Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gay Dinosaur Sized Gifts With Romer And Apis!

This is part 2 of the birthday blog. It's hard to put in words when you find an actual comic page waiting for you. The years just melt away upon opening it. XD Seems that my birthday is worthy of sacrifice. Prehistoric Paradise is such a brutal place. O__O Don't worry, it's just someones ass that is gonna be offered up. XD

Again a very warm thank you to Caravaggia for creating such an incredible surprise. Romer by her is always a personal favorite of mine and many fans here I am sure. It was freaking mind blowing to see her take on Apis as well. He has some Epic horns in that last panel! I love those cute dopy ears and puppy dog eyes in the second one. XD I think my favorite pose is Romer as he cums. There's something very Egyptian about him here. I never would have thought about pairing these two! I have never worked on a comic with Caravaggia, we really must continue this.

Romer found his way into another gift as well. This one came from Sirio! Romer I believe was the first original character Sirio did with me way back in 09. ^_^ It was as wonderful surprise to see her take him on again. We really must do more with him in the near future. Man it brought back so many wonderful memories. And made me realize how much we have been through together. sigh.The little bugger has gotten into my birthday cake! The funny thing is, it looks like the cake I had, with berries on top! LOL! He's so naughty, hoarding it with his tail! I just adore this new take on his eyes by Sirio. I guess he's hungry after all that sex with Apis! XD

I think this is the Dinosaur that sneezes on you at Walt Disney World. Man, that was so magical. The only magical sneeze I ever experienced! LOL!


  1. Awesome comic by Caravaggia and funny and cut Romer by Sirio :D

  2. I am SO glad that that thing is a dinosaur O.O

    1. LOL it makes for a very scary dick. XD



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