Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Gay Ghostly Greetings! Three Is More Fun On Halloween

After rocking his world for most of the night, it Belvadar had finally been calmed.  Witch Blaine is to thank for that.  Feeling the teen wolfs distress, he came to the rescue of the Jersey Devil.  Calming a creature like Belvadar was no easy task though.  It took a lot out of the witch boy.  After a battle of wills, spells and music, the dust settled and Bel was back to his regular self again.  JD however was not.  Collapsed, comatose and cum drained, our beloved boy toy needed some major healing and fast.

Thinking quickly, Belvadar flew JD over to the woods where Jaspers gave is located.  He whistled to his dearly departed friend, hoping he was still in the area.  As luck would have it, Jasper had retreated to his grave some time during Bels show.  He had been dismayed and a little jealous by Belvadars total focus on JD that night.  He had remain hidden among the crowd, only visible to Belvadar.  Bel apologized to Jasper for his actions and properly introduced JD to the Jasp.  JD however, remained totally out of it during this awkward introduction.  Bel explained that he did not mean to take it this far and now feared for his friends life.  Jasper, for the first time ever, scolded Belvadar.  This took a lot for Jasper to do, as Bel is a person who Jasper felt could never do any wrong.  It was quit the humbling moment for Bel.

Jasper placed his cold blue hands on JDs hairy chest.  He felt his heart weakly beat.  He reached through JDs chest to get a better feel on his heart.  The moon was still strong, though low in the sky.  A simple touch of his heart told Jasper that if JD were to return to human form in his condition, it may very well be the end of him.  He needed to help him as fast as possible.

First Jasper laid on top of JD and gently kissed him, blowing cool air that twirled and swirled as it entered his dry mouth.  The vapour of a benevolent spirit is said to help guide the living away from death. And there ain't no ghost in this world as kind hearted as our Jasper!  Immediately JDs eyes opened wide, glowing the same baby blue as Jasper.   JD was still not fully concious yet, but Belvadar introduced him to his 'dearest friend.'  A comment that made Jasp momentarily glow red.  Jasper caressed and wrapped himself around JD time and again. Jasper took the head of his penis and touch the tip of his head to various points on JDs body.  It touch sent gentle healing waves that rippled through JD.  With each sensual touch he poured new life into the werewolfs body.  It still wasn't enough, as JD struggled to snap out of his diminished state.

Finally in desperation, Jasper grabbed the teens cock firmly in both hands and started sucking on it.  Bel tried to protest, reminding Jasper that this was how he got this way in the first place, but Jasper was desperate now.  The moon was setting and there was very little time left for both him and JD. He had Belvadar hold JD up as he wrapped his tail tightly around JDs uncut dick. He forcibly pulled back JDs super thick foreskin and with one quick action shoved a huge portion of his wispy tail right down JDs piss slit.  He move his tail in and out as fast as he could, slimming his urethra with pure healing ecotoplasm.  Eventually Jaspers actions took effect and JD started to come to.  He opened his eyes of his own accord, only to find them greeted by a huge ghostly smile.  He was taken aback for a second, or two, but seeing Belvadar holding him, put his mind at ease.
Jasper introduced himself and after JD did the same, JD remarked that for a Ghost, he had a very warm touch. This was followed immediately by an orgasm so strong it pushed Jaspers tail right out of JDs cock, splattering cum all over Belvadars face as it flailed out. JD once again collapsed, but this time it was out of euphoria. He smiled and very wearily thanked Jasper, as he fell into a gentle sleep.

