Monday, November 30, 2009

Proudly Presenting Lil' Deep The Megaldon Masterpiece of Jacy-J

Let's begin December with a bang! An Early Christmas present! XD What a surprise I got today. I had given Jacy 2 Commission request and she completed them both a day apart from each other. :O This one is a gift in honor of Ink-B again. I fell over when I opened this. I thought Wonder Boy and Rikuo were beyond amazing, but nothing could have prepared me for her Rock Star Haired Lil Deep:

He's the smoothest operator in the seven seas! I am totally aghast at this new stylish hair style! I soooooo love long hair! He's got two fingers ready to take on some eager hole...ha ha maybe a mermaids! XD. That tail is just stunning. The body is so killer. Everything about him breaths echos sex. This image is pure perfection. Jacy, you have outdone your self again!!!! You have done your best friends creation true justice. Once again an artist has added to the evolution of Deep. This is what commissions are all about! :)

Jacy was good enough to provide me with a censored version as well! :)

Hope you all Dig Deep!

Final Blog of November, let's end it with Rikuo!

As the weather turns colder, my mind wanders to the beach. For Jacy-J the weather is always pretty tropical and boys like the ones in her wonderful creations are found all over the beaches! This one took me a long time to actually request, but I am so happy I did so! Cause here it is, Rikuo by Jacy-J!

Oh what a sleek, smooth sexy boy he is! A blog exclusive, Rikuo with a gorgeous penis and a very bulbous cock head, that is very very fitting of the character and his species. That in one massive lollipop head. YUM!!!!
Ok you just gotta love Jacy-J's long leggs, smooth toros and elongated appendages. His mouth and facial features is this interesting mix of human and fish. This coupled with an almost melancholy expression, makes this Rikuo a surprising hauntingly beautiful creation. Thanks Jacy, I have to say he is out of this world. :)

Let's end this string of super images with an older classic. A look at a less watermarked commission by Frenchie, the Disney Vs. Darkstalkers Orgy!

My reaction:

When you want Disney done right, there's only one place to turn! Frenchie your the master of Disney porn! And Foreskins, I love these foreskins!!!!!:lol::heart:

Instead of doing one at a time, I thought lets go for a Disney/Darkstalker orgy!!!!
Thanks Frenchie, there is so much hotness, love and even some humor here! I dig the expression on Aladdin a lot! And for your first time drawing him, your Rikuo rocks!! Prince Eric cumming with his foreskin right over the head, is making me go crazy!!!!:blush::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Thank you so much! I can't wait to see how our next commission will turn out! Something like this only leaves me wanting more and more!:heart::heart::heart:

In December Frenchie will be taking on my Boys. That is going to make my holiday very happy! LOL.

OK that's it shows over... XD

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lil Deep Meets his Match thanks to Ink-B! (Plus more Class fun!)

Something was just spotted in the waters outside of Class Comics world...A large blue shape is harassing the swimmers! But no fear, it's Mako Finn to the Rescue!!!

Yep Lil' Deep just met his equal and had his butt served!!!! A special treat and new a blog exclusive!!! The two Shark boys have settled their differences after reaching a mutual XD
As always Lil' Deep is so freaking hot when drawn by his creator. His face is really strong and handsome. The only Megalodon who's face is that kissable! His hair looks like it has been whirling in passion for some time. Mmmm the water drops on both boys adds to the heated ferocity of the love making. This is Inks first time drawing Lil Deep and he turned out really amazing. You HAVE to love how he positioned his dorsal finned cock to look like a jumping fish. I mean, that is just pure wickedness. Mako didn't even take off his speedos, he was that horny!

Ink just loves to draw, here are some wonderful bonuses from him! Ink has recently changed his commission prices to reflect the US Dollar. He is in need of a new Tablet and could really use some help.

Mako sits on the beach patrolling the waters. Just look at the details in the colouring. Ink is really good at bringing out the best in a character. I do so like those brows and that nose! Adorable!!!

Hee hee Looks like Mako has seen trouble and is going to take care of it the best way he knows how! Ink draws a great Fillion style penis! Way sexy my friend. :)

Mako Finn made his debut in Boy Toons Adventures #1, you can check out the mini site and purchase the book using the link below. Each book comes signed by Patrick Fillion himself!

