Saturday, June 30, 2012

Final Fantays II's 'Side Dick' in Nintendo Power

Back in November of 1991, Nintendo Power did a big article about Final Fantasy 2. Among the pictures was one that caught special attention from a lot of people. It was of Dragoon Kain and in it, he shows off a little more then expected.

Looks like Kain leveled up and needs a new cup to put his cock and balls in. This one is too small! I remember be very turned on by this. (Not to mention completely shocked!) I guess it's kinda tame by todays standards. I have heard people mention this from time to time on the net, but I haven't ever seen anyone make a big deal out of it. Still when I was 14, I would take any side dick I could get!

Nintendo Power is no stranger to controversial images. One I found recently, I don't know if anyone has seen before. The Astyanax preview in March of 1990 (the same issue the previewed Super Mario 3), has an image of the hero fighting Medusa. If you look just above the snakes head, you might just be able to make out the outline of a nipple! How this one got past the censors, I'll never know.

The hero Astyanax is pretty cute. Check out his original design for the arcade version called The Lord of King:

One thing about the early days of Nintendo Power, they certainly had some sweet art. Unfortunately, that didn't remain consistent when the magazine entered the 90s.

This is cool, since Tengen would actually use the cartoon version of Pac-Man and the Ghost Monsters for the box and box of their unauthorized port of the game.


  1. Lord I loved that particular Nintendo Power artist. He had such a great command of water colors witch are not easy at all. And a wonderfully way of working the japanese designed characters over into an esthetic that made them look so at home in a western style.

    1. You put it wonderfully! :D The artist they had at the start were fantastic.

  2. Censore due to breast exposure? waldrobe malfunction? LOL*

    1. I think the censors were too busy playing Super Mario! XD



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