Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Coming back soon

 2020 was rough snd 2021 has been even worse.  I went through a lot, but am happy to say that even if it gets worse, at least I found my muse again.  My main issue with nit posting is my PC.  It’s a relic that needs to be destroyed and replaced.  It makes posting a nightmare.  Trying to post here on my current mobile devises is actually worse.  Fumbling around with images can take hours, to place them in a decent position.  I will do my best going forward with what I have.  Just wanted to check in and say I am still alive and will be back very soon.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Happy Halloween 2020

 For most people this year, celebrating Halloween traditionally is going to be a battle.  For some reason, wearing gloves and a mask is now deemed unsafe by many governments.  Can they make up their minds? Maybe it’s time we fought for our personal freedoms and traditions a little harder, before things get even worse.  Well, there is one tradition that I can keep alive with some help.  That’s posting some wonderful Halloween art for you all to enjoy.  I am going post 5 pieces from FallenAngel today.  We hope it inspires you to get into the spirit of the holiday!  Class Comics also managed released a new Halloween anthology comic as well.  It is super hot, with brand new characters and lots of returning cameos.  I hope you remember to take a look at it and check out all you favourite artists to see what they are up to this 31st of October.  


I thought I would share with you all some the holiday festivities at my place. I have been cooking up some delights!  Whipped up some dinosaur eggs.  Chop off my neighbors foot and made a stunning meatloaf. ( Well they told us to avoid going to stores and malls. I had to get the meat somewhere. Don't blame me!)   Then we have an array of games and desserts for anyone that survives the main course!  Cruel Cupcakes, Molasses Kisses and Bat Brownies are sure to ignite the fires of hell in your tummy.  As bad as my cooking is,the real horror for me has been trying to get  blogger to work on an ipad and a ten year old PC.  Two hours to do a blog

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Zagreus The Prince Of Hades

Hello everyone.  It has been some time hasn’t it?  It has been a crazy year for everyone. My job and my health have both been terrible, but wort of all is my PC.  The main tool I use to post here, has become a nightmare to use.  Still it is the start of the Halloween season and it time for me to pull my pants up and get posting again.  I am using my mobile device to post, so these might wind up being briefer than usual. I HATE typing on this thing.  Anyway, let’s get to it.  

You might have heard of a little game called Hades that just released on Nintendo Switch. After seeing the animated trailer I immediately fell head over heals for who I thought was Hades himself.  Turns out though that this hunk is Hades son Zagreus.  Well, you boys know me.  I had to get the game and commission some art based on it..particularly prince Zag.  As it turns out the game is a blast to play through.  I totally suck at it, but I don’t care.  Getting to know the prince, along with his fellow denizens of the underworld better with each failure is all part of the fun.  The cast of characters is delightful.  The prince himself is not exactly James Woods.  He is more kind of heart and extremely well mannered.  I won’t say much, this isn’t a review, but I will say that each olympian is sexy treat for the eyes.  They all have well fleshed out personalities, along with one who definitely took inspiration from Disney’s Hercules.  

You have already scrolled down, but here is my first commissioned piece, this one by the super artist Aneros, of the charming, devilishly delightful prince Zagreus.  He is now well endowed, with a wet, glistening uncut cock for us all to worship.  Oh Prince, you cannot make it up to the surface world to be with us mortals fast enough! 

 Here is the line art, for those of you who enjoy colouring and seeing the making of process.

Alight throw out your tissues and keep scrolling down.  I have some in game art to share!


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Dellan Garmond A noble hero

Good evening guys! I have the very first original character of 2020 to show off tonight.  This as you read is Dellan.  A bold new entity by Lastmanouthere.  Bold in that, he is very much a medieval super hero. A Vigilante of noble birth.  He has an air of smugness to him, that is very sexy.  He reminds me of the first guy I ever dated. Smugness and always creeping around at night.  Though, I think I would rather have dated Dellan.  I have already been begging lastman to present him in action, as his story begs much visual exploring.  Here it is for your enjoyment.

Some nobles are born to rule. 
Some nobles are born to lead armies. 
Dellan of House Garmond, in Praria, was born for neither.   

