Saturday, February 6, 2016

Vannk Gets An Ass Licking

Vannik Villia, ancestor of our beloved hero Vann has found his situation getting a lot worse. The nasty dinosaur priest Troon has taken a liking to the cave elfs perfect ass. He has shaved and washed it with scented oils.  The oils drip in and tickle the young mans asshole.  They smell deliciously of sweet fruit.  The dinosaur man gets on his knees and dives in for a feast.  He uses his long blue tongue to lap up every ounce off Vannks cheeks. He then turns his attention to Vannks asshole and balls. The tongue has an enchanting quality.  Vannk is shocked and horrified as he is filled with uncontrollable passion.  His cock swells bigger and bigger.  Much more than it ever has before.  What sorcery is this?  Precum trickles out of his super tight foreskin lips. It needs attention, but is getting none. It is starting to drive him mad.  Just a touch..a touch will be enough to release the load begging for escape.  But no touch comes...only more and licking.  He screams out in frustration.  The screams echo, but are ignored by the dinosaur man.
 He is still powerless, being held by the wrists and by the tail.  If only his tail was lose, he could strangle bastard.  And what of the priest Saguin?  He has vanished for now.  What torture does he have in mind?  Find out next time!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Gene Lightfoot: Hunky Animated Inkling NZapper

To comemorate my 1050+ hours of being sucked into Splatoon, I decided to ask a blog favorite Gene Lightfoot to please create an animated picture.  If I could personify my love for this game in physical form, then it would be no doubt Gene's picture of a bomb range totting Nzap 85 muscle hunk Inkling!  If only we could level up Inklings to look like this.  (A level 100 dream, that will never ever happen!!!)  This mocha inkling is spraying fabulous all over Inkoplois, thanks to Gene's wild imagination.  He's the only Inkling that can shoot 2 colours of ink as well.  Though, that second type is pretty sticky.  It's better used as a trap, than to try to swim through himself!!!  Thanks so much Gene! If you guys want to add me to your friend list in Splatoon send me a message on here, or in my tumblr!! 

Better Than The Deadpool Movie!

Well, this more than what Hollywood can ever offer fans of Deadpool anyway! I just had to post this super hot video I found featuring Devil May Crys Dante getting fucked by Deadpool.  I love that Deadpool appears to be uncut, but his foreskin situation isn't the greatest. (Fits with the deformed character right?)  Seeing Dante get fucked till he squirts get's me right off! Enjoy!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

In The Clutches Of The Dinosaur Men

After a long battle with his carnosaur prey, Vannk Zillia collapses in an exhausted heap.  Taking 40 winks with fresh meat near by is never a good idea. It's an especially bad one, when your in the lava temple of the dinosaur priests.  If only Vannk had known that was where he had hunted his prey too!  They take the cave elf easily by surprise.  Using the tails of two paralasaurus, they string him up, before he has a chance to awaken.
  The priests order him be stripped of his garments, washed down and put in more ceremonial garb.  Vannk wakes up filled with instant hate and rage.  Even before he awakes his senses tell him the exact danger he is in.  He struggles to break free.  The priests, Troon and Saguin are impressed with their captive. It is not often any struggle against their will. They happily inspect the ancient elf.  They chirp their bird call like laugh as they caress his soft skin. They are confident in their safety, knowing no beast can break the power of those tails and no one dare oppose them with the giant Ruussodon keeping watch over them.

 Their curiosity peaked, the dinosaur priest remove the ceremonial garb from around Vannks waist.  They expose his massive uncut cock.  Their own long thing cocks become instantly hard.  Their pale in comparison in size and girth to the Elfs, but their length match with their monstrous virility makes them insatiable lovers.   Vannk has much more to fear, now that he has awaken their lust.  Taking note of both dicks, Vannk wonders about Troon, who lacks a skin shield that men usually have around their man mushroom.

