Peng gave him momentary wings?  I know I was floating through the air, when FallenAngel sent me this yesterday.  He tricked me too. Named the e-mail something else, so I would open it unaware of the early gift inside!!!! BUGGER!!!!
I love Pengs new costume. I think it's gonna be a staple outfit from now on for him!!! What a wonderful gift, from such an awesome friend.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Have A Gay Victoria Day 2016

Happy Victoria Day all you proud Canadians!  Oh man, since I started this blog I have wanted to do a Victoria Day image with FallenAngel.  Due to it falling on my birthday, or having other projects in the works at the same time, it always fell to the side.  I can scratch one off my to-do list today though.  We decided to give you guys some Caveman love to enjoy. It's been some time since we used Dore and Tameh. (Looking at Patrick Fillions art from a couple years ago got me inspired to finally get off my duff.)   FallenAngel has once again done a fantastic job on the Caveman duo. Especially super handsome Dore..growls... ;D  Looks like the flying reptile is more interested in the light show, than the one on the ground. :P 
I hope your night is filled with as much fireworks and fornicating as these two. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Demon Master Tzeuk By Guytoonist

Hey guys, I hope you are having a great long weekend.  Gonna make it a little more fun with the last few pieces of Lastmanouthere's birthday art.  Right now I have Tzeuk as only Guytoonist can do.  Good thing Guytoonist only uses his powers for good, cause there's something about the allure of the Demon master, that might have many of us joining the dark side, to be at his side!  He's brought a beefy upper body and slender torso to his rendition.  As well, the once sleek and eclean skull upon Tzeuks head, is now jagged, crooked and dribbling florescent blood form it's fangs.  The power of the magical blood flows through Tzeuk, giving his eyes the same haunting (and yet sexy) glow.  Perhaps this is how the skull appears when being used to conjure, while in the public eye, as it sits dormant, it is less menacing.   He's certainly helped add another dimension to this character.  Very proud of this one, as Guy and I haven't had a project to present together in some time!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bone Barbarian Ond On The Horizon

Hey guys! I have another gift I sent to Lastmanouthere for his birthday, to share. This one is by the artists Xyph, who I have not commissioned in some time. It was really gratifying to see him work his magic on one of our cast members, again. He provided our warrior with some mega proportions. Big muscles, slender legs, sleek cock, sizable chest and top him with sweet pouty lips.  Can't ask for much more than that, on your birthday. (Outside of being actually real!)  I hope you guys enjoy the view from atop Xlyph's misty morning vista.

Be sure to check out the rest of his art here!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Edwards Waits By The Water

Hey guys as you can see, I have something very special to share with you all. It's an animated piece by Gene Lightfoot!!  I couldn't keep people from doing Edwards pieces! hee hee.
In a continuation of the last posts story, Edwards has returned to patrol the water ruins.  Hoping to once again come across the sea serpent man, he sits on an old brick wall and dips his toes in the water.  For 20 mins, he lightly splashes, but the effect isn't getting him anywhere.  The whole time, he can't get his mind off of the wonderful ass destroying sex he had.  It isn't very long before he starts to get hard.  Just the thought of it for a few mins makes his cock throb, aching for attention.  Precum drips out of his foreskin hole in long tick gobs, lubing up his head.  The sweet smell of his member lightly perfumes the air around him.  Perhaps if he jerks off, the sound of squishing foreskin and the scent of sex, will reach the creature and entice it into showing itself.
Edwards begins to beat his meat.  He tries to take it slowly, but the more he thinks of Naytala, the closer he comes to losing control.  Precum lightly splashes into the calm water below.  If Naytala doesn't show up soon, it's going to be joined by wads of his cum.  A boy can only hold out for so long.  And this boys been longing for this all day.

Here is one of the still frames from the image! A little bonus treat!  A big thanks to Gene for doing such a precum inducing job!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Ogopogo Will Drag You Down

Edwards is about to learn a valuable lesson.  When patrolling outside your normal parameters, it's always safer to do so with a friend.  Though, when one meets up with the son of Ogopogo, one might need a whole posse to get away, unscathed.  Thankfully Naytala knows a good heart when he feels one (pulsating through a huge uncut cock like Edwards.)  He won't punish Edwards too badly. I'm sure he will be able to sit again, after a week, or two.  In this future time, it seems people have forgotten the tales of Ogopogo. Edwards will ensure that legends has new life breathed into it, after today.  

A super huge thanks to FallenAngel who spent so much time doing this piece, based on a concept I had.  I love to see him do things like water effects. He doesn't get very many requests for that.  He actually picked the two characters he wanted to draw for Lastmanouthere's birthday and I did my best to give him a good scenario and pose to work with!  There is LOTS more like this to come!  I hope you guys enjoy it!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sexy Passage Through The Hot Sands

Alright!  To end off April, I have this beautifully crafted piece by Lastmanouthere to showcase off to you guys!  For the first time, we get to see Skelldon at his actual job.  As mentioned LONG ago, he works offering safe and sexy passage across the desert wastes.  These lie just beyond the city where he and Tonia live. 

In this piece, we find the two early in their relationship.  Tonia, being stubborn, tried to make a trek to a nearby oasis on foot.  He wants to go to a little gathering of friends there, but he can't afford a ticket on any of the escorts.  Not even half way there, he becomes exhausted, sweltering in the early morning sun.  He collapses to his knees.  He does his best to recompose himself, but the sun is too strong.  He prays he can at least make the journey back without fainting, or worse.
Soon, he notices the heat of the sun getting less severe as he find himself in a shadow.  At first he thinks it's a cloud, but a simple glance to his side finds the very welcome sight of Skelldon.  He's seen the muscular dinosaurman on many occasions, but was always too intimidated by such a powerful being, to greet him formally.  (In truth, the exact same can be said of Skelldon, who has adored Tonias body from afar many times.)
Tonia pets the overly friendly ceratopsian steed and after a bit of a licking, looks up laughing at it's handsome master.  Skelldon smiles a little goofily as he introduces himself and asks if the young man would like a ride.  Tonia looks down at the ground and replies that sadly, he has no money.  Skelldon assures him that it would be his pleasure and that by his own honor, he cannot leave anyone struggling in the desert. (Especially not someone as cute as Tonia, he thinks to himself.) 
As Tonia walks over to get behind Skellon, his eyes never leave the mans perfect cut cock.  Tonia can't help it. He has never seen an orange cock before.   His own cock throbs and bounces as he walks.  He wishes he could contain it, but he notices that Skelldon is very shyly sneaking glances at him.  Skelldon helps him up easily.  He seats him facing the front, instead of facing behind him, as is tradition.  Skellon is instantly aware of the cock head rubbing and smearing precum all over the small of his back.  It's nice and soft and cool. How long will it be before this leads to something else, he wonders?  This will be a fun ride indeed. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Growth

Some sweet art from Sirio to celebrate spring.  I asked Sirio to do another pairing of Harry and Space Cadet, since that was so fun to do before.  Harry is discovering Byrons 'new growth' I do believe he is really enjoying playing with old friends new uncut cock. Sirio really did an amazing job on these guys, especially in capturing that curve in Harrys bunny boner!


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