Monday, June 18, 2012

Sexy Boxer Joey By Guytoonist

It's late at night. Joey has just had a hell of a fight and as usual emerged triumphant. He's showered and shaved right down to the pubes. Now he's waiting for you, with nothing on but a soft white hoodie. Are you prepared to celebrate his victory with him, till the sun rises? ;D

This incredibly GORGEOUS image was drawn by Guytoonist this week. He sent me the sketch and before I knew it, he was looking to send me the completed image. It's so realistic. I mean, it's like looking at an actual portrait of a living breathing Joey. O__O That face, those legs, that juicy hot dog of a cock...melts... I think the part of him that stuck in my mind the most is probably that big ear. Up close it looks so very life like. It's like it could indeed be real. This is a fresh new look for Joey, a white hood and a red bandana around his neck. I suggested the white hood, but Guytoonist made it work. Joey looks like a dangerously serious lover. You are not getting away! :P Thanks so very much Guy!


  1. Eheheh awesome guytoonist! hot Joey. Say DP you think thats hot? check his "Weather man" in Y! :D

    1. Ha ha ha yeah he was teasing me with that image today when it was still a work in progress. I asked him if I can post it here! It's his avatar. :D



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