Monday, July 2, 2012

Ripped Rikuo By Leon De Leon

Forget those warriors I just posted, let's really kick end this long weekend with some heat. Urban heat that is! This was my present to myself for my birthday. XD It's a request that was a long time coming, as Rikuo is one of my favorite characters of all time and Leon De Leon is one of my favorite artists of all time. Gosh, how long has it been since there was a new Rikuo image on this site? This certainly helped keep the Rikuo passion burning strong in my heart. hee hee. So crank the ghetto blaster with some Reggie tunes, it's time to party with Rikuo! :P

Leon was totally in the zone with this image. He worked his magic to totally capture the essence of Capcoms original art of the Brazilian merman. Keeping in tune with the original, he gave him really long legs and big hands and feet. (So love that.♥) He added his own style to Rikuo, providing him strong and muscular arms and legs. He bestowed him with a very regal and handsome face. Perfect for the king of the merman. This image was such a delight to watch come together. We talked so much about it, especially cocks. We had lots of fun ideas for his uncut undersea monster dick. In the cock version above, I really enjoyed how he highlighted all the contours of his mushroom cock head that's trapped under the thick juicy foreskin. NO, THAT'S NOT A FETISH OF MINE MUCH! LOL! Leon really spoiled me with a couple hot cock variants and a 'clean' version! :D Her's the sweet second variant:

Rikuo rolls back his foreskin to show off that big cock head of his!
The original Rikuo Aulbath art for Darkstalkers by Capcom.

When I was looking for refs, I came across these pictures on my hard drive. They are of an old resin model kit. It's pretty spectacular. I remember seeing this at an anime convention called Anime North in, I think, 1997. Of course, I didn't have the money to buy it then, but gosh, I wish I had! I think the challenge of painting something worth over a hundred dollars also frightened me off at the time. There appears to be two different versions of it, unless the bottom one is somehow put together differently.

I couldn't afford the model, but I could have afforded this pin, had I seen it! (which of course, I didn't.)

Thanks again Leon! :D


  1. This Rikuo is great. Leon drew him a big foreskin.

  2. Nice Hot and sexy from Urban :D



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