Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wonder Boy Still Gets Loved By Mashi and Zipopen

It has been forever since I requested anything featuring Wonder Boy. Tom Tom kinda fell off the radar for bit. After seeing Zipopens magnificent take on him, I decided to share a few images that have not yet made it to this site. I am REALLY behind with some of these images.
I was granted this wonderful image yesterday:

My response:

This was a surprise!!! I just appeared here unexpected! :lol::heart:

HE IS NICE! You really captured the essence of the original art here. I mean, I am going to do a Wonderboy spotlight blog just because this image has inspired me so. I don't think I could have asked for a better action shot! You got it all, his cute penis, balls and even a hairy little bum!!! ha ha ha. :blush::heart:

I love the hair done with the dreads! SO inspired. His face is a wonder! XD Soooo cute and sweet. The details on his hatchet are just so cool. Looks like he has beaten down a lot of bad guys with it. :)
I love how you gave him body and facial hair to show he is an adult. That's so great!
I could go on all day about how impressed I am with this. Can't thank you enough man. I will for sure be requesting more if him if you have have the time. :) Much love to you!

This was a request from not too long ago, but it was still a major surprise when I saw it yesterday. That neck and those eyes!!! XD ha ha ha love it!

Like I said this reminds me A LOT of the original art for the games Wonder Boy and Adventure Island. Zip Inspired me to share a few image from the series here on the blog. I am a really big fan of these games. My favorites being Wonder Boy on the Master System, New Adventure Island, Adventure Island Hudson Selection Vol 4 on Gamecbue and PS2 which is a sequel to New Adventure Island and of course Super Adventure Island. This game has one of the BEST soundtracks ever produce for a video game ever.

Take a look at the original box art for Segas Wonder Boy and Hudsons Adventure Island on various systems.

New Adventure Island is one of my very favorite video games of all time. It was side scrolling perfection. Really tested your skills.

It has been a long time since I last came into contact with Mashi. Her life was on a real downward spiral. I really hope she returns one day. Before she vanished she provided me with some very hot commissions and gifts.

The concept behind this was that Tom Tom can only get the love letter from Coyote if he hit him from behind. Well...he is nailing him from behind alright, but doesn't care much about the letter!!!! Another teenage dream brought to life beautifully by your pen Mashi! I love it!!!

I wish I had a high res of this, but something happened with the file and this all Mashi had to send. :(

This is the 'Game end' Screen! Well inspired by it anyway! Except now it's two boys instead! And yeah the Cyote is very upset that all his hard work was in vein! Thank you Mashi, this is a childhood dream brought to life! I love the story book feel!

I mention childhood a lot. I often wondered growing up why there were no gay game heroes, half were very effeminate looking anyway. XD

This was a sketch from a long time ago. Mashi redid the entire image in the end. I loved both!

Ok it's not Wonderboy, but a simply Wondrous image of Congo from Mashi! This was a gift from one friend to another. This is one of Mashi's cutest images. I really flipped when I got it. :) It was an early birthday gift. :)

A little bog exclusive. A lost image of Mashis. I had Commissioned her to do Wonderboy Meets the Boy Wonder. I know how much she loves Robin and to show my faith her takes on him I asked her to draw this. She was very happy to do so. This is still in the works, I hope.

Looking over all these and seeing Zips new image has really got my imagination going. I am going to commission some new adult Wonder Boy right away! :)


  1. Oh, Wonderboy! Ya know, it's rare for you, but even now I am having memories of long ago. XD I haven't played much of the series, but I did play some, and it's fun on a bun.

  2. I LOVE these SO much!!! This idea is so retro and awesome that only THAT itself makes these serious diamonds!!! I love this!!



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