Despite his rage, the effects of the paralasaurs tails have begun to weaken poor Vannk. The fingers of the priests, never having done any kind of labor all their lives, are like pure silk. The constant caressing and petting has made Vannks cock extremely hard.  Not at it's full length yet though, as ever ounce of him is still trying to resist and break free.  What will be his fate? 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Alexander the Outsider: Lastmanouthere Starts 2016 In A BIG way!

Hey guys!  Got the very first picture from Lastmanouthere for you all to enjoy today.  He's starting 2016 a bit differently.  Taking a little break from the Mayans and the Aztecs, he's decided to explore another story.  This is one he has been thinking about for some time.  The main character of this story is below: Alexander.  He's a man an assissiantion mission, he just isn't too sure how his target should be.  Well Alex, my advice, as someones uncle once said, one cold December morn, would be "Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out."    I don't think he is going to take my advice....  I will let Lastmanouthere fill you in on the details, after you get a good look at this hunky hung hero! He looks like a good partner for the bedroom and on an adventure!

Tan Blond, with a massive sausage cock?  He might be out for blood, cut I think cum is going to be far more prevalent in his future.

From Lastmanouthere:

I've had the idea of a dystopic, Guilty Gear-like storyline for a long, long time. The basic ideas have been there all the time.
In a world destroyed by technology; there is a special discipline called "the art" some persons can use.
The setting is a city, isolated from whatever the rest of the world, is controlled by a secretive religious conclave. Conformists live in an island in the center of the city (think Manhattan), enjoying a relatively normal life, with some comforts allowed to them from the elite.  The ruling elite are know as the Citadel.  Those who don't conform are banished away (think the Bronx, Brooklyn), where they either live in rudimentary, peaceful communities, or as raiders of the former. (Isn't that how the Brox is now? DP.)

In this setup, Alexander arrives into the city. It didn't go unnoticed, as many of the inhabitants of the city assume the rest of the world is in ruins at best, decimated at worst. Alexander has a mission.  It is to kill someone, but he doesn't know who. He just knows he has to kill a person. He gets to know the members of one of the pea cup groups, Zachery,his brotherly figure; Sigfried, and the father-like leader; Marius. He also gets to know the mecha-equipped military the citadel uses to patrol the outside of the island, and the murderous raiders who threaten Zachery's community.

Lastmanouthere informs me that this took him some time to complete.  Not coming up with the sexy character design and the backstory.  That part is never a challenge for his mind!  It was the drawing process that ate up his time since coming home from Christmas vacation.  His new apple pencil, along with using the ipad pro allowed him greater freedom than ever before, with massive canvas sizes available. Of course size isn't EVERYTHING.  The bigger the canvass the larger the hardship!  Ah well, live and learn.  He will just have to remember to scale it down a bit for next time.  Just don't shrink your imagination and *ahem* features of your glorious men my friend!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Year Of The Monkey Master Of Flame 2016

2016 may very well belong to our new character, an eons old ancestor of Vann Illia and his quests.
FallenAngel was suggesting we do something with a flame monkey in celebration of the Chinese new years.  I thought about it for a bit, but really wasn't coming up with anything all that great.  While talking to my friend Frank, I got inspired and started to doodle.  One thing lead to another and  Vannk was born.  A prehistoric Elf, his evolution is very different than that of humans.  They kept their prehensile tails much longer.  His ears are much larger than his descendants, being able to hear the slightest sounds from far distances. He only allows the brute to think it has ambushed him!  He is ready to strike with file and blade!

Like Vann our new warrior might be of mixed origins.  I would love to explore him a lot more.  Maybe doing a short little collection of pieces that tells as short story.  The character is still very much a work in progress.  We will have to see what kind of direction (if any) that we go on him. I'll probably base that on his popularity.

Below you can see a small glimpse into the creative process.  A couple sketches I did on sai and the piece as FallenAngel worked on it. You can see him not liking the sword position and deciding to use it in a position like a cane. Testing the rocks stability as he crosses the molten area. Also note the ammonite was a squid here.  A nice alternate collar, the the necklace we eventually used.  Ever wonder where Vann got that fossil he wears?

