Monday, November 30, 2009

Final Blog of November, let's end it with Rikuo!

As the weather turns colder, my mind wanders to the beach. For Jacy-J the weather is always pretty tropical and boys like the ones in her wonderful creations are found all over the beaches! This one took me a long time to actually request, but I am so happy I did so! Cause here it is, Rikuo by Jacy-J!

Oh what a sleek, smooth sexy boy he is! A blog exclusive, Rikuo with a gorgeous penis and a very bulbous cock head, that is very very fitting of the character and his species. That in one massive lollipop head. YUM!!!!
Ok you just gotta love Jacy-J's long leggs, smooth toros and elongated appendages. His mouth and facial features is this interesting mix of human and fish. This coupled with an almost melancholy expression, makes this Rikuo a surprising hauntingly beautiful creation. Thanks Jacy, I have to say he is out of this world. :)

Let's end this string of super images with an older classic. A look at a less watermarked commission by Frenchie, the Disney Vs. Darkstalkers Orgy!

My reaction:

When you want Disney done right, there's only one place to turn! Frenchie your the master of Disney porn! And Foreskins, I love these foreskins!!!!!:lol::heart:

Instead of doing one at a time, I thought lets go for a Disney/Darkstalker orgy!!!!
Thanks Frenchie, there is so much hotness, love and even some humor here! I dig the expression on Aladdin a lot! And for your first time drawing him, your Rikuo rocks!! Prince Eric cumming with his foreskin right over the head, is making me go crazy!!!!:blush::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Thank you so much! I can't wait to see how our next commission will turn out! Something like this only leaves me wanting more and more!:heart::heart::heart:

In December Frenchie will be taking on my Boys. That is going to make my holiday very happy! LOL.

OK that's it shows over... XD

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