Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aza Yourself A Nice Canada Day!

Coo roo coo coo coo roo coo coo!
Hey hosers! In the spirit of Canada Day, with myself and the boys at Class Comics being Canadian, FallenAngel and I whipped up a little something. I proudly present this very sexy pin up of Aza the Tolarian. We were enjoying the summer images of Locus so much we decided to let Class's newest upcoming star take a shot at a beach hunk pose as well. :D I think you will agree, the results of which are very stunning!

Aza's off planet, but he's still proudly sporting the Canadian colours of his creators.

I asked Fallen about doing some Canadian style swim trunks and he got an even better idea. He gave him that sweet skin tight tank top as well! FallenAngel keeps blowing my mind this year. Azas line work is something else. The colouring of his blue skin makes him look as sweet as candy. Love the toning on his dick and his perky out of this world nipples. He really did an outstanding job capturing the character in his anime style. It was hard not to post this yesterday. XD

This summer, Class Comics released a freaking hot animated image of Locus for their annual pin up. You just have to check out the full version through their site!

And speaking of Locus, while on the site, you will want to sign up for the Newsletter. This month, they released a nice Wallpaper of the green love machine barely fitting in a speedo and a brand new free Stripshow COMIC. This is big news for Locus fans, because it's a direct continuation of Locus #1 called Back To Square One! This beautifully drawn comic by Leon De Leon (Urbanmusiq) will get your jets roaring, as it further explores the situation between Locus and the so, so manly Captain Beedal. Leon does an exceptional job, with Sektan studs looking as mouth watering minty as ever! I won't give anything away, but I will say that the first second and third panels would make excellent pin ups on their own. This comic will run it's three parts over the next three months.


Have a totally Tolarian Canada Day everybody! :P
Have fun, but be safe!

Love from FallenAngel, DinosaurPrince and Aza too!


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  2. Cââlice! J'espère que vous passez une sainte-ostifie d'journée, as could say your french-talking neighbours ^^
    I hope you're having a great day!



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