Friday, November 12, 2010

Urbanmusiq in DNA Magazine! FallenAngel has a Blog!

This is a long time coming, but I want to congratulate Urbanmusiq on his new monthly feature in DNA magazine! He feel head over heals for the cover model John Dougherty in issue #126. Right after seeing it, he set to work on recreating the man in his own style. His rendering of the super stud was so extraordinary that the editors of DNA not only printed his image in issue 129, but also agreed to give him a monthly pin up feature! So starting January on, make sure you subscribe to DNA to get a glimpse at his monthly studly surprises! XD I already got a sneak peek and I can tell you right now, you'll are gonna be missing out if you don't!

The inspirational cover.

Urbans true to life rendering!

You can find more about the issue he was featured in here:

Urbans journal talks about the whole deal here:

You can fav and comment on his work here:

If you missed issue 129, I know that DNA sells back issues and issues for download as well.

Also a big heads up to FallenAngel fans! The man now has a blog and he's gonna fill it with not only men, but lots of sexy woman too! He's already got his Samurai girl up, so go on and check it out. At the speed he draws at, you know he's gonna be posting like mad!


  1. Congrats to him for the achievement. :3
    Getting published in such a way is definitely a big step for an artist of his caliber. ^^

  2. Congrats to Urban :D -FallenAngel



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