Boytoon Adventures - An Erotic Gay Trade Paperback!

This isn't the end of the Class Comics fun! Remember the awesome Chibbi Version of Zahn Demona did some time ago? Well I asked her to do a couple more. Here is her so CUTE version of Naked Justice!

I am TERRIBLE at writing comments about Chibbis!!! He is such a mischief maker with those big green eyes of his and that sly smile. Look out Ghostboy! She has started to include more then just flat colours to her little cuties. This has had a profound effect on their looks. You gotta check out her gallery, there's lots to see and commissions are always open. Wait till you see her little Mum-ra. ^o^

I can't tell the entire story behind this next image without ruining some future surprises. Let's just say that this started as a simple request to see Ghostboy and Naked Justice in FallenAngels style and built like mad from there. Not happy to just give me the boys in their regular clothes, Fallen took them into a virtual video game world and started in on creating a back story, costumes and spells for the two boy toys!

Stuck in a game, or in a Medieval world for real? You so know this would make me play online video games!

My Reaction:

This was a really nice request that you took and added a lot of flavor too for me. Your costumes are really wicked looking. My favorite is the concept for Ghostboy. He fits so naturally into that Mage look! Love the cute little fire sprites!! He better watch out, he will burn his cock head! :lol:
Great job on his body. It's so hot and sexy. I love the details on the circumcision scar. You really put a ton of time and effort into this.
Naked Justice makes a great warrior. I love his pose and how he is pictured bigger and stronger then Ghostboy. His chest is so puffed out and sexy!!! Super nice job on the tip of his foreskin poking through his foreskin. That's making me drool! :inlove::heart::heart::heart:

Thanks man!!! Mega love to you!

A look at the sketch, the costumes and characters types evolved very quickly in Fallensangels head.

Ok that's it I'm tired...oh heck no!!!! Part 4? Yep, you better believe it...

Blog Exclusive Super Stars Wars

This is the second promised commission from the cool Luisazo. Hey does anime style stuff really well and I asked him a while back if he wouldn't mind doing Luke and Han from the Star Wars Manga. The Manga rocked. I really wish they did more stuff with it, like an animated version, or some Gashapon. That would have been great. I'm a Star Wars fan from Childhood. I saw Return of the Jedi in the Theaters when I was about 5, or 6. I will never forget that night. Even before that my big bro would read me Star Wars story books and buy me toys telling me all about the characters. Lots of special memories there. This is for you bro...I miss you.

I requested Luke to be cut and Han to be uncut...ha ha ha playing on the bad boy image of Han Solo. XD I really dig the way this came out. Luisazo really got the Manga feel, I mean Han looks like he was ripped from the cover. Gotta love Stubble chinned Solo! I like how his pubes are sitting on his cock and how he included his hand hair. It's actually very intriguing. ^_^
Luke is really CUTE! Those eyes!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Lovely! He looks like a perfect sexy twink! Luisazo even gave Luke blode pubes! How hot is that?! XD
Thanks Luisazo, hope we can do another in the future.

What do you guys think? I have some Star Wars ideas, should I pursue more Luke and Han?
This is just part two......

This must be Prince of Persia month...

Hey guys! I have no idea how to arrange all the images I have gotten this week. It's been NUTS! Everyone has been hard at work. I just can't keep up!!!!
This is going to be hype, so grab a box of Kleenex and prepare to drool.

Let's start off with a commission which is something I never dreamed I would request, Donovan meeting the Prince of Persia! Who did I ask to take this on? Why none other then Crimsonblood! He pinup lover and posed the two boys ready to sword fight in the desert! Enjoy!

Hey look their feet are burning the sand!

My Reaction:

Hey Crimson! This is an oh so awesome sexy first commission dude! I was flipping from the moment you showed me the line art. Your Prince and Donovan are so freaking smooth. MY lord, they look like they just were on stage at a muscle competition. Did you shave them down? :lol: XD I dig the way you do a cut guy with a little lump on the shaft. NEAT! :wink: Loving the foreskin on Donovan, nice and thick! Great placement on the head. They are both strong and sexy looking members.
You did a great job on the faces too. They are very sexy. The hair looks nice enough to stroke. :inlove::heart:
Donovans sword is getting a good view of the Princes bum huh? :tongue::heart:
I think Donovan is peeking too! XD

The decision to make the legs bare is too much!!!:kiss: They looks so smooth long, well muscled and sexy. Some of the sexiest legs on the site for sure!!!!
Much love to you for this man. :widesmile::heart:

God I love the hair on the prince and the way the foreskin is drawn on Donovan... XD

Ok here is nice blog only treat, the Line art!