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Season's Greetings everyone.  I hope you are all having a horny holiday so far.  I personally had a lot of fun ringing in the year.  That was mostly thanks to master Fallenangel.  Together we came up with what we thought was a fun concept, we hoped you guys would enjoy.  Lil Deep and Dimata are having contest to see who could catch the most snow flakes before the year ends.  Of course, leave it to these two to perv it up! 

Happy New Year guys.
I hope this year will find me a lot more productive.
All our love to you, our loyal bloggers,
Your friends
FallenAngel and Dinosaurprince 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Rikuo Santa Batsu Is On The Naughty List

Merry Christmas 2015 everyone. I hope you guys are all having a wonderful holiday.  Mine has been filled with ups and downs. I spent a lot of this week in the hospital, visiting a relative who was fighting for her life.  So that didn't set up for a very happy holiday.  Things went well.  She is fine and we are having a great Christmas. :)  I got some very special gifts this year.  Among them was this wicked sketch of Santa Rikuo holding reindeer Batsu on a leach!  Maduinshorn sent me this the other day and if it wasn't for the nonstop company I would have had this up long ago.  Sharing this naughty sketch with you blog followers brings me much better joy, than anything I got under my tree!  Now if only Capcom could harness the imagination of Maduinshorn into a new game, I would have a perfect 2016!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nehme VS Yoluk

Hey guys. What I have to share will probably be the final post this year that includes art by Lastmanouthere. I want to thank him deeply for providing so much content this year. He has contributed well over 20 works with many variations.  He's being doing more than his fair share to keep this blog alive and running. Each of his contributions have proven more popular than the last, as his art has jettisoned to astronomical levels in detailed beauty. In this time when the Canadian dollar is so low, it's hard for me to afford commissions.My old friend has done more for DPK than I could ever hope for.  I thank you very much Lastmanouthere.
He's provided a stunning piece that looks like it fell out of a sexy Mayan illustrated history book. (Well one we all would be hoping for as we dug through those books as teens!!!  You know you were looking for cocks toot, admit it.)  I can't get over the stunning details. The men, Yoluk and Nehme looks so life like. If only they truly were real! That would make for one hot holiday. Though I am not so sure I want Nehme scheming around my place. :P I would lose a lot of valuables!

Lastmanouthere was, as always ready with a back story as well!!! Enjoy!

 Well, after the whole affair with Tenson and the city of the world, but before the old wizard attempted to invade the Aztec capital, there was quite a bit of intrigue for Ixy and his friends.

One of the most significant events involved the diplomatic tensions between the Aztecs and their eternal enemies, the Tlaxcalteca people. The two civilisations had maintained a sort of truce since the rise of the current tlatoani, but the Aztecs have always had the upper hand. Tensions were on the rise, and even the able ambassador Meztliyaotl was unable to control the animosity between his people and the Aztecs. Eventually, though, the well-intentioned Ixy, in his capacity as representative of the neutral Maya, who agreed to travel to Tlaxcala to mediate.

Both Yoluk and Nehme learned that the tlaxcalteca queen was maybe not what she appeared, and set on a covert mission to rescue their beloved Ixy from the danger he was not aware of in his naivety. At first, the two Warriors were just short of inimical to each other. They both loved Ixy, loved him and only him and wished a life with him. Neither of them considered himself worthy of Ixy, though. And neither of them knew if Ixy loved him or the other.

Tlaxcala, however, turned out to be a more dangerous place than either the Mayan or the Aztec thought initially. They had to help each other, they had to cooperate and fight side by side to rescue the youth, and along they way, they realised something startling. Ixy could love each and both of them just as much and just as intensely. Even more surprisingly, they learned that they too, Nehme and Yoluk, could love another man too, in the same way they loved Ixy...

Nehme loving Ixy?  Well that is news to this prince.  But who knows?  For bitter enemies can make passionate lovers.

I hope you guys like the pictures! Merry Christmas from Lastmanouthere!

