Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rocking out November with K3rry and Caravaggia!

I commissioned the sweet artist K3rry earlier this year, but things in his life were not always pleasant and the image got put on hold for a bit. Well last month when he saw Belvadar and the Apis Bull, he insisted on doing the commission based on idea with them. I was very flattered that he liked my new boys so much. So of course I met his enthusiasm with open arms. He went to work straight away and had a sketch for me in the wink of an eye. He created something extremely hot. It got my blood pumping! I got the sketch the day I went to an agency looking for work and I have to say it really brought my spirits up after having to do a ton of shitty tests. XD I wanted the boys performing on stage in a very specific pose and K3rry got it all right on!
Here it is for your enjoyment:

There is an Easter Egg in this image! If you look at Belvadars cock, you will notice the vein has a certain shape to it... :D The image made me want to reach out and huge K3rry. It's so vibrant and full of life. The lights reflecting off the boys, with the fog rolling in and the huge multicolored spot lights in the background really are a sight to behold. God those abs on Blevadar are HARD that I can imagine Apis using his cock to play them like a xylophone! XD I was excited to see K3rry stick close to my original hairdo for Belvadar and make his hair so massive! LOL. Very 80s! XD LOL Bels got a very wicked smile slashing across his face! Nice pit and chest hair. So thick, it's like a forest! Hee hee. With these sweet cock and amazing chests I melted!!! That chest hair is like a razor blade. Check the hot pink neon cock head pushing back the darkness and spewing forth. Someone really got into their performance eh? XD

The Apis Bullman turned out great as well. K3rry included all his features, even the little lightning bolt tattoo I was considering adding to his bum! His got big friendly eyes and a big body to match. :P K3rry gave him a wonderfully curved cock. It has a very nice shape, especially just below the head where it branches out a bit before swooping down to his balls. The foreskin has great details where the head peeks out a bit. He made his hair very thick and dready...nice! Wish I had that style! LOL. He was the first to take on his strange guitar. I think it turned out very nice. My design is kinda silly I guess for an Egyptian demigod, but why not! XD

I had to show off K3rrys wonderful sketch as well.
There is something so beautiful about his pencil work.
You can see the shape I was talking about on Belvadars dick a little better here. ;)

In the time K3rry was going through stuff, he constantly send me e-mails and talked to me online. During that time he was sweet enough to send me some fun sketches and previews while I waited. He sent me a really hot image of Patrick Fillions Spot he drew on his way back home from a trip. A little gift cause he knows how much I love the character! I could have died the day I got the sketch. It was just too sexy and hot to leave as a sketch, so I asked the super talented Caravaggia to splash a little color on it. The image turned our really freaking hot. I even added a little foreskin pull back version! Hee hee. XD Two great talents came together to create this wicked little piece of fan art. Caravaggia always knows just how to color guys up. She even added in little touches like his spots that were not in the sketch. Dang she brings out his chest and massive arms so well!

Spot's on his knees, but you are the one that's gonna be begging! XD

Here he is with the foreskin all the way over the head. XD
Kerry really should consider drawing more of Spot.
He really knows how to draw this character so well. :)

(oh those massive legs!)

Thanks K3rry! Rock on buddy!!!!

Check out Guytoonist new Blog:

Remembering the 80's the Flintstones Dino Lucky Egg Machine

These machines used to be in every grocery store when I was kid. It was a constant struggle to get my mom to give me quarter, or dollar, or whatever the inflated price was for the junky toy they would give out. The entire machine used the best temptation of all to lure kids in. Eggs on the side showed every single Hanna Barbara character your little heart could desire. Fred you entice you put coins in, cause Dino had something very special just for you. Unfortunately like so many things that the studio produced looks could be deceiving. Great presentation, with the actual product turning out to be crap. Maybe it was just where I lived, but I think I only once saw these things with any kind of decent toy in them. They never actually gave kids Flintstones, Yogi bear, or Scooby Doo themed toys. I think the best thing I got from them was a Peter Pan head magnet. I don't even remember them having these cool character eggs. If they had, I know I could have kept them and played with them. Maybe that is because I am too young to have experienced them when they first came out. What I got I guess was the product long after the days of good prizes were long over. I guess I will never know....

Eggs with all your favorites! Come kiddies waste your money!
A dirty rotten trick!XD

Dino was a boy...but laid eggs...
well at least we can say he did it BEFORE Yoshi now...

