Monday, June 11, 2012

I Want It: Clash of the Titans Handheld Game From Japan

I made this discovery while watching some old handheld commercials on Youtube. The last commercial featured on a set was of a very interesting game called Fights of the Titan by Epoch. Made in 1983, you would assume it was made to attract fans of the film Clash of the Titans. The big question is, was this supposed to be a Clash of the Titans game originally? I doubt you'll find many answers. These kinds of rip off games were very common back then, so I would guess it was never going to be an official product, especially when you look at the date of production; 1983. (2 years after the film came out.) I was lucky enough to find some really big photos of the box and unit, so I thought i would share them. Just check out the lavish designs. Man, this stuff makes me long for the early days of video games. The presentation on the box blows away anything from this generation. (Though I will give Kid Icarus props for doing a lot with it's art.)

The box has the Hero Perseus jumping back as he fights a gorgon and a monster. Medusa stands in the background ready to nail him with an arrow. How exciting! Then look at the side. Perseus holding Andromeda in his arms as Medusas temple burns in the background. OMG I would have been on my knees begging my parents for this! LOL!

And it doesn't end there. Check out the romantic image of them as constellations, reaching for each other! AWWWWWWWE! That might even attract some young girls and gay boys. XD Hee hee Nice marketing! :P

For some reason, the instructions are in English. Hey, works for me!

This is what I love about Game & Watch style games. So many did such fantastic things with the art. Look at how the characters are done like ancient Greek/Roman art! That is just too cool. You just don't see people doing things like this today. This blew me away, creatively speaking, then anything I saw at E3. XD

Here's the other side of the box, explaining the monsters and objectives I am guessing. Anyone care to translate?

Even the game itself is given the look of a temple with big pillars supporting it's roof. Classy.

Here's the video with the commercial. It starts at about 2:31. The guy that plays Perseus is pretty cute. You almost get a butt shot when he jumps in at the start!


  1. I almost mistaken the game console was a backlight reflection game and watch in the late 86 , but it nice if I was a kid I might cry wanting that too, classic feel :D and yeah they dont do art greek or egyptian art on a game another at the present. Nice find

    1. Yeah, I think this one lights up though like the Coleco Table Top arcade games right? I know my parents would NOT buy this for me. LOL. My brother on the other hand...XD

  2. I think Medusa is sporting a nip-expose there...

    But it looks interesting! Surprised classic stories like that don't receive more attention.

    1. LOL Now that you mention it, I see the nipplage too! XD I am surprised FallenAngel missed that! HA! Good eye Jubell!



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