Saturday, July 28, 2012

Well That Was Lame. Peter Fevers Superhero Video

First off, I have to say, I was not expecting much from this video from the get go. I'm not a huge fan of Peter Fever to start. The guy is cute, but I found his initial reluctance to engage in any kind of physical sexual activity, by himself, or with another human being, to be a huge turn off. I know he jerks off regularly now, but there was a time where he wasn't doing much of anything. I haven't forgotten that period of boredom and angst he provided his fans with. It's left a long lasting bad taste in my mouth. Still, I feel forced to pursue his videos, as anything featuring North American Asian porn actors is still about as rare as an igloo in the tropics. Yeah, I know things have gotten a bit better, but the lack is still pretty surprising to me. If they are lacking in potential stars, I suggest some of these porn directors send some recruiters down to Ontario. We are certainly not lacking in cute Asian guys in Toronto. ;P

The other factor that had me watching this video was due to another shortage in the porn industry. That being superhero porn. This is something I just don't get, especially considering the massive numbers of gay guys the ogle Superman porn each day. Hell, just look at how popular the Thor image is on this blog. (And of course let's not forget Naked Justice and the many gay superhero comic stars.) Yet nobody in mainstream porn (gay, or straight) feels they should try to fill this need. Don't get me started on the XXX porn parody crap. The Superman porn was one of the biggest disappoints of all time. We only got one scene with the man of steel. Even then, the focus was almost NEVER on Superman, but Lois Lane. We hardly got to see any of him besides his cock ramming in and out and maybe a bit of his butt here and there. Ugh... I was actually going to do a full review on that movie last year, but just didn't feel it was worth the effort. (For the record the scene with the villains from Krypton was actually pretty good.) I guess I hate the entire XXX porn parody set. Give me the good old days when studios did videos like Private Gladiator, Jane's Shame, or Vampire of Budapest. These were movies that took on the material and did something sexy and exciting with it, instead of a poorly made spoof. Sadly these days porn movies seem to be vanishing, as studios like Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, etc. take over with their repetitive same tired scenario in the same dull room shorts. Even Bel Ami and Falcon have had to change with the times and don't really do as many films as they used to. So my desperation for live action superhero porn has led me here, to Peter. Is Peter an Oasis in the desert? Gee...what do you think?

The videos laughable story is told through text that breaks up the 'scenes.' All of which take place in 2 different rooms of Peters house. Peter is shown typing as he gets a message and jumps into what I guess is supposed to be his super suit.

Okay I know darn well that is what it's supposed to be, but it doesn't look very different from any other outfit that he's worn previously. Honestly it is sexy, but how fitting of a super hero it is, I'm not sure. It feels like it needs a cape, or and emblem with a 'P' on it, or something. Not that it matters, because he's only in the thing for about a minuet and half. He rounds a corner and somehow falls into the bad guys trap. Who, or what the bad guy is, besides it's name, is never explained. We are only given a name, one that would fit a female bad guy more then a male one, by the way. Nor is any explanation given to why he takes off his gloves and puts bracelets on that are his "kryptonite." Even if it was due to some uncontrollable urge they generate to be worn, couldn't he fit the bracelets over his gloves? My guess is, he just couldn't, or wouldn't jerk off while wearing those black gloves. Poor baby probably couldn't reach orgasm with them on. He then discards the suit by way of two mysterious hands that strip hm from behind.

Well, you are no longer dressed a superhero Peter, so what at his point makes this a superhero jerk off exactly? As expected the hands from behind do nothing more then strip him and lightly feel him up before he takes his uncut meat into his own hands and jerks himself off to ever so boring completion. YAWN...wake me when it's over.

The rest of the film is shot like this, with close ups of his cock.

So out of 10 I give Peter Fever Superhero Jerk off a 2. If you have never seen Peter in action, you might be prone to rate this a bit higher then I did. For anyone else, it's nothing you haven't fast forwarded through before.

Hey Peter, last time I checked, turning a corner and trying on jewelery didn't count as a battle.

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  1. Looking at the screen shots it looks like whoever was in charge does not 'get' the whole superhero thing, so they're trying to make something sexy that they don't find sexy.

    I don't understand why porn studios aren't jumping on the superhero bandwagon. Skintight suites, manic laughter and bondage! Who doesn't love that combination?



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