I don't remember Fred being so scary....

Wow! even Space Ghost made it.
I would have preferred Johnny Quest and Hadji though. :D

This is where the machines either showed what was actually inside, or more false advertising! Usually there was a Pac-man toy of some sort floating here. (Getting that was like winning the lottery.) I wonder if the collector put these eggs like this, or if they all originally had them on display like this?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Return of Adonix!!!

Yesterday I woke up to a nice package of fun in my inbox. Looks like Adonix is back in town and he had a most wonderful gift for us! He wanted to create some images just for this blog. What dear heart he is! He sent an all new OC and two really hot bust pictures of Smilo. Have a look guys and girls. :D

Adonixs RPG Thief is taking a relaxing break after running around the world. He's found a grove of Man fairies that enjoy pleasuring weary travelers. He's totally relaxed and spread open as one readies his cock with some protection, while another pulls a special tiger tail reed from the ground to penetrate his puckering butt hole.

Love the classic black lines with yellow background. Very in tune with many great RPG illustrations. The thief is very sleek and friggen well hung! :O The arms protectors are very cool design choice. I would imagine them shiny red if colored. Adonixs faces are always so great, that messy hair with that one long strand of hair curling up like that is my favorite aspect of him. The little fairies are really cute. They have a fitting, kinda creepy unfinished look to them. The one is lacking eyes, while the other only has slits to represent it's eyes and mouth. Very much like a wooden idol. They are the kind of creature you would expect to see in a Zelda forest. :) Very fitting. They are still well hung though! That erection shows he's good some friendly intentions. Now why can't I do this in RPGs? Better then the fairies just filling your life... ha. XD

Next one is Smilo in cave painting like image ready to take on RPG Dimatas meat! XD

Adonix really wanted to take it up a notch this time. The lips on Smilo are to die for! :D His cool blue eyes just mesmerize. Always an honor to see Adonix take on Smilo. That cock is really thick and well built. The thing that scares me is it just keeps growing off to the long is that thing? :D NICE!

Smilo gets his prize! XD

You might remember this image from before. Adonix worked on it months ago and has continued to expand on it. These are the two final steps. He improved many aspects of Deep and added in an entire background, lake, some very dreamy water effects and even some birds. Deep has gone from normal size to that of a Godzilla! Fitting considering he is Megalodon. XD Ha ha, the two palm trees sticking out of the island in background is so classic.

Lil'Deep holds a wire man in one hand while another desperately tries to climb up from his crotch before that thing gets erect I bet! XD

Here is a question, what should Lil'Deep be saying? Hmmm Maybe I should hold a small contest to come up with the best caption?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mirri Mayans!

Hey everyone. Taking a break from Pac-Man Championship Edition DX to do a little blogging. I got something totally astounding in the mail yesterday and that is a brand new image from the Artist Mirri. Now for those of you that have been watching me on YG you know that I commissioned Mirri several times last year. She was actually one of the first people I commissioned and one of the most recommendable people I dealt with. She took on Rikuo, Donovan, Camili-Cat, Kid Icarus and more! She had me hooked as I came back again and again. I really should post those images here on the blog one day soon. This time, I gave her the subject of my and Lastmanouthere's Mayan rivals Ixy and Nehme. Included in the image is Ixys pet Dragon Toucan. I have seen Mirri do some great animals in her art and wanted to see how she would tackle this creature in her very sleek art style. What I got was something that looks like a production still a big studio would use to promote a movie, or TV show. :D

Looks like the boys are putting aside their differences for a moment and working together on something for once. Nehme would love to get a closer look at Ixy's texts, but Tucatiuh is not about to let him get any closer then needs be. Ixy seems slyly proud of pets clever nature.

Mirri did an outstanding job on both men. Ixy is very twinkish with his soft stomach and very smooth features. I really like the contrast between his tight, yet lesser developed chest compared to Nehmes larger one. I feel she did a great job showing some difference in life style, body type and maybe even age. Nehmes face with it's very defined facial features shows off his harder life style for example. It's nice to see Mirri do her best to exhibit these contrast in the two of them. I for one have a very hard time taking my eyes off Nehme in this image. He's quit the charmer. One feature I also liked is how the guys hair which has always been draw long, looks just a little slick and greasy (yet sexy) to me. This of course, would be natural for two men living in such climate with head dresses constantly stuck on their noggins. XD Both costumes are exquisite. The details are wonderful. The loin cloths look rather silky, so light that the slightest movement gives quit the view... :D

Tucatiuh turned out really awesome as well. I am huge fan of those wings Mirri drew. What really stands out and brought the image to whole new level, was her idea to have the scene lit up by his fire breath. The light effects are just mind blowing and really bring out the beauty of the boys bodies.

