Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tiger Man Gives His Milk

Tonights image came together very randomly. I was looking at a bunch of old products. I love checking out candies, toys and assorted character related merchandise from days gone by. I saved a bunch of them. I came across one that was labeled Tiger's Milk Brand Nutrition Booster. When I saw it, some naughty ideas started to come to me when I thought of Ephorox, or Crimsonblood using this concept for a picture. I posted a bunch of the products on my Facebook and decided to show the guys this one as well. Crimsonblood really liked it. He got the idea of doing a Tiger man, a brand new character, after seeing the image and suggestion. It seemed like a blink of an eye before he had a wonderful sketch to show me. In it he created a sexy, powerful Tiger Man cumming hard and fast. Turns out he his cursed by an evil spell. He can cum at will, but sometimes has problems controlling it. It looks like it's aggravating him a bit! :P We don't mind though....
It felt really good to inspire Crimmy. He's such a sweet guy. He was so happy to be drawing. ^_^ After he finished the sketch, I sent it to a few of my friends. I was very excited and couldn't wait to hear their responses. Among them was Aneros, who said that seeing this incredible art of Crimsons made him really want to color it. And he did so by the following night! It was a total shock when I woke up to find it this morning.

Crim and Aneros make an incredible team. Aneros brought out parts I didn't even notice at first, like the black pads, (like on a paw) on his hands. So freaking cool. He saw something special in his hair too. Giving him brown hair (and pubes) gave him the appearance of the classic Wolfman. This along with the sorta prehistoric eggshell toned skin, on his chest, face, underarms and abs hint of a more human side. All this makes him look a lot like a weretiger. Aneros really brought out the most in Crimsonbloods art. Giving some sweet volume to the bulging muscles and highlighting areas that had not yet been sketched yet, like the muscles on the back of the heel. Two artist working totally separate, yet so in tune with this character!

To me it's incredible that a simple image of a product I never heard of before, lead to such a collaboration! People have mentioned this would also work very well with Ephorox's Tyon and Camili-Cat. I couldn't agree more! ^_^

Here's another product that caught my attention. Ah, it must have been a much more innocent time back then! :P

Can I suck on your Mr. Salty? XD I had a boyfriend that had a very nice Mr. Salty. ;P

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  1. nice combo from Crimsom and Aneros , now thats Tiger's Milk :D. DP dont have too much pretzel there XD



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