Monday, June 25, 2012

Class Comics Action Figure BONUS Monday! Dore Lockstone

I got the best way to beat the Monday blues: arts and crafts from Patrick and Robert Fraser at Class Comics! ^O^ It's been a month since I got this and I still can't believe how amazingly beautiful it is. I proudly present to you all:

Dore Lockstone the gay caveman of Prehistoric Paradise
by Patrick Fillion
(play Jurassic Park theme now!)

He's a stone cold stud, that created a fossil in my pants....

You know, it took me a full day to recover from opening this image? XD It, like Leons came in early and I waited. >: I I didn't touch it till the morning of. UGH...such torture!!!! It's always best to wait though. I haven't had so much excitement on my birthdays as I have since I started all this. So much better then cake and a trip to a buffet restaurant. ;P I much prefer an assortment of beefcakes. Thanks so much Patrick and Fraser for thinking of me. I'll never feel any older with gifts like this! ^_^

Of course I really, really love this take on Dore! Patrick let his hair grow wild for some really long spikes! The look perfect on him. I thought it was too awesome that his dreads are now long curls! They look so freaking cute!!! LOL I love him from his head right down to his cute little toes. Speaking of toes, this image got me to notice how Patrick draws little imperfections in the feet. Like way the are slightly bent and a bit close together. It's such a nice little life like touch! They look like they are used to grasping at things. I thought that added well to his wild man look. :) I like the new ankle bracelet as well. Quite stylish!
Speaking of nice touches, Dore has a little wear around his piss slit. That's very interesting! I wonder if that is just cause his hole is so big, (for his strong manly streams of pee) or if something had been inserted in there? Hmmm Dore, Dore, what were you up too? XD Maybe he experienced a little rough play there, or maybe it's just naturally that way, but the imperfections in the skin on the beautiful crown really add to his caveman appeal.
Moving back from the perfect pink head, we got one gigantic and veiny caveman sized uncut cock! It looks just the size too. The backdrop is perfect as well. It sets the tone for the lone hero by the river bank, his tight balls shine in the sunlight, ready to tackle anything with either of his huge weapons. :P

I'm actually really glad I waited a little bit before posting this, because now I can include this post as part of the Class Comics Action figure wave as a Bonus! (Hence the title of this post! Duh.) You get two Prehistoric characters, Dore and Lil Deep to engage in battle and play with your Class Comics Standees.

I just cannot can't thank Patrick and Fraser enough. Seriously. They gave me a Caveman and a way to play and share him with you guys for my birthday! ^__^


  1. Ok DP, easy boy...your drooling too much and that tent needs fixing..that tent between your leg :D

    1. It's gonna make for a very slippery camp site if it continues... :P

    2. You might even have to lose the tent and lie in the open air. :-)

      Awesome present; Patrick did a beautiful job!

    3. LOL I needed to dry out for a bit. XD Glad you liked them!



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