Thanks Mirri.
Coming up next, the return of Adonix! :D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dramatic Return of RPG Dimata!

RPG Dimata was created by Ink-B last year and immediately caught the attention of a lot of people. After Crimsonblood did a stunning image of him, he sorta vanished. Well the truth is, I think of ideas for this character very often and have a back list of concepts to tackle with him and his crew. The people I commissioned to draw him recently can tell you that. I have two very hot images I am very proud to present of him today. The fist stunning image was done by 2046. You will remember he drew Tonia for me one year ago. He has returned with Dimata celebrating the defeat of a troublesome Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Level up! RPG Dimata is bathed in sunlight as he celebrates his victory over the the boss! XD That rex is gonna be sore in the morning.

Dimatas hair and face kinda reminds me of Aladdin here for some reason. All the more reason to love it even more. He's got boyish charms and hairy arms, That long hair and thick brows make him very charming. :D 2046 gave him hairless legs, which look very smooth and strong. Mmmm prehistoric wax job... XD He's so excited in his victory, it looks like he is leaking a little! XD Though it's a bit harder to see in the lower res, the foreskin on the penis has a lot of neat details. The process went very smoothly for this image. From start to finish 2046 showed nothing, but pure enthusiasm in the project. He willing took on the clobbered dinosaur and even sent me a funny sketch of the rex. The rex is without out a doubt one hell of a spectacle. 2046 if you ever get tired of drawing boys, you can always take up a career drawing dinos. XD I think this is 2046 most exciting image to date!

Concept Sketch.... -o- I drew this in like 20 seconds.

At the same time as I was commissioning 2046, I was also showing RPG Dimata to JCARTBOG. JC picked my random pairing idea. One that also took my breath away and make my loins stir. XD He paired Dimata with the Apis bull of Egyptland. My gosh, I have never seen him ever do such a huge cock before! Apis, is so freaking big and yummy. His face is extravagant. Both boys turned out wonderfully. Dimata with his thick hair, looks perfect to take on winter weather. I always loved JCs Dimatas so much, so seeing him take on Ink-bs take was very exciting for me.

Dimata buries his face in the bulls giant pink gumball. Even though he is a slave to the Egyptian, Dimata cannot deny his attraction. He is overwhelmed by the bulls manliness and soon his own cock is pushing his meager loincloth to the side. The foreskin is so thick and strong he needs to use two hands to pull it back and hold it there. Apis stands firm, trying not to show his total loss of control as Dimatas tongue explores the moist piss slit and front of his sensitive crown. Dimata dives his nose in, rubbing it all over and sniffs at the wonderful aroma...he can smell the cum brewing several feet away in the bulls balls. Apis has never had such a slave and he soon gives way to the pleasure, showering the young man with cum...

Jcarblog went ahead and even did this com version!!! Ha ha ha, it's really hot how Dimata is cumming on the bulls balls. :P Nice touch and an extraordinary extra.

I'm gonna end this blog post with an amazing piece of fan art from the artist Rent. Man did it make my day when I saw this posted up. It's not only super charming, but the artist added some touches of his own to spice him up. He really drew up the Apis bull in style. His muscles are just massive!!!! Now he admitting took some liberties with the character. The hair style is spiked and dyed brown. (Which is of course very possible with the right stylist! XD) He also used the horns of an Impala to him. This works really well cause it looks like they are supporting the sun disc. Really sweet touch.

My reaction on Y!gallery:
Wow he is big! Just like he should be! LOL. Thanks man, this was super sweet of you. Yo, that is one MASSIVE chest!!! He is looking really cute there with that expression. I like your take on his horns. Very long and slender. The tipping outwards at the ends with the disk in between them looks very cool. One thing I really like is the human nose with just a touch of black coloring on it. More of a mock cow nose, which makes it even hotter. It's very fitting of the character.
Thank you very much!