     The fifth child of the Count of Highwind, Dellan was in no hopes of inheriting his father's claim to being Mayor of Praria, the former Imperial Capital. And while his brothers and sister would have killed for it, Dellan rejoiced in the fact he had no aristocratic responsibilities other than looking pretty and improving his father's influence by sleeping with other noblemen.
     This easy life, however, soon became boring, and for a dynamic guy like Dellan, that was a problem. Strong and agile, he had no problem fending off a band of thugs who attacked him and his latest paramour one night, and that started a constant and unavoidable urge to seek thrills in crime-fighting. Adopting a masked persona, he started a career of sneaking out of home at night to punish criminals and save the innocent. Eventually, the people identified him as Nightdancer, as his personal fighting style involved an acrobatic display around his targets, all the while he stabbed and lashed with his rapier in the softest and most vulnerable spots.
But even this life began to become stale, and while Praria offered no shortage of criminals small and big, after a few years, Dellan wanted more. It was a welcomed coincidence he stumbled upon Constable Ryan, who was just gotten involved into a larger than life conspiracy to face an ancient, obscure threat......

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!

Happry Valentine’s Day everyone.  Sorry for the long stretch between posts. On New Years Eve I became ill with a viral infection that took me 5 weeks to recover from.  I missed almost two full work weeks.  I still cough a lot.  Anyway I am back now.  So it is time to post some sweet Pics once again. Here is Vann giving you two things to suck on, to make you feel giddy this Valentine’s night!  Art of course by FallenAngel!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Vann and His Christmas Tan

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope you didn't miss me!  Like Vann here I took a bit of a vacation.  I spent a lot of time with family and friends.  I put all my efforts into making Christmas special for my then over the last 2 months.   As I get older my family gets smaller and smaller.  Seize the day while you can, I always say.  The future is unknown.  I went with a  Looney Tunes theme this year. It was a crazy amount of fun looking for decorations and setting them up around my living room. I probably should add some pics of it to this.

Speaking of looney FallenAngel and I sent Vann Illia on vacation for Christmas.  That boys greed wouldn't be quenched by our generous gift.  Nope.  He has to get whatever he wants.  Upon getting to the beach, he decided he had to be the guy with the best tan out there.  So he stayed out far too long.  That does look sexy Vann, but you are gonna be cursing the  Hawaiian heaven once the pain and the peeling begin bud.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

One Final Halloween Embrance

Happy Halloween 2019 boils and ghouls!  I woke up nice and early to present you with this HOT sensual treat.  So stick this in your pumpkins!  It will illuminate your senses!  Oh yes!  HA HA HA!  KappaX has  Jasper and Belvadar finally getting together.  It just wouldn't be a proper Halloween around here without it!

It's deep into the dead of the night and Belvadar is sleeping so super soundly.  He doesn't notice the faint drop in temperature from the wispy mist that has appeared above him. The mist takes shape, starting with a smile...the form drifts down and lies next to Belvadar. The cold nuzzle of the masculine form stirs something in Belvadars dick and it starts to get nice and hard.  The form cups its blue chin in it's palms and watches the cock grow, with all the enthusiasm and wonder of a child with a new toy.  It reaches for the cock and very shyly, quickly helps the foreskin pull back all the way.  With a soft sizzle of skin, Belvadars massive mushroom is exposed.  Almost glowing in the deep darkness of Halloween night. Belvadar doesn't seem to be waking up any time soon, so Japser does what he does best.  He goes to town on the bat boys cock.  Sucking, and stroking has fiercely as his ethereal form can muster.  The passionate scene feels like it is encased in it's own segment of the universe. Just the two of them in perfect serenity, comfortably pocketed in the eternal darkness of Halloween.  It is not long before Belvadars hot white jisim is drowning his perfect abs. Jasper doesn't even have to touch his cut cock.  His cum races out at the very sight of Belvadars orgasm.  There it mixes in the pool of sweet smelling cum.   Belvadar would later wake up, wondering if the encounter was simply a very intense wet dream.  That is, until he pulls the ectoplasm from under his foreskin in the shower later that morning...

Here is the line art to enjoy! 

Check out the tantalizing twitter of KappaX!

If you want to have a swinging Halloween party tonight, check out this sweet Electro Swing mix!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Isaiah Has a Ghostly Encounter At Midnight!

