Thursday, July 12, 2012

Christer & Carlos Frot At The Space Disco

Hey guys, it's almost Friday. Soon it will be time to cut loose and hit your favorite club. Looks like our boys Christer Echo and Carlos are not going to wait for Friday night. They're gonna dance and frot the night away thanks to the wonderful artist Gene Lightfoot.

It's been way too long since our Space boys have been paired together. Gene brought them back with some pizazz. He did a very splendid job on each of the men to say the least. He really made Christer sparkle, I mean literally! The dudes skin is highlighted with glitter! And that big neck, is just epic. YUM! Speaking of yum, I could lick his Carlos up and down all night. That cold metal won't scare me away. :P I love how Carlos is giving me a look like, 'Yeah I know you see just cuming and you fucking love watching it, don't you?' He not only blessed the guys with some great looks, but he also bathed them in a beautiful soft romantic light to help set the mood and bring out the best of them at the same time. Those sleek bodies have gave them really help 'em grove to the motion of night. After working up a sweat after some major grinding, bumping, light touching and heavy frottng, they can't help but cum all over the dance floor.

Hope this you guys can make this image become an reality this weekend. XD

Gene Lightfoot was a pleasure to commission and I hope to do so again in the future. For now though, please check out his sites for a glimpse into his amazing world!


  1. nice effect and love the disco theme :D

  2. Skyboy always does interesting work. Very something...can never quite describe it.



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