Thanks guys!!! This was one heck of an exciting week cause of you three. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the States.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ixy's Companion Tucatiuh

Greetings from Donkey Kong Country everyone! LOL, I have been lost in the DK jungle for the last couple days. I made my way out of the canopy to blog a little today! XD
I really like Lastmanouthere's Ixy, he is one of the characters that just gets stuck in my mind doing things. So not long ago I created a little friend for him. I wanted something fitting a mythological magic man of his personage. So I came up with the little fellow you see him picture with below, drawn by FallenAngel:

This is the first time Fallen Drew Lastmans Mayan muchacho. Ixy has been buffed up!!!! That chest is needing some grabbing! XD He is so trim and fit,even his hair shaved a bit, perhaps in process of some sort of purification ritual. Loving that. Very elegant is he, with his feathers falling all in line behind his handsome face. Fallen made one epic belt ornament for him. Fallen remarked how complicated, but fun coloring these Mayans can me. There's a lot of great details in that costume to capture! Notice how the foreskin is really tight around the head and his penis crown looks like it is being squeeze together a bit around the piss slit. XD Ha ha
Here he is holding his best friend, his little Toucan Dragon. We all know the joy fallen has shown in drawing up animal helpers in his images, so he was a natural choice in requesting the character be drawn with Ixy. He turned out amazing as you can. I sent him my sketches as well as Lastmanouthere's pencils to give him a better idea of the character and he started work on the sketch. He put some extra spice into this one, taking his time to get both characters perfect. :)

Man the names we came up with for this little guy. Lastmanouthere suggested Tuk'aak, which I shortened to Tucakka. A big mistake..that means your shit. XD Tucacuero sorta means leather toucan, but that can also mean sexy toucan... XD Cuero has a dual meaning I was informed! Tlapaltitletl meaning multicolored flame was just too long and confusing for my tongue! But a good concept, none the less. Would have went well with the rainbow of fruit Toucans are associated with! XD Tucapiel was another...we went through a lot of names. Tucatiuh, which is toucan mixed with the nahuatl for sun, Tonaatiuh. This is the name we stuck with. (Pronounce Tuca Tyu)

Stages of his design, the first is in the bottom middle, second to the right of him, third take is on the far left and the top image of him blowing fire is the final. I wanted to elongate his neck like a dragon/dinosaur. I did some of these back in August, or even July.

Two concept sketches done by Lastmanouthere all the way back in September! Here the bird-dragon has more detailed feathery wings. :) He's pretty vicious looking and very life like. You would not mess with him!

A rare look into the creative process. Fallen sent me this image of the line art being done up. He does this all by hand, then colors him images digitally. You can really get a nice look at all the details here.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Joey and the Serpent Sequel

Hey guys. Long time no blog. Well I had a crazy week. Lots of ups and tons of downs. I dodged a nightmare, or two and am now kinda back on track. I wanted to post up a new image by FallenAngel. This is a sequel image to Crays picture. I really like the idea of having the two of them as friendly rivals. I still need to name this guy! Anyway here is what happened next after the two flexed by the pool...

I think I finally decided on his colors here. Fallens skin tone is nice and dark and mixes well with his pink frills. I really like how he made his bubble butt shine in the sunlight. XD Fallen insisted on making Joeys leg just like a real Kangaroos and it looks great. I think he did a great job on the pose, showing off the best parts of the boys and really giving them both strong beefy builds. Joyes arms are so big and thick. His pectorals are gigantic too!!! XD The image of two guys embracing on a diving board is something I personally feel strongly about. :) Thanks Fallen!

One of the reasons I was out of it this week and not blogging was the release of Mario Vs Donkey Kong Mini-Land Mayhem on the DS. I didn't even know this game was coming out. The chance to rescue Pauline from DK is rare these days, so I all over this game. So much so that I completed it in one night! Even though it borrows heavily from the 2006 game, it does at least finally put Pauline back in the game instead of just having her in the opening and endings. It never felt right that Donkey Kong wasn't carrying her over his shoulder and running away with her after each battle in the last title. I recommend this game a lot. There is a lot of fun to be had as you create your own levels and reply it over and over. I hope this leads to more Pauline. I wish they had a midnight release of Donkey Kong Country this weekend in Canada.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Urbanmusiq in DNA Magazine! FallenAngel has a Blog!

