Sunday, May 6, 2018

Two Hunks Of Beef For Lastmanoutheres Birthday!

Hello Everyone.  It's a pretty big weekend.  Splatoon has its first of three in a row TMNT themed Splatfests.  Class Comics just released Brigayed 4. Which I have yet to read, but am excited to do so.  I'm off to see the new Avengers today and...oh yes...I have 2 pieces of incredible art to share, cause it was Lastmans birthday a couple days ago! :)   I planned for this to be a three course meal, but parties rarely turn out how we planned.  Plus these two will more than fill you up, I hope!

I went through the stables and plucked all the most recent OC characters from Lastman, over the last year and a half.  I sent them off to Leon De Leon and FallenAngel.  Their replies were instant.  Fallen picked the myserious forest dwelling Melin.  This guy is so stunning even the forest can't keep its vines off him!!!  I can just see him gazing into party goers eyes as he struggles to keep his soft, sweet bangs out of his eyes.  Fallen went as far as to mimic Lastmanoutheres very wrinkly foreskin lips from the original piece!
Urbanmusiq went with the soldier boy Val of Mambride.  Working in a small corner of his room, by faint light, he put pencil to paper and created an inspiring piece.  Looks like he got a bit of a hair cut in the process.  Very sexy.  That rigid cock looks like it is ready to stay hard all night long.

For all they joy Lastmanouthere brings us all, had I wound up a rich man, I would have easily got him this wonderful jacket as well.  Sadly...ringing in at over $400, it is a little over the my limit for an item you can't even try on before you buy! Pac-Man is awesome, but if I am honest with myself, I think he would appreciate a Kirby themed one more.  Remember his take on sexy human Kirby from years ago?  Memories...

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Acamas Frosts His Cake By Cabaretbara

Hey guys. Been awhile.  April, was crazy for me.  I do have something to share though. I have a backlog actually.  First off is this out of this world birthday card Cabaretbara created for FallenAngels birthday. He created one crazy cake, specially iced by Acamas.  (Also topped by the barbarian God.)  I don't even want to know how much effort had to go into making those rosebud swirls.  That's one cum-licious cake and one tasty topper.  I hope you guys like it!

Check out Carabetbaras site here:
And for the further manga adventures of Acamas, check out FallenAngels Patreon! 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Vann Illia And The Centaurs Curse

Well, well, well...What have we here?   Looks like Vann could not get through St. Patrick's Day without causing trouble for himself.  The boastful barbarian went on a bender, all the while boasting about his boner.  Instead of doing it to some sweet young thing, he was bragging about his horse sized cock to a group of leprechauns.  Turns out, they don't like being told they are smaller than a common fairy. (Even if he is half human.)  So, they did as they often to do annoying people....they cast a spell, making his boast, his curse.  So now Vann has the the horse dick he claimed to have, along with a body to match.  Oh he can return to normal, don't you worry.  It will just take all of Pengs efforts for the next little while, to drain him of every last drop of centaur sperm.  When his gigantic testicles as fully drain, then and only then, will the spell be broken.  The problem is, Vann who is normally hard to satisfy is really digging this hefty new appendage. Watching something so massive shoot torrents of cum, only drives him into a deeper lust.  He is bound to tire his body out eventually...we hope.  

This gorgeous drawing was done by Kagami06!  It has been a little while since we last worked together.  As they say, distance makes the heart grown founder and I couldn't be any founder of this piece if I tried!  His images of Vann Illia are always a delight.  So, watching him turn Vann into a centaur, (Another hot speciality of his.) was anything but, a curse!  Super huge hugs to him for doing such an inspiring job on both these men!  This looks like a production shot from an animated porno! (I wish!!!)

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Durand Brand Windshield Washers

Get ready for the awesome power of the Father and Son Durand Brand Windshield Washers!  Only available through the amazing animation skills of Gene Lightfoot and my own over active imagination! Inspired by The Legacy 2 comic, I proudly present one of Gene Lightfoots most erotic pieces ever!

 Feel the the weight of father and sons cocks as they press against your cars windshield.  Marvel at the massive meat pressing harder and harder, as father and son get more and more into each other.  Emils thick juicy sausage looks like it could crack through if he wanted it too.  Byrons foreskin lips are going on the ride of their life!  This set was a limited timed exclusive, for a charity event, but we have brought them back for an encore performance!