Crimsonblood just opened up his commissions again, so if you want something this hot, you better go line up now!

This week I got 2 images of the Prince! The other was from my old buddy FallenAngel7. Have a look at this misadventure!

The result of coming up with a concept and giving to a very naughty mind! XD

My Reaction:

Oh man, I couldn't wait for this one!!!! I was thrilled when I saw the e-mail just now.

Your prince looking embarrassed is so CUTE! Ha ha yeah parachute pants are so soft, they would make you very hard if you ran around in them. You gave him a massive boner! Was it the erection, or the arrow the busted his seams? :lol::heart: I love the deep colour of his penis head. mmmm very suckable! :blush:

Gotta love those nipples!!! He is so smooth too.. look at that sexy leg! :blush::heart:
Excellent job on his sword and costume too. You did a magnificent job as always.

This image took a bit longer then usual due to the colouring of the gargoyle and the walls. Fallen had a blast doing this one. As someone commented, now if only this could happen in the game! Well we got an implied love scene at least.
Yeah I have been going with a circumcised prince these days. Maybe I will change that in the next commission for fun. :) Yep there is another one on the way! Hey I love this game! ^_^

This is just part one, hold on....

Friday, November 27, 2009

Elk King is on the Wing again Thanks to Urbanmusiq

My most difficult creature to date, Elk Wing King has come back in a big way thanks to the amazing skills of Urbanmusiq. Another Master of the beauty of the black man, Urban actually did a couple designs of his face for me. Which was really nice!
A very bizarre design indeed, the King of the Irish Elk has wings made of Velvet and antlers. Never a fun thing to explain to people. After Caravaggias commission I kinda filed him away. She did an beyond amazing job on him and put a ton of love into the image, but the character is still very odd for new comers to take on. Seeing how well Urban does his boys, I just had to chance it. I was happy that Urban took him on and found him interesting to work on. (i.e. he didn't ask me if I was totally nuts! LOL)

Check out the great work on the body Urbanmusiq did. He gave him a strong, handsome and very proud face. It's so great how the light reflects off of it. What a nice touch!!! Love the sideburns and the great ears!
The wings turned out so much better then I expected. They look awe inspiring. The craziest gliders I bet he will ever draw! XD His penis stands out proud against the moon light with his grape head juicily poking through the foreskin. His arms and muscles are so gorgeous! What a masterpiece!!! XD Don't you just want to caress that torso? ha ha ha! XD

Ubran was kind enough to give me a version of him with out the moonlight and a different colour scheme. AWESOME!!! That folks is just divine customer service!

Thank you Urbanmusiq. I know this was the final commission I paid for, but I don't think this will be the final request. I hope this is the start of a long and fun friendship.

Lastmanouthere, FallenAngel and Tranetrax Take on He-Man, the sexiest Man of my Childhood...

Last month I was given the new He-Man series on DVD as a gift. I was fairly familiar with it. Sadly living on the farm meant Saturday mornings were spent tending animals and not watching cartoons. So now many years later I am experience this sweet cartoon in full. So guess what I started to request? XD ha ha ha. Yeah let's face it, if you grew up in the 80's no matter what you felt about the cartoon, or toys, you had to admit He-Man was one hot piece of meat. He might have been one of the first things I actually masturbated to.
Anyway.....I got on the MSN and the e-mail and started to request He-man left and right. I mean this new He-man is FINE! Ha ha ha. So here he is as captured by three amazing artists.

First we have FallenAngels take on him. We talked about a couple poses. We settled on him sitting on some rocks taking care of business while patrolling Castle Grey Skull.

