Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Terrik the Paladin Grows Up

Hello everyone,  Got something to end the month of July with a bang.  We have a new design for Terrik the Paladin by Lastmanouthere! (Originally named Terrick, the C has been dropped.)

Here is another image of Terrik, to show his evolution from teen to masculine adult.  Back in 2010 he was a working his way into knighthood.  (He even made it to Captain of the Guard at the age of 19.)  Lastmantouthere had him going on adventures with three other hunks. They were  Leomond, Millar and Leelh.
He has taken a career change since then. He now goes by Terrik the Paladin.  While doing so, he went through a few physical changes. Besides the change of cute costume and the proper grooming, he found himself getting a lot more sun. :P He also received a circumcision as part of his ceremony into the Paladin ranks.

He transgressed his divine vows by becoming the Prince Tetyn’s lover, and was sent to exile, only to be called back by Tetyn’s father, the king, to help save the young prince from a foul curse. Lastman will have to fill us in on that at a later date though. Terrik shares a world along side Pretus the barbarian, Vann the fighter, and Melin the ranger and Milne the Druid.

Oh someone was a rough little teen, wasn't he?  
(Dig his dishevelled doo and the big bare feets!) 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Getting A Summer Suck Off Like It's 1998

Hey guys!  We got some retro cool for you, to end your steamy July weekend with.  It's Hayato getting some fellatio from Rikuo by FallenAngel.  Remember sexy Hayato? Capcoms answer to avoiding Star Wars copyrights and still having Jedi in their fighting games?  Maybe he would have been more popular if his games were 2D instead of Lego blocks...but I digress. (LOL I Have no love of PS1 graphics anymore.)
I am sure the Capcom fans of the 90s remember him.  Especially his 2D form that came a little bit too late. (Cries.)  No I am kidding. He is very fondly remembered in 3D too I am sure!
FallenAngel and I are very proud to present this to you! It's been a good long time since we had Rikuo, let along Hayato on this site by FB.  I am happy that we chose them for our latest project.  So we hope this spreads a little 90s joy into your hearts too!

Fallen was sweet enough to do a couple versions.  He didn't want to hide that perfect body under that T-shirt you know... ;D  Hope you guys like it!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Botan The Shark

Just in time for the hottest month of Summer, we have the newest bara bad boy from Lastmanouthere.  Meet Botan the Shark.  This fish named fiend has a trouser torpedo that will blow your mind. (Literally if he cums in your mouth.)  Botan is actually a former Monk from the Dystopic Cytadel.  Now he is a member of a band of sadistic criminals. (Ah, when you lose faith huh?)  His weapon is the Vapour Blast, which while slow allows him to shoot superheated steam blasts at his enemies.
Yeah,you are probably thinking what I am...does it come from his dick, or does the steam emanate from the guys he turns on, as he takes off his clothes? hee hee.   Hope you guys got the AC cranked, cause this boy is HAWT! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sergeant Ning: Angelic Guard

Hey guys!  I have three wonderful new hunks from Lastmantouthere to show to you in the coming days.
We have a heavenly start of the three man show, one Sergeant Ning.  Lastman created a drool worthy set of him in various states of disrobement.  So get ready for you pants to get tighter as you scroll down.
First things first, the back story by Lastmanouthere:

Sergeant Ning, member of the only police force inside the Citadel. He is tasked with following a citadel scholar who is suspected of doing some “forbidden research” in the lands outside. 

In his task, Ning will be forced to cooperate with Captain Everett of the outer patrol, but this won’t be so easy, as his experience as a Citadel policeman and Everett’s challenges in the wild out lands make them have very different perspectives on law enforcement 

Ning’s art is the Angel Spirit, which manifests as a pair of energy wings which allow him to attack and fly with great grace 

Ning is of Asian decent, which I always admire seeing in the world of porn. (Art, or otherwise.)  I really hope that Lastman will pair him with other boys from the Citadel, as well as give us updates on his career in the coming years.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

I Don't Want To Go Mr. Stark

"Not before I cum anyway..."

 It has been an eternity since we did a Marvel Character around here.  I have been crushing HARD on Tom Holland as Spider-Man since I first saw him in the role.  This has been a long time cuming...coming.  I asked FallenAngel to give the world his take on an anime inspired classic character and this is what he created.  A super cute take on a sweet young super hero! (That hair of Hollands is a tricky customer, but FallenAngel nailed it, as you can see!)  I love his rendition so much, I have even included the sketch he did. I hope you guys love it too.

