Monday, November 30, 2009

Proudly Presenting Lil' Deep The Megaldon Masterpiece of Jacy-J

Let's begin December with a bang! An Early Christmas present! XD What a surprise I got today. I had given Jacy 2 Commission request and she completed them both a day apart from each other. :O This one is a gift in honor of Ink-B again. I fell over when I opened this. I thought Wonder Boy and Rikuo were beyond amazing, but nothing could have prepared me for her Rock Star Haired Lil Deep:

He's the smoothest operator in the seven seas! I am totally aghast at this new stylish hair style! I soooooo love long hair! He's got two fingers ready to take on some eager hole...ha ha maybe a mermaids! XD. That tail is just stunning. The body is so killer. Everything about him breaths echos sex. This image is pure perfection. Jacy, you have outdone your self again!!!! You have done your best friends creation true justice. Once again an artist has added to the evolution of Deep. This is what commissions are all about! :)

Jacy was good enough to provide me with a censored version as well! :)

Hope you all Dig Deep!

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