Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baralust Beginnings! The Epic Wonder Boy of Jacy-J

Today I wanted to share with you guys a very hot and sexy image of Lil Deep done by Baralust on the Y!Gallery. This is my very first commission with him and it went very well. Take a look at the ultimate buff Lil Deep:

My reaction says it all!

Wow, first commissions are AWESOME when they are this friggen hot! :widesmile: That is one BUILT LIL DEEP. Ain't NOTHING little about him!!! :blush: That cock is PERFECT! Love the vein bulging as his orgasm over takes him. It like he has to lie down due to the pressure of that monster erupting. HOT! :inlove::heart: That is one nice BUFF body. So sexy!!! His face is so charming. Love the smile you gave him. Mmmm :lol: I can't get over those arms and legs. Sexy SEXY SEXY!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Next up he will be taking on Nova and I snagged a couple more slots too! XD ha ha ha. I'm addicted to this boys beautiful style. I still can't get over those arms...mmmm Baralust you are a master of muscles if there ever was one! ^_-

OK next I have to share with you guys at totally epic image done by Jacy-J. If Wonder Boy was done by Sqaure Soft, even they could not match the sensuality on display here. Take a breath and prepare to be knocked out of your chair:

Jacy's Tom Tom is so freaking hot and inspired I am at a loss for words. She seems to have been influenced by all the fan art in a big way. She's produced an amazing specimen. Her Wonder Boy looks like he just fell out of the game world and was placed into real life. He has a very strong build and looks light on his feet. It is like he as just spent days running and jumping. What a chest! XD His svelte build echos a character that is in constant search of nourishment as Tom Tom is in the game. Constant focus on attacking, running and worrying will create a strong body like this.
The hair is like golden silk, baked in the island sun. His eyes have a slightly Asian look to them, I am mesmerized! XD With a sexy skimpy little grass skirt like that the snails will be blushing each time he jumps! The background with the totems is just perfect. What an image!!!! :) I hope someone at Sega Takes note of this! XD

Thanks Jacy and Baralust, I can only imagine what great new things we will come up with in the future.

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  1. I do enjoy how Baralust makes OCs look. XD Somehow just when I thought Bu couldn't get any buffer, I commissioned Baralust. It was a good idea indeed. :B



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