My reaction:

It's not boring when you have that huge cut cock to play with! :lol::heart:
Oh I so love seeing He-Man in your style. Like I said, his face is so CUTE! and that hair, sigh...:blush::love::inlove:
That chest and is hot too. I think his legs are just delightful. I want to run my fingers over legs like that. :inlove:
Nice Castle Grey Skull and gloomy atmosphere. It sure adds a lot to the theme of this picture. :heart:
I wonder if Skelator is using a spy bot to watch him? hee hee...

That is one massive cum shot!

I like how the hair sits so high above the skull in this image. He's so hot even in this early sketch. :) Fallen is really good at bringing an innocents to his creations. Cause He-Man is so American, I always got the feeling he would be circumcised.

The second set of images are from Lastmanouthere. I even have a blog exclusive image to share! We started to talk about doing a He-man and he drew this stunning sexy pose here:

This is pretty classic. Love the arm placement, dang so sexy!!! What a chest. Lastmanouthere always does such nice thick foreskins! I don't know if he will finish this, or not, but I sure hope he does. :)

Anyway almost the next day, Lastman had a whole new image for me. He said it came to him so naturally that he didn't have to redraw any of it. It all just poured from his mind like honey to create this delectable image I present. It quickly became his most beloved entry on Y!Gallery.

The image started out as two different characters, but as soon as Lastman focused on it being He-man a masterpiece was born!

My personal reaction:

Like I said last night, this is sooooooooooooo freaking hot!!!! So hot, my screen went black while looking at this. Dude your image made my PC faint!!! ha ha ha.:tongue::heart:
I love his sexy body, the legs are just too much with those veins. He looks like he could break a wall with that powerful dick. His torso is so stacked. :kiss:
I like your joke you added. I wish that problem did happen in the cartoon. :lol:
One of your sexiest images yet. :)

What's funny is my screen actually died, then the rest of my PC followed....

Around the same time Tranetrax asked me if I had any requests. I was startled by such a gracious offer. I settled on He-man in the nude! XD Here is wonderful take:

How I do dig those curly blond pubes!!! XD

My reaction:

Oh wow, wicked ass cool pose and sooooooooooo freaking hot too!!! OMG this is one of your best images ever! Love that cock! Nice sword too. Dang, I am so happy KinNova and requested this!

His He-man is very smooth and lickable! You should really check out this young artists gallery. He recently did some Sworn fan art that is out of this world. :)

Thanks so much guys! As always more to cum!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baralust Beginnings! The Epic Wonder Boy of Jacy-J

Today I wanted to share with you guys a very hot and sexy image of Lil Deep done by Baralust on the Y!Gallery. This is my very first commission with him and it went very well. Take a look at the ultimate buff Lil Deep:

My reaction says it all!

Wow, first commissions are AWESOME when they are this friggen hot! :widesmile: That is one BUILT LIL DEEP. Ain't NOTHING little about him!!! :blush: That cock is PERFECT! Love the vein bulging as his orgasm over takes him. It like he has to lie down due to the pressure of that monster erupting. HOT! :inlove::heart: That is one nice BUFF body. So sexy!!! His face is so charming. Love the smile you gave him. Mmmm :lol: I can't get over those arms and legs. Sexy SEXY SEXY!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Next up he will be taking on Nova and I snagged a couple more slots too! XD ha ha ha. I'm addicted to this boys beautiful style. I still can't get over those arms...mmmm Baralust you are a master of muscles if there ever was one! ^_-

OK next I have to share with you guys at totally epic image done by Jacy-J. If Wonder Boy was done by Sqaure Soft, even they could not match the sensuality on display here. Take a breath and prepare to be knocked out of your chair:

Jacy's Tom Tom is so freaking hot and inspired I am at a loss for words. She seems to have been influenced by all the fan art in a big way. She's produced an amazing specimen. Her Wonder Boy looks like he just fell out of the game world and was placed into real life. He has a very strong build and looks light on his feet. It is like he as just spent days running and jumping. What a chest! XD His svelte build echos a character that is in constant search of nourishment as Tom Tom is in the game. Constant focus on attacking, running and worrying will create a strong body like this.
The hair is like golden silk, baked in the island sun. His eyes have a slightly Asian look to them, I am mesmerized! XD With a sexy skimpy little grass skirt like that the snails will be blushing each time he jumps! The background with the totems is just perfect. What an image!!!! :) I hope someone at Sega Takes note of this! XD

Thanks Jacy and Baralust, I can only imagine what great new things we will come up with in the future.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boys of the Desert Sand and the Ocean Surf

Hey guys! Got some major surprises today!
First off I have some images of the oh so cute Tonia. 2046 on Y!Gallery opened up commissions last month and I had to put the commission on hold until only recently. Well ,he waited for me to get my life together and I have a very hot image of my lovable boy to share now!