Jasper Flew into Bels face, told him, he was lucky.  That his friend will be alright, then gave him a coy look.  He knows Bel very well..."You could have used any means to heal him...You didn't need to come to me....But you did." He hugged Bel tightly, covering him with slime, then flew high into the sky, before he dove giggling, as only ghosts can, straight down into his grave.  The moon was gone now and JD was slowly turning back into a human teen again.  Bel slowly retreated along with the shadows, catching a glimpse for the first time of what JD really looks like, before flying off into the night, so not to be seen. JD was used to walking up disoriented in unknown fields after a full moon.  This time though, hints of memories and a feeling of being cared for and even loved lingered. He smiled as the sun rose, ending yet another Halloween.  He covered his cut cock with his hat and went on a quest to find some clothes on a scarecrow to cover his nakedness, before returning home.  He could swear he heard humming coming from a lone grave as he walked by it.  Must have been his imagination though...

Tonigthts Halloween piece was done by my friend Aneros.  It was so good, that it inspired the story and connection to FallenAngels piece!  I hope you guys like this little gathering of gay Halloween studs, as much as I enjoyed telling you it's tale!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Sniff Of The Rose On The Grave

Time for Another Halloween post!
Oh it's Halloween night and something has woken Jasper up instantly from his year long sleep.  What was it?  Why the placement of a single white rose on his grave!!! He zips from the ground, grasping the flower in his misty state, his hand materializes around it, grasps it tightly. He looks around, but whoever left it is long gone.  He holds the rose close and blushes as he sniffs it. He twirls and sighs as he takes in the scent.  He soon knows from the scent who left this and his cock gets instantly hard...
His quick rising and joy has caused a lot of commotion in the graveyard.  Other spirits are awoken by passionate vibes.  The earth rocks as skeleton hands break free, all trying their best in vain to reach Jaspers big blue dick.  As he takes another whiff, he allows one skeleton to get a momentary grip on his cock.  It won't hold on for long.  Jasper has one thing on his mind now and he's not about to let some lesser demon spill any of his seed.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fangs For the Memories

We join our hero Space Cadet on a spooky, stormy Halloween night some time in the mid 2000s!  He's accidentally invited a true vampire in for a trick, becoming a treat in the process... But don't worry Byron. You won't be infected.  This vampire just wants a nibble.  Just enough to sedate his hunger.  You'll wake up sore of ass and drained of cum.  A little weak from loss of blood.  Left to wonder if the events of that Halloween were real, or not.

Waaay back in 2012, I remarked how I thought it was a missed opportunity that no one used Patricks Vampire from Bliss and Boytoons in the Halloween Meaty.  Fast forward 4 years and I finally get off my ass to request something be done about it. :P  Gene Lightfoot and I decided to go back in time with this one, presenting Byron as Space Cadet in his cut state. The vampire, that remains nameless for the time being, is rendered beautifully by Gene.  The shadows outlining his facial movements give off a wonderful 3D effect.  It gives us a great view of each gentle bite.  He is beautifully drawn by Gene, with a very sexy cock and face.  Even though the vampire first appeared totally naked, we added a bit of traditional vampire attire in the form of a bow tie, just for fun.
Byron too is amazingly rendered here. I love how his cock looks like it is tight, sensitive and ready to explode at any second!  I guess he is under a spell to keep in on the edge of cumming.  Gene once again takes an opportunity to show the world how much he loves Mr. Durand.  The 3D like motion of the face, the washboard abs and the big plumb bosom of Byron were all made stronger I am sure, due to his drive to draw this beloved character.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Can You Feel The Music Of Halloween Night JD?

In honour of Guytoonist Birthday, FallenAngel has convinced Belvadar to perform a very special concert.  This Halloween concerto has a very captive audience: Guytoonists very own JD, the werewolf. He's been subdued and chained to the stereo system.  He's about to be awoken by the most thrilling feeling he's ever felt surging through his body.  Our Bel will not hold back, as he knows how to hit each note just right to harnessing the power of the darkest of nights.  There is nothing to hold back on Halloween... The night when Belvadar can let loose and let the spirit of the season take him to night heights of mischief. The night when the bat boys can be as wicked as possible.  Even Bel gets tempted.  Promising torture will do that.

