Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remembering the 80's the Flintstones Dino Lucky Egg Machine

These machines used to be in every grocery store when I was kid. It was a constant struggle to get my mom to give me quarter, or dollar, or whatever the inflated price was for the junky toy they would give out. The entire machine used the best temptation of all to lure kids in. Eggs on the side showed every single Hanna Barbara character your little heart could desire. Fred you entice you put coins in, cause Dino had something very special just for you. Unfortunately like so many things that the studio produced looks could be deceiving. Great presentation, with the actual product turning out to be crap. Maybe it was just where I lived, but I think I only once saw these things with any kind of decent toy in them. They never actually gave kids Flintstones, Yogi bear, or Scooby Doo themed toys. I think the best thing I got from them was a Peter Pan head magnet. I don't even remember them having these cool character eggs. If they had, I know I could have kept them and played with them. Maybe that is because I am too young to have experienced them when they first came out. What I got I guess was the product long after the days of good prizes were long over. I guess I will never know....

Eggs with all your favorites! Come kiddies waste your money!
A dirty rotten trick!XD

Dino was a boy...but laid eggs...
well at least we can say he did it BEFORE Yoshi now...

I don't remember Fred being so scary....

Wow! even Space Ghost made it.
I would have preferred Johnny Quest and Hadji though. :D

This is where the machines either showed what was actually inside, or more false advertising! Usually there was a Pac-man toy of some sort floating here. (Getting that was like winning the lottery.) I wonder if the collector put these eggs like this, or if they all originally had them on display like this?


  1. LOL the funny thing is that I think I've seen those when I was a kid, but likely with different franchises and companies involved. But I could still be wrong. There is something so very familiar about it. XD

  2. Most like those what Japan called a Gotach machines that got anime characters in it :D we got ALOT on malls hard to get the ones you want its so damn random - FallenAngel

  3. The loot boxes of the 80s!

    Seriously, loot boxes and TCGs use the exact same Why It's Not Gambling hadwave: You're getting something, after all. Even if it's just a wallpaper or a skin.

    You can still find bubble machines in some places.

    But seriously, Fred, first smoking, now gambling? What's next? Quack medicine? *sees Flintstones vitamins* Fuck!



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