Byron and his dad Emil almost look they are in 3D don't they?  Gene really outdid himself.  I pictured this scene happening just before the men come to realize they are now naked in the comic.  Emil and his son were working on a car, both inching their way along the hood on their stomachs.  By the time they got to the windshield, their speedos had slipped off.  They were both super hard and had the exact same thought about how to handle the cleaning of the glass.  So....this happened.... hee hee.

I really hope you guys like this!  Maybe we should do a sequel image?  What do you think?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Peng: The Mightiest Muscle By Cabaretbara

Hey guys!  One of the greatest things about doing this blog, has been all the new experiences through meeting wonderful people over the years. When the biggest gay art site died, it suddenly became a lot harder to tap into the well of talent in the then shattered community.  Thankfully places like Tumblr exist.  There I have found many new artist I have come to adore. It can be a challenge to keep up with friends and new talents on Tumblr, as it is a literal image dumping ground.  Every so often though, you get the lucky chance of seeing a style you truly adore and being able to reach out and work with said.
Such is the case with the Canadian artist Cabaretbara.    His wonderful site is filled with men from all over the world drawn in his sexy style.  There is quite a variety of men on his site and I highly recommend checking it out through the link below.  Out of all of them something really struck me with the way he captured men of various Asian decent.  So I decided when I found out that he is doing commissions, that Peng just had to be my first request!  I hope you guys love it!

Peng is being very boastful tonight.  He wants to show you all that every muscle on him is super strong.  None as mighty perhaps as his phallus. Especially those tight and tough foreskin lips. He's trained them to be strong enough to stead his axewand.  Some people might think of their dick as a third leg, but not Peng. He is ready to use it as a third arm in battle and in love...

Cabarbetbara was a delight to work with! He is open for commissions now and I would give him my highest of recommendations.  A very sweet and lovely individual.  I hope Peng is the first of many works for us.
Please check out his tumblr below.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Amron's Polynesian Orgy By Sirio

Good morning everyone.  Today we have a little something of a birthday gift send to Leon De Leon recently.  He had been talking about wild orgies with hot Polynesian men being one of his ultimate fantasies.  That got me thinking.  We couldn't really picture HIM with those men, but why not his OC Amron?  Sirio once again took up the torch. We had TONS of fun finding images.  Sirio  had a ball going over them and picking out decorative pieces she liked best.  I had even more fun watching her put these boys together!  I think of all three my favourite HAS to be the musician with the bouncy man breasts...He might have to come back for an encore.  Maybe make him a regular friend of Vanns!

While researching men for this piece, Google got Samoan and Hawaiian also mixed into the search results.  So we wound up with a little more diversity than first planned.  That was okay though, Leon didn't mind that it lead to the creation of three new hot warrior men.  Men that find nothing more satisfying than making sweet love to Amron!

I hope you guys enjoy this hot island scene, posted in the dead of winter!  I think it got warmer outside all of a sudden.


Monday, February 19, 2018

Devilman Crybaby: Akiras Wet Dream Done Right

In the new series Devilman Crybaby, fans of sexy Akira are given a real treat, when one episodes opens with him having a wet dream.  His raging demonic teenage hormones,  fill his dreams with beautiful woman to fuck as his demon self.  We wakes up to a very erotic surprise.  If you haven't seen it, here is how it went below. I would post a video, but we all know how long those things last online...

Okay so I will give the show props for showing one of animes most famous charcters orgasm spattered on his hand and on the wall.  BUT...why not go a step further?  They had already shown people doing it in orgies and teased us with a still image of his giant bulge, after he first returned to human form.  They even have his classmates discussing how big it is!  So why not give us a glimpse of the tragic heroes dick?

Well don't worry, cause your old buddies Dinosaurprince and Sirio have you covered.  (Maybe that is you stuck in the ceiling below. Nah, it's snoopy Ryo.)  We decided to take inspiration from the 90s OVA, as well as work with the idea that since he is dreaming he is Devilman, Akira should be at least half turned.  Gotta get those classic sexy legs, cool tail and clawed hands in there, you know!

