Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blog Exclusive Super Stars Wars

This is the second promised commission from the cool Luisazo. Hey does anime style stuff really well and I asked him a while back if he wouldn't mind doing Luke and Han from the Star Wars Manga. The Manga rocked. I really wish they did more stuff with it, like an animated version, or some Gashapon. That would have been great. I'm a Star Wars fan from Childhood. I saw Return of the Jedi in the Theaters when I was about 5, or 6. I will never forget that night. Even before that my big bro would read me Star Wars story books and buy me toys telling me all about the characters. Lots of special memories there. This is for you bro...I miss you.

I requested Luke to be cut and Han to be uncut...ha ha ha playing on the bad boy image of Han Solo. XD I really dig the way this came out. Luisazo really got the Manga feel, I mean Han looks like he was ripped from the cover. Gotta love Stubble chinned Solo! I like how his pubes are sitting on his cock and how he included his hand hair. It's actually very intriguing. ^_^
Luke is really CUTE! Those eyes!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Lovely! He looks like a perfect sexy twink! Luisazo even gave Luke blode pubes! How hot is that?! XD
Thanks Luisazo, hope we can do another in the future.

What do you guys think? I have some Star Wars ideas, should I pursue more Luke and Han?
This is just part two......

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