The moon in the right position, now a glowing pumpkin head, Belvadar adjust the bonds that held JD.  The small vibrations felt through the chains prior, were nothing compared to the notes that will blast directly into his penis shaft and into his ass directly from the wires inserted into the speakers and guitar.  Bel plays all the classics; Night on Bald Mountain, Dance Macabre and tunes only know to the foulest of ghouls n ghosts.  Music no living mortal has ever lived to tell about, even if they did perchance to hear it coming from some forgotten graveyard on Halloween night.

Each note sends JD into a painful ecstasy he cannot escape.  Again and again, he cums and spews till the stage floor is a delicious icy white.  His boy batter will be a feast for Bel once the concert is done...Though that will be hours from now, when the cock crows and the powers of Halloween dissipate for another year.
Belvadar takes great pleasure is pushing his old friend to the limits.  While a human probably wouldn't survive the night, in his werewolf form he is at least getting some enjoyment out of this, despite his howls to the contrary.

Because of how wicked Bel is in this series, I asked FallenAngel to create a darker version of the character, just for fun.  Honestly, it could be that something is possessing Bel, but in this case, I truly think that boy just loves to torture JD. The two are friends and rivals, who enjoy pushing each other to the limits.  So this wasn't really more for fun.

A huuuuge thank you to FallenAngel for working so hard on both these images.  This was going to be just a one shot, but the first sketch he did was so delightful, that instead of scraping it, we made it a 2 parter.  I hope you guys find it a super start to the Halloween season around here.  Next time, we will have something with Jasper for you all to enjoy by FallenAngel!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Derek, Raven of Mai

Hey guys, I got home and found this splendid image by Lastmanouthere in my inbox. It's such a wonderfully done piece, I had to post it right away. It features Derek, Lastmanouthere's self proclaimed favourite original characters.  While not one of our mutually created and shared OCs, I had to take the opportunity showcase him here first.  Lastman keeps knocking it out of the park these days and this image is a grand slam of style.  Certainly one of his most enchanting pieces.  Derek appears to materialize out of the darkness, a glowing light of inspiration in Lastmans mind.

Here is what Lastmanouthere had to say about the piece:

Darek is one of my most beloved OCs, if not the most and it's been literally years since I last depicted him properly. He appears, in one way or another, in all my high fantasy settings as a cruel assassin who was horribly tortured as a child, but after finding love with the Earth Templar Evon, he became more of a spy for well-intended organisations. His weapon of choice is the double kusari - gama style Fool's Blade (not depicted), but lacking this, any short blade, or even his bare body is deadly.

Lastmanouthere is even developing a language for him.  Fascinating stuff.  He's got one intense imagination.  I have a hard enough time with English alone. XD  As long as I know 'feed me I'm hungry' and 'Let's have sex' I should be good if I ever fall into the world of locked in his mind. ;D

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hot Days Of Halloween

It's the last day of summer and Vann and Peng are travelling through the coconut desert.   Dying of heat, they stumble across an odd little oasis. There is no body of water, just a large gove of coconut trees and a queer tub, with Jack-O-Lantern markings.  Vann exhausted, decides to lay down in the tub, while Peng takes a look around.  Rising out of the sand, a red being appears in front of Vann.  The Oni carries a large bag of ice and partially fills the tub with it.  Vann is a bit startled at first, but being the brawny man that he is, find himself totally relaxed in the tub.  The hot sun beating down on him and the frozen ice below him, soon creates a feeling of total calming comfort.
The Oni orders several of his lesser demon servants to retrieve ice from a magical device to insure the tub is kept cool for their guest.  Every so often one shows up to replace the melted ice.  The tub itself spits out the the access water from it's mouth.  Oni is intrigued by this blond haired wonder and begins rubbing and massaging Vanns muscles.  Eventually he works his way down to Vanns impressive member, which had been already getting hard from all the action above it.  His mighty red hands barely manage to fully grasp the Barbarian Elfs massive cock, as he gently strokes the cut meat.  Meanwhile, still very much exhausted and totally unaware of Vanns situation, Peng discovers a magical device that creates the ice.  It seems to be getting it through a portal.  Finding a bag he rushes to relieve his friend, only to find Vann very much relaxed already....

