Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gay Caveman Fan Art By Naughtypreppy

Hey guys! Yesterday I got some splendid fan art from the artist named Naughtypreppy! He drew two really cute images. One of Dore Lockstone and one of our brand new member Tameh! Dore got a very unique take, given long blond hair that covers almost half his face and thick brown pubes. :D Tameh looks like he didn't quit make it before his makeshift dildo got all the way up his ass. Hee hee. I was really happy to find these in my inbox and even happier to share them with you all.

Dore is exploring the jungle....I wonder what he sees that's made his uncut cock start to thicken and lengthen? Hmmmm....

It must be Tameh, who's found a new use for his tomahawk. :P Well if he didn't want to be watched, he shouldn't be doing that in a clearing, right? XD He's got a lot of cleaning up to do, that's a big load!

Thank you very much Naughtypreppy for the wonderful gifts!

1 comment:

  1. nice art pieces by naughtypreppy, love Tameh's expression :D



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