Sunday, July 29, 2012

July Deep

I just spent the day out watching a baseball game and man is my skin fried! XD Here's the perfect way to end a beautiful weekend in July. This is a beautiful sketch of Lil' Deep, our sexy shark man by Adonix, that I got for my birthday. I've been saving it for just such a day, when the weather is perfect. Deep is sporting some sexy swim trunks and and one heck of a set of gorgeous lips. You won't know where to plant your mouth first! :P Adonix was in top form when he sketched this out. I do love all that long, wild, spiky hair. He's got the perfect body for the beach too. Ah, if only there was a beach close to me. Lil' Deep fills in nicely for real life beach hunks. ^_^ He would overshadow anyone on a real beach anyway! :P

Here is a Lil' Deep little bonus. Adonix drew Deep in this outfit originally as a Chibi! Here is the mini Megalodon munchkin! :D He's so adorable!

Here's another fun beach image I found not too long ago on E-bay. It's a bit of Daddy bara from the most unlikely of places; the world of Garfield. It's a pretty funny folder featuring John, Odie and Garfield and a fairly built life guard. Funny thing is, I am pretty sure either I had this, or a close friend did. It's one of those items that I forgot about until I saw it again. I did my best to put it together from the two images the auctioneer posted.

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