Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something Very Different, Nova in Egypt

Well I promised a surprise for Nova. I guess considering some of the original images I did of him, it won't be a huge shock, but well here goes, my first ever commission that is..........

Nova in his younger days enjoying some fun in his Egyptian home.

Don't worry! This isn't going to become a totally straight blog, or anything!!! The more I thought of Novas personality, the more I felt he should be my first straight boy. Well, I bet he will go a bi one day! :P (Being playful with another guy in the shower doesn't count.)
FallenAngel went all out to make this a very special image. He was so enthusiastic when I told him I wanted to make my Grey a pussy plowing protagonist. He suggested all sorts of ideas, from the pose, to additions to the costumes. He came up with almost the entire female costume, as my designs were a little basic. I kinda based her on a very hot Egyptian girl I used to draw in College. She turned out to be very beautiful. I love her hair and all the jewelry, especially the ornament on her arm. :) Gotta love grey nipples. -_^ He wanted to give it a totally Egyptian feel, the two hybrids meeting for some forbidden lust in a pyramid. One with some very familiar hieroglyphics! Check out the UFO beaming up the ox!
This has given me an idea about where to take Novas costume in the future, combining elements of Egyptian and Roman gear.
Thanks Fallen for encouraging me to pursue this concept and by adding so much passion to it. I swear I almost lost it when I read his descriptions of the image he wanted to do! XD

I really want to hear peoples feedback on this. Do you feel this something that I should keep going with?


  1. Glad you like it :) Fufufufu :3

  2. OMG BREASTS! LADY LUMPS! JUGS! On your page? *internet explodes*
    I dunno if aliens are my thing, but it's kinda hot. XD; I like the bits of outfit that they are wearing. Nice! Hope to see what else can come of this. ^^

  3. I know right? I tilted the entire internet! XD I hope to commission some more of these two in the future.

  4. Oh, I like that ! It's more realistic when there are some bi/straight characters, or at least girls, see for example in Patrick Fillion comics.

    And it's realistic when some characters are so horny that for them a hole is a hole ! XD

  5. I would prefer f it was gay since i don't like girls :(



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