Oh Vann, it's one thing to to forget your best friend, while you lap in the life of luxury, but it's quite another to mistake him for a servant boy...I feel a pounding is coming on and it won't be sexual.  At least, not at first anyway...
Art of course by the eternally source of heat in DPK FallenAngel!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Everett The Reluctant

Hey ho guys!  Been awhile, but we're back with style.  Today I proudly present Lastmanoutheres latest OC! He's the Giner Captain of young Edwards, Everett.  Oh Lastman does love his Ginger boys...XD While Everett is no boy.  He's a warrior, who's taken the time to better understand the world he lives in and who is and isn't truly worth protecting.  As you will soon read, he's no pigeon, who takes the world as it was presented to him.  Everett is the perfect Captain to guide Edwards on the proper path of 'patrolling.'  Here's hoping Lastmanouthere will pair the two of them together, showing Everett 'teaching' the young man, for us all to enjoy! His story is below!

In his youth, Captain Everett of the Outer Patroll was a rash, aggressive fellow.  He joined the ranks to make sure the unclean, corrupt outsiders would never gain access to the Citadel and destroy the last traces of civilization there.  It that had taken so much effort to preserve it after the great destructive cataclysms. As most artists, the discovery of his Art made it easy for him to rise through the ranks and eventually become Captain.

As he aged however and, more importantly came in contact with the population of the City outside of the Citadel, he begun to realize not all of what the Enlightened ones said was literally true, or even made sense. Everett during his patrols, came to know Pappa Marius and his family of exiles.  Though reticent he learned to appreciate these outsiders almost as much as he did the people in the Citadel. In particular he had a deep respect of the brave Seigfried and of Marius himself. It became harder and harder for him to carry on his duty as a protector of the Citadel and his Enlightened ones and at the same time not think of the outsiders as a threat to them.

In one of his rounds with Edwards, Everett and his other cadets stopped a brawl between a band of rogues from Reinhart's band, and Zachery and other of Marius's kids. This earned him the eternal scourge of the rogues, and appreciation from Zachery. Though a child back then, Everett felt a connection with the boy and dedicated himself to watch over him when his designated guardian Seigfried wasn't around,.  He did so with the purpose of gaining his heart and to eventually take him to the Citadel once Zachery was of age. This didn't happen, though, as the arrival of Alexander and the maelstrom of chaos he brought with him disrupted all of Everett's plans. Only his trusted underling Edwards knew of Everett's not-so-platonic love for Zachery, and the reluctance he feels to act upon these feelings given both their ages and their opposed backgrounds.

Everett's Art is called the Black Strobe, which slows and speeds up time as he pounces into his enemies, allowing him to confuse them and leave them open for more punishment. This is accompanied by a blinding succession of powerful light and unnatural darkness, which resembles the effects of a stroboscopic lamp. His letter is the Epsilon, shown in his chest badge.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Never Give Up The Crown

Hey guys!  It's Friday and I have the day off!  Guess what I am going to do? Well, first off I will be posting this wicked awesome piece by Darian821 of course! After that, it's time to get the Halloween decorations out of storage.  :P  It's never too early for Halloween and Cam, Class Comics big orange cutey, is in festive colous all year round!  

It was Patricks special day and while Cam is arguably the 'King Cat' of Class Comics, he's willing to let Patrick get a little of the spotlight.  As long as Patrick agrees to take his kings cane for a bit first that is!

