Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day Football Bara

Fathers day, the day we get stuck doing things with, or for dad. (Usually something sports related...) Well, here's a post from Adonix and me that's just for you, the good gay son. XD This is Adonix's character Adam, all ready for the Super Bowl. He's a bign bara, football playing, man loving, delight. He's bathed in a dreamy glow, cause guys like this only exist in the most perfect fantasy. Those massive legs are fucking epic. I would NOT want to be on the other team. Good thing Adam likes playing for the same team as all of us. ;D

This is much better then tossing the old pig skin with dear old dad, am I right?

Well it's fathers day, so here's a sweet salt and pepper daddy named Dino Hillas. (heh, dino.) He's 50 years old and looks better then most 18 year olds. Ah, if we could all only be this lucky, what a perfect world that would be! XD

So commissioning Romer, or Skelldon in this pose.

I originally saw him over at Eric Arvins blog:
But it was Guytoonist that figured out his name. If he ever does any porn, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! LOL!


  1. Man if he can pump like that I think I can if time permits LOL*

    Thats a hot and HUGE player by Adonix :D

    1. Glad you liked him! Yeah Dino gives hope to everyone I think. :D

  2. I never saw this till now!! Great work Adonix!!
    I LOVE IT!! :D



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