Tonia enjoys some grapes, seduction is on the menu!
I'm very happy that 2046 waited for me, this is such a stunning image. Tonias eyes and hair are worth the commission price alone! XD What a darling face. Like a Greek hero! Love the thick cock 2046 gave him as well. That's very sexy! :) The skin tone and shading makes him look so perfect. Really can't thank him enough for this one.

His commissions are still open, check it out and his amazing gallery here:

Sigh, my poor Tonia, he had a place in my mind for a long time as a bath house attendant. I had ideas in my mind, so many ideas. I really need to get my butt in gear. Some ideas I fear may be long forgotten. Guess this is a shout out that yeah, I am looking to do some ideas with Tonia. :)

Let's take a trip to the desert! My little ankylosaurus twink, is going Arabian. I figure since he was pictured by Lastmanouthere with an older desert warrior lover, he should have an outfit the suites that environment.

I called upon my good bud Caravaggia to help Tonia out. Not only did she come out with a great outfit she helped me create a pet for him. A Falconasaurus! I had the idea at first that the Falcon would had a tip on the back of the skull and some spikes on it's neck. Cara went even further, giving him a hunched over body and Jugal bones like a ceratopsian. Such creativity is so very awesome!!!!

Her Tonia is very cute and so so sexy. A mysterious warrior that hides his face, but not his hot body!!! Little Tonia went from Greek hero, to a 1920's silent movie lover in one day! XD Thanks Cara he is so delightful and adorable in your style! :) Love the blowing cape, the boots and those gloves. I want a pair of those! YOu did an amazing job on his outfit. Caravaggia is one artist that loves to take on crazy animals!

Now let's go from one Ancient Desert, to another! The one filled with the sands of time to be exact. My favorite hero and game from 2003, the Prince of Persia done every so sexily by the super talented Urbanmusiq!

Knowing he is a fan of the game, I couldn't resist this commission. I requested a cut prince after doing a little research on Persia. Urbanmusiq really got the cut penis looks perfect. Very hot and sexy. Liking that scar! I love his eyes so much. He added this shine to the them that is just amazing. I just want to kiss those full pouty lips and those nipples are so sexy!!! A total hunk from head to toe. It's always great to commission an artist who is a fan of the source material! :) You wind up with awesome stuff like this! Someone call Ubisoft, this boy should be on the team! LOL.

Well there you have it, three masterpieces! Oh but wait, I have more!!!! ha ha ha

Lets take a trip to the beach and a return to my first love Rikuo! Speaking of artist that love the source material, the Rainbowboys Chicourano has finished his commission of Rikuo! Now if you are a fan of his blog, I am sure you might have already seen it, so here is a little something extra, two extra versions! This man really knows how to please! :)

Rikuo in all his glory as only Chicourano can imagine. Check out the amazing details in the skin, as the light reflects off of Rikuos head. He even made his fins slightly transparent. That has never been done before, what an imagination. Just breathtaking.

Ocean colours!

Rikuo Noire!

I'm so very happy to have the completed Rikuo, he was really worth every penny. A total masterpiece, stunning, sexy, sleek and sensual. Love the addition of the cum on his fingers! Rikuo is a naughty boy... XD Wait till you see what we have in store next!

Way back around May I commissioned Luisazo to do a sequel to Neos Cam and Rikuo image. I wanted Camili-Cat to have a bit of a beach bum look, so we added shorts and an ascot to Cam as well as a surf board.

Looks like the two boys had fun with each other, enjoyed a day at the beach and are ready for round two!
I really dig Luisazo's anime style and the warmth he brings to his images. He uses a real background which is a pretty cool concept.