Isaiah isn't safe even sleeping by his wife in bed any more.  Horny ghosts like Jasper just sneak up through the sheets between them and have their way with his mountain sized manhood!  That is what happens when your dick is a demonic dousing rod.  You wind up attracting all kinds of curious ghouls.  It is midnight on Halloween morning.  This day is owned by Jasper.  Rising from his grave, he is instantly drawn to Isaiah.  Aneros has drawn up a solid chocolate man treat and our Ghost boy is gonna devour every inch of him!  Those cold, slipper hands of his are firm and sensual on Isaiahs extra long shaft.  He is paralysed with passion.   Unable to even call out for the help of his beloved wife, as he brought to orgasm, after orgasm. Edging for hours does a number on his sensitive cock. His head is gonna be as sore as Ichabod Cranes come Halloween morning!  

Enjoy my friends, but beware the midnight hour!  Huge Halloween hugs and Candy apple kisses to Aneros for doing such a fantastic job, just in time for Halloween!  We love you man!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Byron And The Bigfoot

Velcome to day 3 of our count down to Halloween.  Let us head deep into the back woods of British Columbia and see what we can see!

Today our friends Byron of the Canadian Mounting, er, Mounted and a certain young hiker are about to learn a lesson in horror etiquette.  Once you think you have escaped, never stop running till you are safe!
Upon locating the missing Elijah deep in the Wood, Byron almost immediately started to work his charms on him.  (Who could blame him?)  The Hiker told Byron his story, but he refused to really believe him.  The tale of a bottom that enchanted beasts, got Byron rock hard.  It wasn't long before his desire to top the Hiker became a reality.  Despite the Hikers protest to keep quiet and hurry up, Byron continued to echo his lust loudly through the woods.  It was not long before they drew the attention of a Bigfoot.  Where there is one there is many.  Byron is about to learn a powerful lesson in taking the victims story seriously....
Maybe they can escape by Christmas....

Todays Halloween Hunks were drawn once again by Sirio!  My inital thought was to have Byron in a Canadian Mountie outfit,  but I changed my mind. I wanted him naked.  I almost settled for a hat on him, but without the rest of the costume, it would just have been a distraction.  There is enough distraction here with Elijah so wonderfully drawn and Bigfoot so big and burly!  hee hee.  

Monday, October 28, 2019

Isaiah Sticks It To Belvadar

Hello my little cum suckers.  Are you ready for the Halloween image for Tonight?
Well, thanks to Leon De Leon, Isaiah got free.  You know what he did?  He decided to administer a little payback.  Much to Belvadars chagrin. He was sleeping so peacefully. (Just a quick power nap, to recharge the old bat pole, of course.)  The demon slayer found him easily thanks to his magic phallus.  Isaiahs demon dowsing rod  located and started excavating his hot bat cave in a matter of seconds.  Belvadar woke with a start. He thought Isaiah only let demons fuck him.  He wasn't ready for this Halloween nights twist ending!

 Oh but you know our Belvadar. He knows how to give and take it.  His hole is super tight, able to administer a special suction that just coxes cum from cocks!    If Isaiah wanted to last even a few moments he was gonna have pull that steaming uncut meat constantly out all the way.  He could feel the pressure pushing his foreskin super tight over and long past the tip of his massive mushroom head.  He had never felt his foreskin stretched so much.  It turned him on so much, that it made him cum deep in Belvadars ass after the third thrust. Even afterwards he didn't stop for single second.  The suction was so great, that it magically stirred his balls.  The feeling of wanting to fuck returned instantly. His cock was now twice as sensitive and he enjoyed the stretching and squishing of his pole even more than before.  The cum tickled him, as strings of it tried to make its way to his cocks tip.  This continued for several more cum shots, before Isaiah fell over exhausted on the bed.   "I think it is time for a drink.  Hydration is key. "  Isaiah was about to thank Bel for his hospitality, when he noticed his fangs were bared.  Was this fruit bat about to go feral?  Has Bel finally been pushed over the edge by an enchanted demon slaying cock?   Nah...he just was teasing as he dug into a nice can of tomato juice. Then poured a glass for his new friend. Halloween is all about tricks and TREATS.!


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