P.S. SPOILERS FROM INFINITY WAR.  I was soooo freaking bummed out at the ending I just had to request this. Yes I am an adult and I know things are gonna be okay...but still....my poor heart.  So many little eyes cried out in the theatre I was in...older eyes too. :(

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cum For Cake Belvadar (Set)

Hey guys. I have another handsome image that I got for my birthday to share tonight.  This one was sent to me early. I was a very good boy and avoided opening the e-mail till the morning of my birthday.  Very had to do, especially with hotmails stupid preview system opening stuff before you even know it is there. XD
This one came as a set of a few images.  Each showcasing Belvadar getting more and more excited to celebrate my day with you guys.  Knowing Bel he will probably let you service him, while he eats all the cake.  You will at least get the cream.  A huge hug and kiss to Sirio, for hitting the mark on my heart on my 41st year.  Maybe Bel and Equinnus should have a party together next? :D

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Birthday Greets On 4 Legs

Hey Guys.  Took a little birthday vacation time for myself. During my vacation I got some amazing birthday gifts to share with you all.  I will start with FallenAngels for tonight.  He drew a very handsome picture of Equnnius the gay centaur to warm my heart on my 41st year.  Equinnus must love chocolate cake. It's making him hard.  If he tries to fuck it, it's all over for desert.  : P Twisted my right writs really badly today, so I am sadly going to make this short and sweet.  Thanks FallenAngel not only for the gift, but for all your care and concern throughout the year.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Two Hunks Of Beef For Lastmanoutheres Birthday!

Hello Everyone.  It's a pretty big weekend.  Splatoon has its first of three in a row TMNT themed Splatfests.  Class Comics just released Brigayed 4. Which I have yet to read, but am excited to do so.  I'm off to see the new Avengers today and...oh yes...I have 2 pieces of incredible art to share, cause it was Lastmans birthday a couple days ago! :)   I planned for this to be a three course meal, but parties rarely turn out how we planned.  Plus these two will more than fill you up, I hope!

I went through the stables and plucked all the most recent OC characters from Lastman, over the last year and a half.  I sent them off to Leon De Leon and FallenAngel.  Their replies were instant.  Fallen picked the myserious forest dwelling Melin.  This guy is so stunning even the forest can't keep its vines off him!!!  I can just see him gazing into party goers eyes as he struggles to keep his soft, sweet bangs out of his eyes.  Fallen went as far as to mimic Lastmanoutheres very wrinkly foreskin lips from the original piece!
Urbanmusiq went with the soldier boy Val of Mambride.  Working in a small corner of his room, by faint light, he put pencil to paper and created an inspiring piece.  Looks like he got a bit of a hair cut in the process.  Very sexy.  That rigid cock looks like it is ready to stay hard all night long.

For all they joy Lastmanouthere brings us all, had I wound up a rich man, I would have easily got him this wonderful jacket as well.  Sadly...ringing in at over $400, it is a little over the my limit for an item you can't even try on before you buy! Pac-Man is awesome, but if I am honest with myself, I think he would appreciate a Kirby themed one more.  Remember his take on sexy human Kirby from years ago?  Memories...

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Acamas Frosts His Cake By Cabaretbara

Hey guys. Been awhile.  April, was crazy for me.  I do have something to share though. I have a backlog actually.  First off is this out of this world birthday card Cabaretbara created for FallenAngels birthday. He created one crazy cake, specially iced by Acamas.  (Also topped by the barbarian God.)  I don't even want to know how much effort had to go into making those rosebud swirls.  That's one cum-licious cake and one tasty topper.  I hope you guys like it!

Check out Carabetbaras site here:
And for the further manga adventures of Acamas, check out FallenAngels Patreon! 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Vann Illia And The Centaurs Curse

Well, well, well...What have we here?   Looks like Vann could not get through St. Patrick's Day without causing trouble for himself.  The boastful barbarian went on a bender, all the while boasting about his boner.  Instead of doing it to some sweet young thing, he was bragging about his horse sized cock to a group of leprechauns.  Turns out, they don't like being told they are smaller than a common fairy. (Even if he is half human.)  So, they did as they often to do annoying people....they cast a spell, making his boast, his curse.  So now Vann has the the horse dick he claimed to have, along with a body to match.  Oh he can return to normal, don't you worry.  It will just take all of Pengs efforts for the next little while, to drain him of every last drop of centaur sperm.  When his gigantic testicles as fully drain, then and only then, will the spell be broken.  The problem is, Vann who is normally hard to satisfy is really digging this hefty new appendage. Watching something so massive shoot torrents of cum, only drives him into a deeper lust.  He is bound to tire his body out eventually...we hope.  

This gorgeous drawing was done by Kagami06!  It has been a little while since we last worked together.  As they say, distance makes the heart grown founder and I couldn't be any founder of this piece if I tried!  His images of Vann Illia are always a delight.  So, watching him turn Vann into a centaur, (Another hot speciality of his.) was anything but, a curse!  Super huge hugs to him for doing such an inspiring job on both these men!  This looks like a production shot from an animated porno! (I wish!!!)


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