Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Classy Tribute to Ink-B! Yep 2 blogs in one day!!!

Hey!!! This week was way exciting because the king of Gay comics, Patrick Fillion himself featured so many great images from this site! Among them were Jacy-J, Neo, Sakuseii and the ever talented Voider. Leading the charge was my dear friend Ink-B with his own original creation RPG Dimata!!!!
Mr. Fillion went out of his way and wrote so many flattering things, I swear to you I am still blushing! He's always great to the community. Recently he has been featuring some really hot artist, you better go check it out and bring some tissues with you! XD It was due to his support of the community that I have one very special image to share with you all as well... :O That will come later! The world needs a lot more Patrick Fillions.

One of Ink's most recent creations, what a dream boat!!! Love the hair and that torso. The slightly nerdy shades are the icing in the cake. Someone get a sponge I just melted...

Ok so since Ink's Dimata was the main focus of Boytoons, a couple artist paid a little Tribute to him!!! A BLOG EXCLUSIVE!!! Here is Crimosonbloods RPG Dimata!!!

This boy, Crimsonblood is one of the humblest artist you will ever meet! He has skills leaking out his nose! He did this so fast and right in front of my eyes!! I blinked and the image was done, no lie! LOL.

Nope, not a commission, just a nice picture due to him being inspired by Ink! Well that and the loincloth, he was very inspired by that tribal underwear too! Ha ha ha! Check out that sweet face and oh so strokable hair. What sexy beast! Still can't believe the level of detail in the muscles and body. He kept asking me how big I want the penis. LOL. 'So big he can suck it himself?' ha ha ha. Now that's the kind of enthusiasm I want to hear! I don't think I could have said no. XD
Thank you Crimsonblood, this is such a a kind and thoughtful gift. :)

Crimson wasn't alone in this, as always Fallen is looking for some mischief to get into. I showed him Lil Deep and he produced this image almost as quickly as Crimsonblood!! These boys, they just love to draw!

As everyone here should know, Lil Deep was created by Ink. I requested this in honor of my friend. Ink-B is always so thrilled to see other artist take on his creations. When Fallens Deep became his most popular picture to date, well, that was a very special moment for all 3 of us. :) As Ink put it, 'My Lil has become a super star!' He sure has man! :)

My Reaction:

Woo wee! Little Deep turned out to be one mighty mass of Megalodon man meat! :lol::heart:
Surfs up and so is that huge erection!!! Getting hot over that wrinkly foreskin. :P I just adore him in your style! Great pose and sweet necklace. You really outdid yourself with those legs. They are way hot.
It was really cool of you to come up with a neat Surfboard logo too. Thanks!
Now deep has fins on his legs too...he keeps growing and evolving all the time. :widesmile::heart: You made your mark oh him too! :heart::inlove:

All these young artists are looking for commissions and really need your help and support! Please check them out. :)

And now for a couple off the hook Blog Exclusives!!!!

Ink knows I am a HUGE Simpsons fan. So a couple weeks ago he sent me a little surprise!


Yep it's the boys Simpson style! You can see Smilo and Lil Deep in there too! How wicked cool is that? Ink is taking on all styles. :) This is one Elephant that would love to meet Stampy! This made me smile so hard my cheeks hurt. Ink you da MAN!

That's not all, oh no! Back in September I asked MiOworks to draw up Little Mac and Disco Kid enjoying some blow job action. MiOworks did the line art, but fell into some hard times. A month later he gave me the high res as gift! I asked Ink if he would like to colour it. I was not prepared for the level of awesomeness he would be sending to me inbox.

Feast your eyes of the masterpiece of muscle, the Krakatoa of color, the cut meets uncut, white meets black, Old School Nintendo awesomeness that is MiOworks and Inks, SUCK OUT!

One of the finest coloring jobs ever by Ink. Some of the SEXIEST guys ever draw by MiOworks. What an unstoppable team. Check out he cocks, the sweet pose and that to die for torso! Mmmm that is some friggen thick some hot cocks. MioWorks knows his foreskin! ha ha ha. Love the background straight from the official art! Enjoy everyone! When and if MiOworks opens up commissions in the future, I may try to join these two again! LOL.

That's all for now, but as promised a very special image is on it's way! Maybe even later tonight!

An added note, I have many black and white images that really could use some colouring. If anyone is interested please contact me.

The Initiation #2 - Hot Erotic Gay Comics!

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