This is a long time coming, but I want to congratulate Urbanmusiq on his new monthly feature in DNA magazine! He feel head over heals for the cover model John Dougherty in issue #126. Right after seeing it, he set to work on recreating the man in his own style. His rendering of the super stud was so extraordinary that the editors of DNA not only printed his image in issue 129, but also agreed to give him a monthly pin up feature! So starting January on, make sure you subscribe to DNA to get a glimpse at his monthly studly surprises! XD I already got a sneak peek and I can tell you right now, you'll are gonna be missing out if you don't!

The inspirational cover.

Urbans true to life rendering!

You can find more about the issue he was featured in here:

Urbans journal talks about the whole deal here:

You can fav and comment on his work here:

If you missed issue 129, I know that DNA sells back issues and issues for download as well.

Also a big heads up to FallenAngel fans! The man now has a blog and he's gonna fill it with not only men, but lots of sexy woman too! He's already got his Samurai girl up, so go on and check it out. At the speed he draws at, you know he's gonna be posting like mad!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Classic Dongsaeng Circle Jerk!

This is one of my earliest commissions and is still one of my absolute favorites. I guess one of the reasons was the process itself was just so unforgettable. When you commission Dongsaeng you get treated very nicely. Being one of my first comms I was super enthusiastic about the whole thing. His manner and his own enthusiasm was greatly appreciated by myself. I think this was one of, if not the first image I snuck a peek at while working. XD I really wanted to see more porn of Rygar, Pit Icarus and Rikuo at the time. There was no Rygar porn and not really much of adult Pit at the time. So I combined the three in a very fitting setting. It was great to watch Dongsaeng do each step. I remember being very precise about the foreskin positions and loving watching him draw each detail of man skin. The image is now legendary. And looking at it in detail once again this morning, I still can't get over how sexy and thrilling it is. That long hair and tight butt on Icarus still makes me woozy! XD Well I am taking this opportunity to wish Dong good luck on his future endeavors! I hope that you will come back to erotic art soon man! You certainly made an impressive portfolio in short time. Man, it was artist like you that really made me so into this whole world of art back then! Thanks so much.

This was my reaction to the image, back then I was living off a state of pure euphoria! :D :

Ok were do I start!!! IF you want to find one of the most devoted, kindest, sweetest artist on the entire web, well look no further, cause he is right here! Dongsaeng added so much to this! It was a total honor to have met him and had him draw for me. I wanted a super Muscular version of my favorites, and I got that and so much more! Everything is so perfect. From the expressions, to the poses to the hot uncut dicks! I love the little touches like the light in the pool and the small bits of sweat dripping down them. :love: I love the skin tones on Icarus and Rygar! I just want to run my fingers through Icarus's hair! Oh is it SEXY!!!!!! And that cum fountain coming out of Rikuo get me way too excited! :heart::lol: I presented to you a very simple concept and you created a masterpiece the folks at Randy Blue would be jealous of!:kiss::heart::heart: I showed this to my best gay friend and he needed a moment alone! LOL. And that was before it was completed! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I hope to work again with you when you are free! :widesmile:

This image was indeed influenced by some of the films of Kristen Bjorn and Randy Blue. More so by the circle jerk video featuring Jeremy Walker, Kody Henshaw and big uncut Kevin Flak. These men have no trouble getting me off time and again. Ha ha ha! :^) It's one of the hottest videos to ever come out the studio and the one that made me take notice of their work. It's about how Kody puts on some straight porn in an attempt to seduce Kevin. As things get hot, they are interrupted by Jeremy, who then joins them, insisting that he is still straight, no matter how far they go. There is even a really hot frot scene near the end. Kody and Kevin both cum twice. Sadly the camera guy was not quick enough both times to catch either of Kevins cum shots in their entirety. He kept cumming at the same time as Kody. Afterward I noticed Randy Blue started to employ more then one camera man to catch all the cum shot action. XD Although I do think some of the pacing could have been better, like the men not just all of a sudden kissing and more natural lead up to the gay acts, it's still an amazing piece of gay cinematography. XD

Mega Man 10 Rant....