Splatoon: Bomb Range Up! The Issue With E-Liters

Being someone who has played since launch, I had the sad opportunity of watching the game of Splatoon devolve into Snipertoon.  Sometimes when I pay, I wind up in rooms filled with nothing but snipers.  I could blame the fall of the roller and blaster in October for this, but I think the ability to rule over a map easily is the true poison that fueled their popularity.

There was a day, not so long ago, when there was only one sniper class.  Then another appeared and finally the entry that ended the true free spirit of the game, the day of the E-liter.  A broken mess of a monstrosity, that can kill at a baffling range, the E-liters have spread nothing, but fear and terror since they arrived.  One look at their stats in Sheldons shop would have any Roller mains knees knocking.  On top of their range they also have a sub weapon that can take out people that get too close, by simply spamming a button.  In some courses like Mahi Mahi, it appears to have no limits in it's reach.  Mahi Mahi also has sniper protections walls to hinder bomb throwing. Sometimes I really think the devs favor this class far too much.  (Not to mention how no brand favors Bomb Range up.  All this makes me raise an eyebrow of suspicion.)

When I first played the game, I was a roller main. The more I had to deal with snipers, specifically the E-liter, the more I wanted better range options.  Not to say rollers and the like can't take down a sniper.  They can.  But a good one?  Brother, you better pray to whatever God you believe in that they are not waiting for you.

I'll never forget the day everything changed.  It was just after the summer patch.  We were 3 vs 4 on a map, the NEW urchin underpass. Yeah we knew we couldn't really win, but no one should have to have gone through what my team did that day.  NONE of us had any long range options.  It was us vs two snipers, some gunner and a gold dynamo. Now I could have used my ink strike, true enough, but these dead eyes had us spawn camped. The other two on my team just kept running off the spawn and getting instantly killed. They had little choice else, unless they wanted to just stand and attempt to build a special.  The game can always feel a little unfair, but at that point it was totally broken.  FAIR was a concept furthest from what we were going through.  (As well as good game design.) If the snipers didn't get them as they fled, the no skill Dynomo would. Eventually I did use the ink strike and got them to move. Little good it did though.

That was the day a fire was born in me. A fierce rage started against all snipers.  One that was a very faint spark of hate, suddenly burned with the fire of the sun.  I started my quest to make snipers suffer. I wasn't going to be helpless anymore.  My bomb range and throwing skills would be perfected. On that day I started my quest to become THEIR worst nightmare.

I tested the limits of the ability after spending hours rerolling.  Little by little, I improved my range.  Guides and online faqs done by people that certainly had not acquired the proper gear said Bomb Range caps early on. I discovered that with three mains and 7 subs it was still going further.  Were the guides written by e-liters?  The same scum that asked for rollers to be circumcised?  I wonder. I have never seen anyone with perfect gear.  Right now all I have is my goggles perfected  What I have is good enough.  It throws about as far as an e-liter can fire and much further then a Kelp Splatterscope.

Since that day, I have had glorious sessions of making these assholes suffer.  I've even taken up the sniper rifle myself and found just how easy it is to use. (though I am certainly no master.) I wonder though, why they decided to add this class to the game?  Splatoon was far more fun before the E-liter.  Short to mid range weapon variety made everything function better.  Once they came on the scene, you always had to worry about being able to counter them.  Cause if you couldn't, could you count on other team mates to man up?  I have seen situations on towers, were people WILL NOT MOVE, even after the snipers are taken care of. They sit and crap themselves, because of the rain of death e-liters bring.  Something feels very broken about that.  Add hit scanning and Japanese lag into the equation and you have one broken weapon. Not to mention they can lessen their charge time by stacking damage up, which also makes their sub weapon over powered.

FallenAngel helped me create the wonderful propaganda poster above.  I want to spread the word.  There is hope to end their terror.  There are counters without having to resort to specials, or becoming one of them.  Join the heroes of the bomb range up brigade!

On the brighter side of Splatoon stuff, my Plushies came from Amiami today! Man, they are much smaller than I thought they would be.


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