Sunday, November 15, 2009

A new Discovery and a New Friend, Urbanmusiq

I discovered the master of the male form Ubranmasiq last month while looking around on Boytoons. When I saw his image gallery on Deviantart, I was taken aback. This bold young artist is another amazing master of the boys noir. I immediately started to wonder what what his take on Chiida would be like. Well, let me say the results as you about to see are nothing less then spectacular. An extraordinary young man, Ubanmasiq worked so hard and so quickly, it was just amazing. In a day he had send me three amazing sketches and it was only a mater of a few days before the image was complete. So new to the scene and already I can recommend him as one of the top artists I have had the pleasure of working with. Why do I say this? He lost the image, the entire thing and jumped right back in and had it done before I could blink. That's a fighter people. :) I would have crumbled in a ball for a week. Ha!

OK tell me, just try to tell me, you are not spell bound by Chiidas face, that manly chest and the stiff as a board cock! Mmm that is one sexy pose! Wow is all I can say. Check out the details on the staff!!! The trilobite is just perfect. He really aimed to please with this feature. I swear I can touch it's antenna! It looks so very smooth and life like.

Dimata is full of his own style and charms. Love the innocents on display here. I only suggested Dimata look a little curious and the man read my mind, cause this was the exact pose I was looking for!!! :P I love how Dimatas butt is held high in the air. His Tusks joining the other teeth like that is just wonderful. His face is really handsome. That penis is ready to add to the pot I see!!!

I can't express in words how happy I am with this. All I can say is, there are two more commissions on the way, so get ready for some very amazing blog exclusives.

Special thanks go out to Patrick Fillion. If it wasn't for you, I would never have met this kind and oh so talented master of the quill! :)

Check out Ubans Gallery here:

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