I hope this helps full fill  a few wish lists!  Huge thanks to Sirio for drawing a character we both hold in high praise!  She did a super erotic job!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Horny Year Of The Dog

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!  Happy Year Of The DOG!  I think we all know that my favourite animale is Spot from Class Comics.  So I says to FallenAngel about a week ago, that we just gotta get an image of Patrick Fillions Mandog done to ring in the lunar new year.  FallenAngel obliged and really went to town.  I suggested a pose and plush puppy.  I knew he would love designing the costume and he did such a great job.  Thank goodness Spot is keeping those fireworks held high!  All that is missing are the red pockets. Maybe they are hidden on the other side of his cock head, tucked into that super tight foreskin.  The might be deep in his ass and only a little fisting will release them!  Whatever the case may be, FallenAngel and I wish you a day full of good fortune and year full of wonders!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Give It To Me Daddy

Hey guys!  Are you as snowed in as I am?  Hasn't stopped here since Friday.  Well I have something to warm your bodies up.  Sweet hot chocolate from Sirio chan!  Oh man, Class Comics The Legacy #2 REALLY inspired me.  I went nuts over the encore pairing of Emil and his son Byon (with Felix along for the ride too.)  Damn!  How much so?  Well, let's just say that in the coming weeks there will be a few more like what we have below!  For this image, I imagined Byron convincing his dad after their vacation, that he needs a little check up.  Just to be sure everything is working right.  See if maybe his dad got any powers from all that seaweed!

 Sirio did a wicked job on this, even giving Emil a circumcision scar.  (Which lead to even more dialogue then I first anticipated.)  I love it when she draws the Durand men so much! ha ha ha!  The art really got me going, so I decided to add in the dialogue I had in mind, plus some extra.  Byrons eyes tell a thousand stories, but I only had room for a few sentences. ;)  Below you can see a bit of the creative process.  I hope you guys like it and will check out the new book drawn by Tomas Cray! I am sure to do a mini review of it in the next post!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ganymede the Starling

Hey guys!!!

We are starting the original art of 2018 with a piece that looks like it fell out of 1978!  The starling stud Ganymede by Lastmanouthere could swing his microphone in my face any time.....yowza...He is one fine boy.  I wonder if in the years long after I am gone, if people will debate this particular pieces actual date of creation?  It's so rare to see something that truly looks like a legitimate product of that great era for fantasy art. I have my suspicions that Lastmanouthere has some very personal connections to this character.  Okay enough of my gushing, after you take all this in, please enjoy his back story!!!

Ganymede, the Starling
By Lastmanouthere Jan 2018.

Under the watchful eye of the Citadel’s Inner Sanctum, all inhabitants enjoy a very limited and controlled life. Firm believers in that widely available technology was responsible for the wars that led to the near destruction of their world, the Inner Sanctum prohibited, among other things, personal electronic displays. In their stead, large screens were put in public places, where the masses could get some sanctioned entertainment.

One of the acts which were allowed were those of Ganymede, (real name Gary,) an Artist whose mastery of wind currents helped him perform amazing athletic feats, while clad in the sport-inspired, alluring and diminutive attire. While most of his circus-like demonstrations were carefully planned, lately the young popstar decided on doing a risky, but well received reality program.  There his tricks, jumps and fights were shot as-they-happened, live and without editing. After a couple of shows were cautiously well received by the Inner Sanctum, Ganymede decided on a make-or-break move and took his camera drone into the Burroughs, outside the citadel, for a potentially illegal but thrilling adventure.

Ganymede hoped that, while unable to live-broadcast his adventures, the thrill of the dangerous locations would boost his popularity to unheard-of levels.

The challenges he faced when out in the Burroughs, though, were hardly what he expected. Encountering Alexander, the amnesiac assassin, and security-rookie Edwards, what he witnessed sent him into a paradigm-shifting revelation about the nature of the Inner Sanctum, the true meaning of the religion the Citadel followed and the truth about the world beyond the city.

Armed with the footage his camera drone captured, Ganymede must overcome his shallowness and decide if he risks the loss of his fame and comfortable life in the Citadel, or help Alexander in his quest for the Trinity Down secret truth...


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