Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Space Cadet's Birthday Offer

Hey guys. The AC is down. I'm sweating my head off. I'm practically melting, but dang it, I'm gonna post come hell, or high water. XD I'm not ending this streak, due to some mild discomfort. :P Okay so tonight I have the third last in my little birthday images I got. Yeah, I know I am totally stretching this out. LOL hee hee. This little piece of Astro Adonis, came to me many days before my birthday, all the way from Australia. I actually held out till the day of my birthday, before I opened it. That took a lot of will power. @__@ I had a hard time sleeping. LOL. The week before he sent this, Urbanmusiq kept asking me very interesting questions about characters. I should have guessed something was up! :P I tell you, between him and FallenAngel, I had a lot of hot chocolate booty offered up to me on May 24th. What can I say? The boys know me too well.

I'll take a double helping of that chocolate marble cake, please Leon.... ^O^

Leon was sweet enough to send one with a special message on it too. ^_^ This is the image that had me fantasizing about Space Cadet and Strider again. I kept thinking of Strider standing over him, ready to insert his giant cock into that welcoming ass. That of course lead to our Cupid Centaur I posted yesterday! I hear tell this image made such an impression on a friend of ours, that they have asked Leon to do something similar with another Class character. We shall see!

Don't forget to check out Leon De Leon first book Meaty #2:
Meaty #2 Heroes VS. Villains.

And you can catch him each month in DNA Magazine too. As if you guys didn't know that. XD hee hee.

More birthday cum cakes coming up!


  1. SUPER HOT!!! Leon did such an amazing job on this illustration of Space Cadet for you, Matthew! It's a beautiful birthday gift for a birthday boy who deserves nothing but the BEST! LOL!

    Hugz + kisses, my friend!
    Patrick XOXOX

    1. Awe, thanks so much man! You are so kind man. ^_^ I can hardly wait to spring yours on the world, along with that very special treat! It's coming up very soon. Gosh, I stretched this out...LOL.

  2. Awesome take of Cadet from Urbs :D and nice cake DP :D



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