This was my reaction:

You did a wonderful job, making Cam and Rikuo very anime like in your style and so very sexy!!! Love those big penises and low hanging wrinkly balls! :inlove::heart::sweatdrop: You got the image I wanted dang perfect. Can in an ascot and surfer shorts is just sooooooooo sexy!!! XD I love the way you did his hair and his eyes. (The low res doesn't do the eyes justice!!!) :widesmile::kiss::heart:
Your Rikuo Aulbath is very smooth and sexy. He's got a very kind face.
I can't wait for the next image to be complete now! :)

I have to say the more I look at this, the more I appreciate Cams gorgeous full chest, the placement of the foreskins and again Cams wonderfully spiked hair. Both characters are magnificent.

Can't wait for the second commission to be completed! :)

And last, but not least a completed requested from June by the way super talented and kind Qwertyrulz. He was one of the first people to see and accept the challenge of my Anomalocaris. Another ocean prince in need of more love!!!

This is an awesome image take a look:

Before he had hair, I had given the character a helmet made of hard flesh. You can see the hair was placed over it in the first first commission. I will have to share my sketches of him one day as well.

Here is my reaction:
(He had told me only the day before it was posted that he would be working on the image.)
Oh wow, when you said yesterday you were going to start him, I didn't know he would be lined so fast!!! You really stuck to my original designed. Did I actually come up with him that long ago? Wow, it feels like yesterday. This year has really gone by fast. :(
You gave him a very sexy body and chest!!! Nice head and ears too. You got his animal parts perfect. Cute shorts! XD
And a promise of more to come? WOW! That's super nice of you. :)
Can't wait.
This has inspired me to try to draw more of him myself.

He's not an easy character to take on, but I have to say again, he turned out very sexy. I love the sleek build and the shorts! XD A great image like this deserves some colouring! Another task to take on.

Good night everyone. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wonder Boy Still Gets Loved By Mashi and Zipopen

It has been forever since I requested anything featuring Wonder Boy. Tom Tom kinda fell off the radar for bit. After seeing Zipopens magnificent take on him, I decided to share a few images that have not yet made it to this site. I am REALLY behind with some of these images.
I was granted this wonderful image yesterday:

My response:

This was a surprise!!! I just appeared here unexpected! :lol::heart:

HE IS NICE! You really captured the essence of the original art here. I mean, I am going to do a Wonderboy spotlight blog just because this image has inspired me so. I don't think I could have asked for a better action shot! You got it all, his cute penis, balls and even a hairy little bum!!! ha ha ha. :blush::heart:

I love the hair done with the dreads! SO inspired. His face is a wonder! XD Soooo cute and sweet. The details on his hatchet are just so cool. Looks like he has beaten down a lot of bad guys with it. :)
I love how you gave him body and facial hair to show he is an adult. That's so great!
I could go on all day about how impressed I am with this. Can't thank you enough man. I will for sure be requesting more if him if you have have the time. :) Much love to you!

This was a request from not too long ago, but it was still a major surprise when I saw it yesterday. That neck and those eyes!!! XD ha ha ha love it!

Like I said this reminds me A LOT of the original art for the games Wonder Boy and Adventure Island. Zip Inspired me to share a few image from the series here on the blog. I am a really big fan of these games. My favorites being Wonder Boy on the Master System, New Adventure Island, Adventure Island Hudson Selection Vol 4 on Gamecbue and PS2 which is a sequel to New Adventure Island and of course Super Adventure Island. This game has one of the BEST soundtracks ever produce for a video game ever.

Take a look at the original box art for Segas Wonder Boy and Hudsons Adventure Island on various systems.

New Adventure Island is one of my very favorite video games of all time. It was side scrolling perfection. Really tested your skills.

It has been a long time since I last came into contact with Mashi. Her life was on a real downward spiral. I really hope she returns one day. Before she vanished she provided me with some very hot commissions and gifts.

The concept behind this was that Tom Tom can only get the love letter from Coyote if he hit him from behind. Well...he is nailing him from behind alright, but doesn't care much about the letter!!!! Another teenage dream brought to life beautifully by your pen Mashi! I love it!!!

I wish I had a high res of this, but something happened with the file and this all Mashi had to send. :(

This is the 'Game end' Screen! Well inspired by it anyway! Except now it's two boys instead! And yeah the Cyote is very upset that all his hard work was in vein! Thank you Mashi, this is a childhood dream brought to life! I love the story book feel!