I was surfing the web yesterday, when I cam across the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack. All it really is, is a bunch of remixes of the entire soundtrack plus a couple extra tracks. A really strange name for such an album, but the Japanese are known for odd quirky names. Anyway, I found a place to get the soundtrack and proceeded to do so. While I haven't listened to the entire thing, I gotta say what I have is really good. (Good lord, I just heard Sheep mans music as I type this and it's outstanding...)
Like with Mega Man 9, I just do not comprehend why Capcom would not include this in the original game, or at least offer it as a downloadable feature. Some days I feel like video games have taken 1, or 2 steps forward and 20 backwards. In 1996 Nightwarriors had 2 soundtrack variants as well as other features. In 1999 Capcom released Rockman the complete works with not only new music, but tons of added features and new artwork. I remember them giving Mega Man 4-6 some RPG style elements where you could earn things as you played through the games. They even had little Tamagotchi style games for the Pocketstation. All this for $20 a pop. Now we have Mega Man 10 and while I like the game a lot, I really don't feel I should have to dish out another $10 for Wii points to buy things that should come WITH the freaking game. I don't even want most of these features. Endless mode? thank you. It's Nintendo, not Atari Capcom. XD Which brings me to the price of the Soundtrack. It's $31.99 at sites like Playasia. Plush shipping, additional features to download and exchange rates brings the game dangerously close to the $70 mark. OUCH. And you can't even put the disk into your Wii, PS3, or Xbox and transfer the music files into the game. SAD.

I gave in and downloaded the first special stage, which feels like it belongs with the Zero series of games due to its set up being so out of tune with the true spirit of Mega Man games. Basically you have to do Enkers stage and defeat him, without dying. As a plus Enker is now 10 times harder then what he was on Gameboy. OH YAY!!! Come on...this shit was never in any previous Mega Man titles. I don't give a shit about time and world rankings, just give me 3 lives, huh? This is the exact reason I avoided the Zero games. Well I did it and got his weapon. Of course now I gotta go buy the other stages to get all the special weapons. (I have no more Wii points and I would have to pay $10 to get $2 worth of downloadable content.) It is nice that every time I start the game I will have Enkers shield, but it's not really that great. Ha, having a shield for Mega Man makes the uniqueness of playing as Proto man a lot less spectacular. Rolls eyes again.
I would much rather have more focus on new art, music and add ons that HELP you instead a stupid list of challenges I will never set my eyes on. (Really, do the game without getting hit?)

I guess what has been bothering me as well is my feelings towards these new 8 bit titles. I really don't think Mega Man 9 and 10 have the true spirit of the NES games. They are okay, 10 is a lot better, but each is about 20 times harder then the originals. I put the blame on Inti Creates, whose titles I am not interested in. I remember when games were about having fun, discovery and blasting the music, not internet boasting rites.

You can find info regarding the soundtrack here:

Details regarding the Booklet that it comes with can be found here:

Honestly this shit should have come with the game. I feel sorry for kids today. Getting a new game took tons of pitching to my parents. It was hard enough to get them to fork over $15 for an Atari game. If I asked them for another $10 for extra stages, they would have beat my ears. XD

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Druaga Drama by FallenAngel

This is a little idea I cooked up about a year ago. Fallen decided to make it even more fun by taking the idea of one slime stealing his armor and added a few to the melee. Another edition from my old concept was the inclusion of the princess Ki. Fallens legs pose is pretty cute for her. Sometimes it's nice to rethink things a bit and add to them. ;) Gilgamesh turned out really large and hunky looking. Which of course is awesome! The point of this image was to show in Druaga, even the lowliest slime can make you feel exposed and vulnerable. Reducing you to an embarrassed shell is easy for even them. Yeah...Drauga is one bitch of a game.

FallenAngel really enjoyed drawing Ki and did up a sexy pin up of her too! That skirt is a little too short and that top, just a bit too tight! XD

The princess shines with vigor. Her optimistic attitude probably isn't shared by very many players of the game. Fallens vision of her is still a wonderful take on a classic very few people could possibly rescue! XD Thanks FallenAngel!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Houba Houba Hunky Marsupilami by Ink-B!

Marsupilami the Jungle King of South America gets a new look!

Oh man, this is so wicked cool. This turned out so well, it just might be the first in a slew of Marsupilami art on this site! I took Ink-B up on his latest commission offer ($20 for sketch style art one character.) And he quickly sent me this outrageously hot picture! I asked him to humanize him a bit and that he did, giving him a hot face and muscular body. A bronze hunk covered in blond hair, what is not to love? XD
Love the perspective of this image, Marsu gliding though the tree tops, his sweat glistening in the sunset, just free falling..totally care free. :) That's Marsu, always in control! I was so happy he included the manM of hair around Marus neck. It makes him into such a sexy beast! Those legs make me weak at the knees...yum. And the spots on his penis is just too perfect! Ha ha ha! This image put the biggest smile on my face last night and it has remained there. The good mood it created had me getting up early and starting the day right. Ink-Bs Marsu was a much needed ray of sunshine in this dreary month of November!