Darian did a splendid job on the piece.  Making Cam look super adorable by combining aspects of his old and new self. Yup, we went for the circumcised Cam.  He looks so hot like this!  Check out the blush and the highlights in the hair.  VERY CUTE!   Darian even gave him some extreme girth.  Fuck, even Doctor Pupae would be proud of that crazy width!!!  He would probably be jealous he didn't do that Cam!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Emil Sucks and Fucks The Void

Alight so the story behind this blog post actually starts a year ago.  This goes back to last July and August, when I was doing projects for Patricks birthday with many talented artists.  I asked Genelightfoot to do piece where Emil Durand was fucking his 'grandson' Void.  That piece turned out beautifully, as you will see below.  Patrick was so smitten with it, that he asked if he could use it in Hook-Ups Meaty that was coming out at the end of summer.  We both agreed and the image made it's way into vol 2. Though sadly, a mistake was made and there was no mention of my role in it's creation.  (In fact, accidentally only one contribution was cited, out of I think 4 total.)  So if you have seen the Meaty volumes, don't think I am trying to take claim of being part of something I wasn't!!!
Anyway, let's get back on track.  I really loved seeing the fantasy come real of Emil and Void together.  I knew Patrick did too.  So this year for Patricks birthday  I splurged a little and asked Gene to do the piece below.  He did this in record time.  Which is something to note, because Gene has always worked very fast.  He did just before he moved to a new home.  I had no complaints, though he modestly said it could have been better.  I told him no way!  The only thing that was omitted due to lack of time was the cum shot from Emils cock. (Though that might look odd with him cumming over and over anyway!)  I was super happy with it, as was Mr. Fillion. I hope you will enjoy it as well! :)

Emils dick is still lubed from fucking Void. He takes advantage of that smooth goo to work his shaft all the way over his circumcised head.  He is enjoying every inch of his grandsons cock.  Getting right in there and wiggling his head as savours the spacey shaft!  Genelightfoot really outdoes himself with every piece!  

Here is the piece that was done last year. It's in the same area as you can see!  Void, drawn to Earth by Byron, is drawn back again by his Grandfather.  Emils rampage on the beach sent hormonal signals through space directly to Void.  Unable to resist the cock that created his father, he sets his course back to Earth.  Once there he teleports the two of them to a realm where Emil can let go of his Earthly bonds and inhibitions and partake in the immense pleasure that can only come of two titanic men making love to each other.

You noticed that I've censored it a little bit!!! You will have to get the Meaty to see Voids uber thick foreskin covered cock!!! XD  You can do so by clicking the link below!

Here is a bit of the creation process.  As you can see originally Gene was going to have Void playing with his nipples and his dick position was yet to be decided on.  

You can pick up the Meaty this image is in here: 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Zahn The Merman Plus: Saying It with Centaur Spray!

Hey guys! Summer is still blazing, despite back to school and I got two amazing pieces to keep it super hot all weekend.  These were done for Patrick Fillions birthday as well.  In a continuation of the men to mermaids theme we started back in 2014 with Locus, by Rubensome, we know have Zahn to add to the list.  All thanks to Yelmo, I very proudly present to you, Zahn the Little Merman Barbarian!   Though, let's face it, there's very little in regards to anything on Zahn.

Yelmos given us a first time look at what Zahn would be like swimming under the water.  His hair unfurled in a hot sexy mass adding to his already supreme hunkiness!  The lighting totally exemplifies every aspect of Yelmos wonderful work.  From the classic merman tail, to the exquisitely tight foreskin pinching the pink head of Zahn. One of his best works ever.

Now since we are on a mythological man kick, I decided to add to this post the gift Leon De Leon sent to Patrick for his birthday.  Leon did this as a pure gift, which was super kind of him.  We talked about 4, or 5 guys, but honestly I don't think either of us could top his desire to draw and my desire to see him draw the king of the centaurs again.  It wasn't hard to think of a pose, or a comedic twist to the idea.  Leon works with the swiftness of a racehorse. Leon just NAILS the character.  If they ever do make a comic featuring him, I would recommend him to try to take that on!

Strider Spraying It, Not Saying It!


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