I mention childhood a lot. I often wondered growing up why there were no gay game heroes, half were very effeminate looking anyway. XD

This was a sketch from a long time ago. Mashi redid the entire image in the end. I loved both!

Ok it's not Wonderboy, but a simply Wondrous image of Congo from Mashi! This was a gift from one friend to another. This is one of Mashi's cutest images. I really flipped when I got it. :) It was an early birthday gift. :)

A little bog exclusive. A lost image of Mashis. I had Commissioned her to do Wonderboy Meets the Boy Wonder. I know how much she loves Robin and to show my faith her takes on him I asked her to draw this. She was very happy to do so. This is still in the works, I hope.

Looking over all these and seeing Zips new image has really got my imagination going. I am going to commission some new adult Wonder Boy right away! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something Very Different, Nova in Egypt

Well I promised a surprise for Nova. I guess considering some of the original images I did of him, it won't be a huge shock, but well here goes, my first ever commission that is..........

Nova in his younger days enjoying some fun in his Egyptian home.

Don't worry! This isn't going to become a totally straight blog, or anything!!! The more I thought of Novas personality, the more I felt he should be my first straight boy. Well, I bet he will go a bi one day! :P (Being playful with another guy in the shower doesn't count.)
FallenAngel went all out to make this a very special image. He was so enthusiastic when I told him I wanted to make my Grey a pussy plowing protagonist. He suggested all sorts of ideas, from the pose, to additions to the costumes. He came up with almost the entire female costume, as my designs were a little basic. I kinda based her on a very hot Egyptian girl I used to draw in College. She turned out to be very beautiful. I love her hair and all the jewelry, especially the ornament on her arm. :) Gotta love grey nipples. -_^ He wanted to give it a totally Egyptian feel, the two hybrids meeting for some forbidden lust in a pyramid. One with some very familiar hieroglyphics! Check out the UFO beaming up the ox!
This has given me an idea about where to take Novas costume in the future, combining elements of Egyptian and Roman gear.
Thanks Fallen for encouraging me to pursue this concept and by adding so much passion to it. I swear I almost lost it when I read his descriptions of the image he wanted to do! XD

I really want to hear peoples feedback on this. Do you feel this something that I should keep going with?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A new Discovery and a New Friend, Urbanmusiq

I discovered the master of the male form Ubranmasiq last month while looking around on Boytoons. When I saw his image gallery on Deviantart, I was taken aback. This bold young artist is another amazing master of the boys noir. I immediately started to wonder what what his take on Chiida would be like. Well, let me say the results as you about to see are nothing less then spectacular. An extraordinary young man, Ubanmasiq worked so hard and so quickly, it was just amazing. In a day he had send me three amazing sketches and it was only a mater of a few days before the image was complete. So new to the scene and already I can recommend him as one of the top artists I have had the pleasure of working with. Why do I say this? He lost the image, the entire thing and jumped right back in and had it done before I could blink. That's a fighter people. :) I would have crumbled in a ball for a week. Ha!

OK tell me, just try to tell me, you are not spell bound by Chiidas face, that manly chest and the stiff as a board cock! Mmm that is one sexy pose! Wow is all I can say. Check out the details on the staff!!! The trilobite is just perfect. He really aimed to please with this feature. I swear I can touch it's antenna! It looks so very smooth and life like.

Dimata is full of his own style and charms. Love the innocents on display here. I only suggested Dimata look a little curious and the man read my mind, cause this was the exact pose I was looking for!!! :P I love how Dimatas butt is held high in the air. His Tusks joining the other teeth like that is just wonderful. His face is really handsome. That penis is ready to add to the pot I see!!!

I can't express in words how happy I am with this. All I can say is, there are two more commissions on the way, so get ready for some very amazing blog exclusives.

Special thanks go out to Patrick Fillion. If it wasn't for you, I would never have met this kind and oh so talented master of the quill! :)

Check out Ubans Gallery here:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Classy Tribute to Ink-B! Yep 2 blogs in one day!!!