Oh man, this idea has been rolling around in my head for a long time. What promoted this one was, I was throwing out a bunch of stuff from high school. I found an old Disney Store bag with a bill from 1993 and on it was a receipt for a Marsupilami Bendy figure and an Aladdin straw I had picked up for a family member. The Disney Store where I got these is now closed. I remember it being filled with all sorts of Marsupilami stuff back then. I had bought pencils and other things with him on it as well. It's hard to believe how long ago that was now.

I always really liked Marsu. I was surprised to find out in the late 90's that he has such a long history in comics. In 2007 I discovered the French TV show which looks amazing. Marus Family appears in the cartoon and he doesn't not speak like in the Disney animated series. In 2008 on a trip to Quebec, I found stores with entire sections devoted to the South American hero. I bought some glasses, books and the Mon Ami Marsupilami DVD set. :P I wanted to get an alarm clock, but it was cheap looking and they wanted $50 for it. I was happy to find that the books featured some risky sex and comedic violence. In one story people are threatened by a huge carnivorous fish. Marsu dives into the water and faces off against it meeting it head on. In the next frame, Marsu is seen at the tail end of the fish, now reduced to nothing more then a giant skeleton with a shocked looked it's face!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Tonberryknights Heats up the Foliage with Tarzan and Dungeons and Dragons...

Man this was hard to come up a theme for. The first image I have to share is a an brilliant image by Tonberryknight featuring Tarzan and Jungle Emmy. She had mentioned wanting to do woman in the past and I thought that Emmy would be a perfect character to see her take on. I was not disappointed at all. She captured the character perfectly, giving her huge bosoms and gigantic areolas!!! XD She is absolutly stunning, so shapely with perfect hair. For Tarzan I asked Tonberryknight to go with the classic comic and novel version. Now this Tarzan is something else...srong, handsome, sleek and sensual. So focused is he makes me light headed. That hair is just to hot. And his cute little nipples are wicked... :D

Tonberry was so nice she did a cut and uncut version! She even created an image where his foreskin was redden and warn from all the intense friction, it looks really hot and life life...I am keep that one for myself! HA HA HA! XD I love the thick brown foreskin, with the pinkish head poking out from below. Is there anything sexier on a guy then a tanned body all the way to the tip of his foreskin? XD I really like the romantic mood set with the fireflies lighting up the lovers. Amazing work Tonberry!

The second image I have to present was done in early September. I had planned to include it in an end of retro summer blog, but things being what they were, it just didn't happen. I can't think of a better way to describe what Tonberryknight captured here, then to say it's happening in some deep forest on a very pleasant end of summer night. It feels like the last week of August to me. The evening she created is so deep and dark that it just sucks the light from the Earth. A faint glow from some unknown source warmly lights the forest floor. The tree lines only hint of existence is the moon casting it's light across the tops of a few pines. The two men, the Magic Users from Capcoms Dungeons and dragons are busting with illumination. :P There love making is magical!

Tonberryknight did an amazing job on these guys. For awhile I even wondered if I should keep this private, I liked it so much. :P D'Raven is so yum, with his cape falling down over his shoulder. SIGHS! XD He's moaning with delight as Syous unloads his lust deep inside him. Tonberrynight really made the boys elegant and sexy. Their gloves with their slender fingers look so classy. Their twinky, slinky torsos are perfect for heated encounters. My god, Syous face is perfectly sculpted with it's deep scar and cool hair spikes. She matches, if not surpasses the sexiness of the original art. :)

Tonberryknight always impresses me with her beautiful coloring and sweet effects. The boys are wonderfully shaded. I remember her being enthusiastic about adding the canes into the image. As you can see, she did a great job drawing creating them and adding glowing effects to them as well. :) HA HA HA, these two are obsessed with both their staffs. Holding them even while making love, makes one wonder if they feel they are in danger. Tonberryknight also sent me a cool image with out the background, but I am gonna keep that one for myself too! XD


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