Hey!!! This week was way exciting because the king of Gay comics, Patrick Fillion himself featured so many great images from this site! Among them were Jacy-J, Neo, Sakuseii and the ever talented Voider. Leading the charge was my dear friend Ink-B with his own original creation RPG Dimata!!!!
Mr. Fillion went out of his way and wrote so many flattering things, I swear to you I am still blushing! He's always great to the community. Recently he has been featuring some really hot artist, you better go check it out and bring some tissues with you! XD It was due to his support of the community that I have one very special image to share with you all as well... :O That will come later! The world needs a lot more Patrick Fillions.

One of Ink's most recent creations, what a dream boat!!! Love the hair and that torso. The slightly nerdy shades are the icing in the cake. Someone get a sponge I just melted...

Ok so since Ink's Dimata was the main focus of Boytoons, a couple artist paid a little Tribute to him!!! A BLOG EXCLUSIVE!!! Here is Crimosonbloods RPG Dimata!!!

This boy, Crimsonblood is one of the humblest artist you will ever meet! He has skills leaking out his nose! He did this so fast and right in front of my eyes!! I blinked and the image was done, no lie! LOL.

Nope, not a commission, just a nice picture due to him being inspired by Ink! Well that and the loincloth, he was very inspired by that tribal underwear too! Ha ha ha! Check out that sweet face and oh so strokable hair. What sexy beast! Still can't believe the level of detail in the muscles and body. He kept asking me how big I want the penis. LOL. 'So big he can suck it himself?' ha ha ha. Now that's the kind of enthusiasm I want to hear! I don't think I could have said no. XD
Thank you Crimsonblood, this is such a a kind and thoughtful gift. :)

Crimson wasn't alone in this, as always Fallen is looking for some mischief to get into. I showed him Lil Deep and he produced this image almost as quickly as Crimsonblood!! These boys, they just love to draw!

As everyone here should know, Lil Deep was created by Ink. I requested this in honor of my friend. Ink-B is always so thrilled to see other artist take on his creations. When Fallens Deep became his most popular picture to date, well, that was a very special moment for all 3 of us. :) As Ink put it, 'My Lil has become a super star!' He sure has man! :)

My Reaction:

Woo wee! Little Deep turned out to be one mighty mass of Megalodon man meat! :lol::heart:
Surfs up and so is that huge erection!!! Getting hot over that wrinkly foreskin. :P I just adore him in your style! Great pose and sweet necklace. You really outdid yourself with those legs. They are way hot.
It was really cool of you to come up with a neat Surfboard logo too. Thanks!
Now deep has fins on his legs too...he keeps growing and evolving all the time. :widesmile::heart: You made your mark oh him too! :heart::inlove:

All these young artists are looking for commissions and really need your help and support! Please check them out. :)

And now for a couple off the hook Blog Exclusives!!!!

Ink knows I am a HUGE Simpsons fan. So a couple weeks ago he sent me a little surprise!


Yep it's the boys Simpson style! You can see Smilo and Lil Deep in there too! How wicked cool is that? Ink is taking on all styles. :) This is one Elephant that would love to meet Stampy! This made me smile so hard my cheeks hurt. Ink you da MAN!

That's not all, oh no! Back in September I asked MiOworks to draw up Little Mac and Disco Kid enjoying some blow job action. MiOworks did the line art, but fell into some hard times. A month later he gave me the high res as gift! I asked Ink if he would like to colour it. I was not prepared for the level of awesomeness he would be sending to me inbox.

Feast your eyes of the masterpiece of muscle, the Krakatoa of color, the cut meets uncut, white meets black, Old School Nintendo awesomeness that is MiOworks and Inks, SUCK OUT!

One of the finest coloring jobs ever by Ink. Some of the SEXIEST guys ever draw by MiOworks. What an unstoppable team. Check out he cocks, the sweet pose and that to die for torso! Mmmm that is some friggen thick some hot cocks. MioWorks knows his foreskin! ha ha ha. Love the background straight from the official art! Enjoy everyone! When and if MiOworks opens up commissions in the future, I may try to join these two again! LOL.

That's all for now, but as promised a very special image is on it's way! Maybe even later tonight!

An added note, I have many black and white images that really could use some colouring. If anyone is interested please contact me.

The Initiation #2 - Hot Erotic Gay Comics!


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